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  1. Soon coming of Jesus? According to fairly large surveys held in 2011-2013 and reported in the SDA Global Data Picture,45% of SDA disagree that the world will end in 20 years and 15% more ..disagree more than agree that the world will end in 20 years.(60% total) I am not saying who is right, just reporting the results.

    • In comments elsewhere I have lived 80+ years and the majority of those years have been spent declaring eminent signs for Jesus soon return. I have recently posted Biblical texts to the effect that none of the estimated data is accurate. It is possible Jesus soon return will be seconds, minutes, hours, days, away, for anyone.

  2. SDA's have worshipped at the altar of last day events for too long. The world is looking for a revelation of God's character of love in his proclaimed followers.
    We are so obsessed about prophecy that we too often forget there is a world dying out there waiting to see godly love shown by christians.

    • I agree and there are some who spend more time talking about prophecy than Jesus. Here is a quote I like:

      “Faithful work is more acceptable to God than the most zealous and thought-to-be holiest worship. It is working together with Christ that is true worship. Prayers, exhortation, and talk are cheap fruits, which are frequently tied on; but fruits that are manifested in good works, in caring for the needy, the fatherless, and widows, are genuine fruits, and grow naturally upon a good tree.” Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 2, page 24.

      If we loved God with ALL our hearts we would be a different people.

    • I am always so blessed by your teaching Gerald Greene, and particularly the comments which you've written in this article. Earlier this week I read the same quote you've mentioned in Testimonies for the church, and I found myself longing to be more faithful to Jesus and even more involved and committed in service for Him.

      Each new city that I enter to work is filled with thousands of souls just waiting for a display of this genuine love which we must all possess. "Jesus divine love and tenderness drew the hearts of men to Him...His calm words of truth had power that stirred hearts." TMB.

      The SS lessons this quarter have been such a blessing to me, encouraging and strengthening my desire to share these words of Truth to the lost souls whom God puts in my path with a genuine love that can only come from the life-giving power of Jesus.

      • Your work on the front-lines of evangelism and your self-sacrifice is such a wonderful example and source of encouragement to many. If we as a people could just come closer to Jesus things could be so much different. SDA's have something to say about God and it's all very good, indeed.

    • Denis, I am praying for you and want to point out that your desire to be among the numbers can be of much less concern than a desire to spend more time with God each day. If you and I love God with ALL our heart, then we need not consider the possibility of not being among the numbers. Prophecy will be less important than the hearts and souls of those who are seeking. The Lord will help us to become producers of ministry and not just consumers. We will become like Jesus and love others more than ourselves. Our daily walk with God is a beautiful, fulfilling experience that transcends all other concerns. Does this bring you comfort?

  3. God's timing and ours are alot different. A day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day to Him. Whereas I may say am 60 years old, to God I may only be 6 days old.

    Taking this into account I am convinced that He is coming soon, the time I've lived on earth not withsatnding. The time the historians have placed on earthly events not withsatnding. He is comimg and very soon, Jesus declared that the hour of His coming is knwon only to God alone. My duty therefore is watch and wait.

    Some of the last day events as taught by Jesus are the things we see and hear today. Pestilence, wars, rumours of war, hunger, hatred, pride, uncontrollabe sin, insertiable fleshly desires, self love etc. What othersigns do we need?


  4. People who don't attend church always look to others for the blame of why they don't go to Church. If they would look to Christ, they could endure chastening. Heb 12:2,3,9. Note we are not talking about the ill, obviously.


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