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    Sometimes we really forget about the pain and sufferings of Christ and get consumed about earthly focus. Christ came so we might have life through Him. All He taught us was to love God and my brethren. Love conquers all sin and provides a platform for our redemption.

  2. It was always Jesus's blood that covered me and paid for my sins never anything else. The lamb was just the concrete representation for the abstract that Jesus would die for our sins. Even heaven could not fully grasp the abstract concept that Jesus would die for our sins. The lamb and the sanctuary were tangible(like counting objects children use when learning the abstract concept of addition) and when Jesus paid for our sins it was no longer abstract but tangible and that is why there are no longer needed.
    Thank you for reminding us that it was us who should have paid the price of sin. It helps me to be reminded that I have nothing to complain about but a lot to rejoice over. Again thank you.

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    Thank you for writing your article. So many times we go about our day and don't even remember to whisper "thank you" to God for our meals, for taking us safely through the day. Thanks for the reminder of what He did for us and why. This reading really spoke to me as well as the song. I've never heard of Citizen Way before but the song ...really touched me I have to share with friends.


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