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  1. Thank you for taking time to write what I have been thinking. I took the liberty to share it with members of my church who have not been able to bond and to those who have tried to bond with them. I have never understood how one could believe they are doing the will of God and looking forward to the 2nd coming of Christ but unwilling to resolve differences. It's a blessing to know we don't have to agree on everything and at the same time, we won't be disagreeable when we are in the will of God.

  2. As a young adult, many years ago, I sat in a church conference and heard very disparaging things said about my father. I was upset and said to my father, "Why are you letting them say such things?" He never defended himself. His attitude was that it is the Lord's work and he was willing to do his best to assist in whatever capacity they placed him. Many years have passed and I have since realized that I was not converted, the reason for my anger. Dying to self is not an easy thing for us mortals. It takes a lot of self searching and prayers to the Almighty for us to be able to die to self. When self is expunged, unity will strive. May God help us to overcome self.

  3. This comes mo so 2 leaders, may be the very p'ple causing and spreading conflicts among p'ple when they tend 2 consider some p'ple or their ideas more important than the others and even completely neglect some p'ple's ideas. This misuse of authority can not uplift us either spiritually or morally. Let us take the example and teaching of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ

  4. Eileen I would not be so hard on myself. Nobody likes to see their family talked bad about. It's natural and healthy to be protective of your father. Sounds like he was very wise to handle it the way he did, but any family member would have a hard time with that.

  5. Self is very difficult to die on its own,unless is given to Christ,it always look down to others. I think the church need to pray about it,and ask the Lord to remove it from us not just feel sorry.

  6. Eileen, I sincerely appreciate your sharing your testimony and example of self-reflection under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is wonderful what the Lord has done in you that you are able to offer this witness of grace and personal transformation. You are absolutely correct that denying and dying to self can be a difficult process of surrendering; and that for most of us it can take years. Your wonderful father on earth offered such a great example of humility and peace, it confirms two of the blessings that Jesus Christ promised in His Sermon of Blessings (Matt 5). You are testimony of the generational effect of those two blessings.

    My own father's life of transformation from sin so impressed me when I was 16 years old, that I stopped a particularly derogatory behavior, deciding that what Jesus Christ has done for Him, I want Him to do it for me as well. This means that what you shared is not only a fulfillment of the blessings of the Beatitudes, but a wonderful testimony of responsible Christian parenting that all of us can learn from. Thank you again sincerely.

    May our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ continue to work in and through you as you continue to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit. I rejoice with you.

  7. Let me start by saying that I am fully blessed every week reading the lessons. May God continue to bless the effort put in this blog. This is one of those cutting to the core so to speak lessons to me. I encounter that walled guy a lot. And more often, I am that guy. It is edifying to learn what the scripture really says about that behavior and what techniques to utilize to overcome it.

    While in school, I was fascinated by different types of behaviors and how they are developed. How we react to a comment or given situation differ from others due to the interplay of genetic predisposition, previous experience,environment: positive vs negative,culture and upbringing. But with proper communication and having the spirit of love, forgiveness and humility really solves the issue.

  8. Two things ran through my mind:

    1. Sometimes it comes down to being afraid of God (this is different to **the** fear of God).

    If we view God as arbitrary, exacting and severe then we won't be able to abide differences in others.

    Partly because we become what we worship (we treat others in the same way we see God personally) and partly because we're afraid of what God will do to us if we step out of line.

    P.S. If I remember correctly, this will be a hallmark of the wicked at the end of time. They'll blame calamities on God's followers and claim (and believe) that they are God's judgements for allowing Sabbath keepers to live. I.e. God must be appeased.

    2. Does anyone remember a statement by EG White that the Christian should not always be agitating for his or her rights? And/or that he or she should leave reputation up to God? (Or something like that).

    I seem to have read it but have no idea where to check the passage again.

    I wonder if it's Desire of Ages. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Could this be it, Andrew? "Satan is constantly seeking to introduce distrust, alienation, and malice among God’s people. We shall often be tempted to feel that our rights are invaded, even when there is no real cause for such feelings. Those whose love for self is stronger than their love for Christ and His cause will place their own interests first and will resort to almost any expedient to guard and maintain them. Even many who appear to be conscientious Christians are hindered by pride and self-esteem from going privately to those whom they think in error, that they may talk with them in the spirit of Christ and pray together for one another. When they think themselves injured by their brethren, some will even go to law instead of following the Saviour’s rule."{AA 305.1}

      • This one seems more like it although I'm not sure if it's the exact one.
        I tried hard to find the quote before without success so I'm very grateful.
        Thank you very much.

    • OR:
      Christ is the example for all Christians. When they are tempted, or their rights are disputed, they should bear it patiently. They should not feel that they have a right to call upon the Lord to display His power that they may obtain a victory over their enemies, unless God can be directly honored and glorified thereby. If Jesus had cast Himself from the pinnacle of the temple, it would not have glorified His Father; for none would have witnessed the act but Satan and the angels of God. And it would have been tempting the Lord to display His power to His bitterest foe. It would have been condescending to the one whom Jesus came to conquer. {EW 156.2}

  9. The reference text, Proverbs 18:19 is understood differently by many different Bible versions. The word brother is seen as a relative, a sibling and the word offended is from a primitive root that is only used in this particular verse. Meaning to separate or breakaway also quarrel. Solomon uses the word contention in verse 18 and 19 so it seems likely that is the purpose of these verses. I thought about Matt 5:29&30 that speaks to an eye or hand that offends but the Greek for that means to cause. So no comparison there. If you want to witness contentions, differences of opinion, in the church, attend a board meeting. We are all subject to different characterizations and backgrounds and as such have dissimilar likes and dislikes. I have a preference in the music format used in our worship services. I prefer organ to guitar music. I am also older than many of those that choose the selected type of music and I play the organ so I am biased. Like William said the majority takes preference.


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