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  1. Amene Lillianne,

    The reality of your message is allowing Jesus to live out His life in us....and as a true disciple of His, reach out of our comfort zone and touch someone today, who by the Grace of God, is hungering and thirsting for the Love and Mercy of God, but for us to be selfless and do God's bidding....to be a disciple of His and be that connecting agent!

  2. Happy Sabbath Lilliane, I am at home today instead of being in church. Thank you for your insights, they are thought provoking and great tools for me to use. My goal is to get so close to Jesus that every word, thought and deed comes naturally and reflects His love. Your reminder that He will equip me with everything I need to accomplish His mission. It has nothing to do with what I know or good I am..it is all about Jesus.

  3. Thanks very much Lillianne for this very inspiring words. I really needed one after elected as one of the officers of our local church, such words will surely help us in performing the "great commission" given to each and everyone of us.

    May God bless empower us by the Holy Spirit in fulfilling the task.

  4. Hi Lillianne,
    I am really inspired with your article above. I realized that it's just my feeling to be closed to Jesus but in reality, I am not doing my part as His follower. Thank you for always providing us a timely reminder and inspirational articles.

    God bless us!


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