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HopeSS: Who is Jesus Christ? (Apr 18, ’15) — 4 Comments

  1. Good morning Sabbath school
    Thank you so much, every Wednesday I listen to this wonderful program while i work. I can pause and rewind. It has cause me to work harder. I love the scripture songs. What a blessing. God bless you.Jesus is on his way and i am learning and ready for his Coming.

  2. Dear all,
    I take this opportunity to thank the organizers of this Hope S.S. I have not been knowing it till today Friday 17th. May God bless the students the wounder full work they are doing for Him. at least I will be listening to it each and every morning I report work before resuming ma day to day work.
    Kind regards

  3. We have been taking up 13th Sabbath Offering every week for a long time. We have a jar that is called Pennies for Pals. Every week we pass it around with the offering plate. When we took 13th offering up on the 13th Sabbath we were lucky to get $10. Now we have gotten as much as $100. I think that is the easiest way as when you just put in change you don't even notice it is gone.


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