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Growing Like Jesus to be Like Jesus — 6 Comments

  1. I have hard time accepting my kids the way they are. I remember that I was worse at the age of 18 and 20 but I don't want them to repeat my mistakes and waist time and energy in a life that ultimately does not bring happiness. Pray for me to be able to show them love and acceptance no matter how sad I feel inside. Thanks for this post brother. I see that my children need acceptance more than anything right now.

    • I think that God shows you himself when you go through trials because of your children. God's love and acceptance of us is unconditional, he says that nothing we could ever do will separate us from his love. He gives us his word and the Holy Spirit to help guide us during our journey in life. He teaches us the way we should go because he created us and he knows the purpose that he created us for, however, we insist on doing things our way. Sometimes the outcome is terrible and we have to suffer the consequences. When our children chooses to venture off course and go their own way against our recommendations, it gives us a clearer understanding of how God feels when we don't listen to him. It hurts!!

  2. I enjoyed this study and believe that we should love unconditionally. It is important to our mental health to be and feel accepted.

    One correction - the text you gave is Luke 2:52 not 6:52.

  3. There is a difference between accepting your kids and accepting what they do....God accepts us and draws us to His Son so we can accept Him...this acceptance of Him and the revelation of His goodness leads us to repent of those actions, thoughts and attitudes that God doesn't accept, as Romans 2:4 also tells us, His goodness leads us to repentance.

  4. Love is a requirement for learning? I believe that many times, love today is misconstrued inside a liberal viewpoint that rejects the very idea of discipline and duty and therefor has created the place where freedom itself becomes a misnomer due to the feelings that replace action. Even and perhaps especially freedom IN Christ. Freedom of any kind is not a right nor is learning. Freedom like salvation makes a requirement of us and thus is a result. There is a cost. Is there little learning without the love of discipline which is now somehow taboo.


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