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  1. Dear William,

    Your best post ever. Thank you!
    During this pandemic time, I have been struggling with depression and when I reached out to you, you answered in a very helpful, loving and caring way. This is really boosting my faith.
    I have learned much through suffering. Most of us don't dream of or want to experience much suffering, especially depression. When I was younger, I could never imagine my self going through what I am going through. Life has taken a very strange path. Yet, I see the hand of God in it all, somehow, someway. And then one day in Bible study, I read, in Ezekiel, how the hand of the Lord was upon him.
    My husband has been a big encouragement in reminding me about
    David's experience with the loss of the first baby with Bathsheba. 2 Sam. 12. David prayed and mourned while there was a chance for the child to live. When the child died, David moved forward in life. There is a time for everything.

  2. Thank you so much for this presentation William. I always appreciate your writings although I don't always comment. I had to do a presentation for our online Sabbath school today and chose to speak on the topic of Mental Health/Well being because of the challenges some of us might face and which might be exacerbated by the lock down.

  3. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

    Be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. This is the desire of Jesus for all his children. Here we see the combination of two forms of health: physical and spiritual health. It is God desires that all Christians have spiritually health as well as physical health.
    God is the giver and restorer of health. Satan is the destroyer
    who causes all forms of sickness, suffering, misery and death.

    Well said message above to the people of God. Asking for help. I mentioned before about people who do not want others to call them poor, or for others to know they are suffering even if the signs are clear.
    Some time ago a woman said to me, the church does not have love. In conversation she mentioned no one tried to collect her family with the church vehicle although they knew they dont have a vehicle to go to church. I asked her, did you called for someone to collect you, or did you made arrangement for someone to collect the family. She said no, because "in the church if there are spirit filled people, Jesus will show them her family needs transportation to go to church on Sabbath". Either someone should call them or turn up by her house for them to go to church. Mind you, during the week this family go shopping and other places without the church vehicle.

    Many people for some reason preferred to suffer alone although help is just in front of them with either a phone call, a txt,
    or an email. One of my friend said she had just gotten married to someone her parents disapproved. Anyhow, things got worst in the marriage because her husband was not working. She did not let her parents knew about her situation at home. Many days for some reason, her mother saw and knew what she was hiding from her. He mother would ask her several times, 'do you want something to eat? My friend would say no, everything is okay." Looking back she told me many days she will 'eat her saliva because of hunger.' Her mother had so much to eat and spare, yet she was suffering in hunger now with a baby to feed.

    Some churches presently give out clothing through the Dorcus society, many members can benefit from it but refuses. Some give out food stuff to the undeserved or underprivileged, many refuses to collect. Some society of people suffers for no reason. If they can just ask, or just say yes, I need help.

    Some people within the church suffer from mental health which go untreated. In many societies or certain ethnic groups, mental health is a stigma so no one talks about it. As a result many are left to suffer within the church.
    With the present pandemic of the corona virus, if you lost you job, have no saving, have no form of income, away from your family, have no money to pay for the mortgage/rent. You can be, or become so overwhelm. Talking to others, trusting others can play a part in your recovery. We do not know who God sent to help us, they are just waiting for us to ask them to help.

    Everyone would know by now how poor we grew up, we asked for help as well as people in and out of the church assisted us. I was very glad for the help. Now, I am in the position I help those the Lord place in my spirit. Help can be given in any form. Can be just a phone call away, a call that wakes us up from our sleep to pray with them, a sabbath chat, a lift to somewhere, walking with a little extra in our sabbath meal basket, where to find a different doctor or another little favors.
    Brethren, just ask for help!!! It is God's will that we bear each other burden. Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

  4. I hear what you are saying William and there is some good common sense in what you have written. On the other hand, as Christians, we need to be the ears of God and hear the prayers of others. Having been a teacher for many years I have had to listen very carefully because some people obfuscate their need, often through embarrassment.

    One of the questions we need to ask one another (without an audience listening) is, "RUOK?" In the current atmosphere of COVID-19 and social unrest, it is pertinent that we ask that question of one another so that nobody slips through the cracks.

    We have to remember that not everyone is forthright, even when advised to make it clear and not leave hints. My prayer is that God will grant me the sensitivity to hear the needs of others.

    • Agreed Maurice. Just like my friend who wanted to make clear that he was not missing any hidden hints or clues that something was wrong, we need to listen carefully to others and ask them if they need help or someone to talk so.

      Thank you all for your comments!


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