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  1. Lillian,
    Great appreciation for your apt use of the Word. Peter demonstrates that "holiness" is about character - what of Himself, God wants to duplicate in us. "It has to be our identity in Christ", you said.
    You captured well the distinction between a look of holiness, and "being holy". Of course, as Jesus Christ was maligned because He was indeed "holy", so followers of Jesus Christ will also be.
    I love your appreciation for David's longing, desire, passion; his responding to his deep need to be in the presence of a Holy God.
    One day, David's passion will be a reality, as in person He will cling to the feet of His Father in Heaven (unless He is already there enjoying a perpetual dance of joy in the presence of His Father - nearly two thousand years now (first fruits of our Savior).

    • Hurford. David lies resting with all the kings who have gone before. Jesus will ressurect him soon and thus fulfil His joy.

      • Lincoln, I hear your general statement. Question: Were some saints resurrected at the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Well, could David likely be one of them? Peace to you, unto the coming of Jesus Christ. God bless.

        • Hurtford,

          Some writings alluded to the fact that there were ‘first fruits’ taken back to Heaven with Jesus (some of which will form the ‘four and twenty elders’).
          I would not think that David was among them his bones are still in Hebron. On such matters I must admit to be out of my league.

  2. It is my prayer to be holy too. It has been years since I gave my life to Jesus and start the journey to holiness. Once I lost direction some other times I step back. I feel I haven't attained holiness till now and it is still not my identity. I'm debited with Jesus kindness and mercies. I have never fall short of His blessings and supplies. Then I ask myself, who am I to receive such a special attention and care? The answer is the same always, I'm just a sinner whom Jesus has not yet given up on his plan to save me. It means a lot when we are given second chances to do right things, now is the right moment to do so. Be holy

  3. Rebecca, You are right -- who am I to receive? And He answers: I created you. You are mine. I came to save you. Just accept His death for our sin, and His resurrection for our new life. Believe John 3:16
    We surrender to Him and receive His grace and salvation, by faith. If we lack faith, we ask, and He responds: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. He says, "My sheep hears my voice and follow me".
    The Lord's prayer: I only want to do His will, as it is done in Heaven ......Father, Thy Kingdom come

  4. how i love and ask God to help me be holy.........as my heart strive to do good but my body is weak....... please God mek me holy

  5. God does not call us to do impossible things. When He calls us to be holy, it's because He has provided all things needed for us to reach his standard. Let's pray that it becomes our will to do His will and allow Him to do His plans in our lives.

    • Charles, I think God has asked us to do the "impossible" so that we might give up on ourselves and surrender fully to Him.

      When we ask Him to be Lord of our lives - when we surrender ALL of ourselves to Him - He does the "impossible" in us and through us. (See Luke 18:24-27; Mark 9:23-24)The power is not in ourselves.

    • Whatever God asks us to do, it is possible ONLY with God's guidance. One young woman who has done impossible things for God says that it isn't true that God only gives us as much as we can handle. He always gives us more than we can handle unless we lean on His strength.

      • Lilliane, I think that young woman is "right on." As Paul says, "When I am weak, than I am strong." (2 Cor 12:10)

        In fact, we can only be "strong" when we recognize our weakness. (The gospel is full of such paradoxes.)

  6. There is something known as righteousness, holiness and perfection. Since we are dealing with holiness, I personally felt no one knew if the are holy. It is only by revelation of the Holy Ghost that we are told about this. Holiness is a character trait. Holiness had to do with every dimension of us; body, soul and spirit

  7. I think that sometimes we confuse holiness with sanctimonious. These is a very big difference to being holy and putting on a show of holiness. It is easy to look holy. You can be seen reading your leather-bound Bible, watching DVDs of TV programs by "approved" preachers, having a knowledge of the contents of red cloth-bound books, eating raw foods and so on. Being holy is something that happens inside you. We can debate how that happens, but ultimately you make a decision that you are one of God's mob and that you are going to stick with that decision.

    David made that decision and even though he was a bit of a ratbag at times, his commitment to that decision meant that he recognized when he was wrong and accepted his responsibility for his actions.

    Being Holy was never about putting on a show. It was always about where you stand in relation to God, even when nobody is looking - even when it hurts.

    • To me holiness comes from God, He is the one that sets us apart, sanctifies us - makes us holy, while being sanctimonious comes from man who has a tendency to set himself apart from others because he feels that he has attained a higher status.

  8. Jesus takes my death and gives me HIS Life.
    He takes my uncleanness and gives me HIS Purity.
    He takes my sin and gives me HIS righteousness.
    He takes my false,fake, pretentious garb and gives me HIS Holiness.
    It is not by my futile striving to be what I cannot ever become;
    But by His free gift of grace, taking my place, and offering me His.
    He dies, so I can die with Him. He lives so I can live with Him.
    "I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God who loves me and gave Himself for me."

  9. Praise God for using you in such a way to bless and encourage myself and others in the Lord.God bless ,keep allowing the Lord to use you.

  10. Thank you, Lillianne. I very much enjoyed reading this. It really caused me to rethink what long held views and understanding I may have on the topic of holiness; In the context of The Sanctuary message, I think it means living a life wholly consecrated to serving God and his people. The 'look' of holiness, I think, may sometimes be the easier thing to accept for a majority of believers if/when they just haven't understood what it means. Thank you for offering us some little more insight. God bless you in your ministry.


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