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  1. How can we make sure that we don’t become guilty of the same?

    There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. (Romans 8:1)I

    The Holy Spirit is directional and motivational and if we follow this Spirit in our walk, our direction in this experience is with the Love of God and against selfishness (Satan). For this walk there is no condemnation from God's point of view. We are going contrary to Satan and selfishness ("resisting the devil") and he will "flee from us" in this condition, for he is going the other way and will not turn back.

    However, wo unto us if we are not walking after the Holy Spirit because we will be walking the same way as the devil and he will encourage us along with him and we find no power to resist unless we choose to give up our selfishness and let God have our will and let Him give us His Spirit to direct us contrary to our selfishness.

    • We can only be a role model if we let Jesus be our role model. Significantly, he chose to serve.

  2. Jesus the Word our only guide any deviation away from the Holy Word of God should not be a part of our belief.
    1 Thessalonians 5:19 - 22: Quench not the Spirit. 20 Despise not prophesying. 21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

  3. To me what is important is to practice what you preach. Not say this and do the opposite. This was the big problem with the priests and the Pharisees. To day we should also be on the look out we do not do not follow in their foot steps. Let us live our word.

  4. God continues to call us to be true deciples that are led by His Spirit as we represent Him. In all that we do, help us to remember that All the Glory and Honour belongs to Him.

    • How do you translate that into an action plan? How do we live so that all the glory and honour belongs to Him? What does it mean to be led by the Holy Spirit when you go to work on Tuesday morning? Or when you are talking to your son or daughter when they defy you? Being led by the Holy Spirit should lead to an action filled life; not just the pious hope that doing what we have always done is somehow acceptable.

  5. The danger Israel was in is still real today. How iften have we heard the Holy Spirit speak through his children Sabbath in Sabbath out and yet we seem not to hid the warnings?

    Paul gives a solemn warning in Hebrews 2:1-3
    "Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip. [2] For if the word spoken by angels was stedfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompence of reward; [3] How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him"

  6. I think if Jesus were to give us direct feedback about our conduct as SDAs today, it would sound just as bad as Matt 23. May God help us to humble ourselves in His service; fully aware that we serve a Mighty God.

    Take for instance during Sabbath potluck lunch; who is served first? The visitors or the church elders? The ladies ensure that the husbands get the best plates. With a seemingly trivial matter like lunch- do we prioritise the weak and the poor?

    The seating arrangement in church, who gets the front seats? Church board nembers and well dressed couples. The poor and the elderly must seat somewhere else.

    Don't elders and pastors enjoy their titles. They certainly do. After all, the titles come with many privileges- no wonder Nominating Committees are as equally dangerous as World War 1. 8 fBut you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your 3Teacher, In Matt 23:4, Jesus says; 'and you are all brethren. Lets shed the titles and treat everybody eqyally.

    However, Jesus will not give uo on us as a church. When i feel discouraged by our terrible weakness, i am always encouraged by the following statement by EG White; "the church of God, enfeebled though it may be, is still the only object on which He places His highest regard.". Praise the Lord for this lesson

    • While I recognise that there is always room for improvement in our conduct, your description does not apply to the churches that I know. I have been to countless pot-luck meals and generally it has been visitors first (in fact embarrassingly so when I am a visitor, as I am rather shy and dislike being first in the queue. In our church young families tend to sit in the front seats, and dress is never an issue.

      I attend a church with a lot of academics, and in keeping with modern practice we all use first names. Titles are used when we are writing academic papers and not for church and social position.

      There are issues that need addressing in the church environment, and some of them are deep seated and difficult to resolve. One of them is that often we are so introspective that we don't see the needs of others around us. Church is not a very inviting place when we are criticizing one another about behaviour.

    • Very true my brethren. Mathew 23 is a true reflection of what's hapenning in our church today. Let's let the Holy Spirit guide us in all that we do.

      • While there are things in the church that need fixing, we must remember that it is us who make up the church. Secondly, I often hear the comment that we need the Holy Spirit to guide us. That is easy to say, but we must move on from reciting a truism to action.

        If the Holy Spirit is indeed guiding us what is He saying to us? Too many of us pray for the Holy Spirit but refrain from taking action on what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do. In that sense we are may be considered as pious hypocrites; saying the right words but doing nothing.

  7. I need a little help. In the body of the church which is headed by Jesus, Paul encourages us to use our gifts as apportioned by God for the ministry. If I have a gift of singing, I should sing to glorify Him. If I have a gift preaching I should do like Paul did. If I have a teaching gift, I should teach so that many may come to His kingdom. What the should I called am I a teaching to bring souls to Christ? when the Bible says we shouldn't be called teachers.

    • I think that the Bible is saying that we should not be called teachers when we are teaching one thing and doing another. The condemnation is not against teaching per se, but against hypocrisy.

  8. As a member, I have promoted Sabbath School attendance for a good many years. I also identify with a number of similar issues that you have mentioned. We all share failures, with tendencies toward isolationism. However the leadership in many churches make a concerted effort to invite guests, when ,and with whomever,it is possible. Are we perfect? Probably not. Is criticism always justifiable and accurate? Probably not. As mention, there is always room for improvement. Is what Jesus would asks of us? Definitely.

  9. We should take the message that Jesus gave to the Jewish leaders and the Jewish people as a message to ourselves not just to them. When we read of the failings of Israel if we are honest we will see that we too have often failed in the same or similar ways. Yes our ancestors be they our literal or spiritual ancestors at times fell short and we too at times fall short in much the same ways. Perhaps we should not read the Bible as a story about them but as a story about us and a message for us?

  10. Blind guides, these referred to were Pharisee/ teachers of the Law/Scribes.
    These were at the helm. Now, if we look at our churches today, there are 'MAN-MADE' that are more pronounced than what is written in the Word of God. If as lay member stand up to correct the error you are labelled as an off-shoot or told that you are bringing confusion in the church. We members who want to know the truth and see how a bro o a sis is treated for trying to correct an error, he or she coils himself/herself with fear and follows whatever the Elder or Pastor says as being truth there by the church is led astray.
    We are warned in Matt 24:4 to take heed that know one deceives us. There is one weakness I have come to notice in our church. Few members take take time to read for themselves, but the majority want only to follow what the pastor or an elder say. This is very dangerous. We are living in a sinful world where the devil has planted his own doctrines and are being propagated by his agents. He brings his error so close to the truth such that for members who do not read can not discern error from truth.Bro/sis our only safe guard is to know the 'what says the Lord' and not ' what says the elder or the pastor. Otherwise will will be all lost. Almost saved but entirely lost. Ellen white is warns our leaders "Upon the ministers of God rests solemn serious charge. They will be called to a strict account for the manner in which they have discharged their responsibility. if they do not tell the people of the binding claims of God's Law, if they do not preach the Word with clearness, but confuse the minds of the people by their own interpretations,they are the shepherds who feed themselves, but neglect to feed the flock. They make no effect the law of Jehovah, and souls perish because of their unfaithfulness.The blood of these souls will be upon their heads. God will call them to account for their unfaithfulness. But this will in no wise excuse those who listened to the sophistry of men, discarding the Word of God. God's law is a transcript of His character. And His word is not Yea and Nay, but Yea and Amen" 4BC1164.7
    So it is also a danger to those who do not take time to search for truth for themselves, who only fall for the sophistry words of men. Lets us be all ready for we do not know the time of his coming.

    • if I could be so bold to identify some of our "blind guidance" in the current Seventh-day Adventist church I suggest that our introspection is probably the issue that is stopping us from being effective. We are overly concerned about ourselves, our doctrinal purity, our liturgy, and our uniqueness. When we take our eyes off ourselves, and think of others, then our focus changes. We are not going to save others by redefining our terminology, but by placing ourselves in locations where we can reach out to others.

      If there is a lesson to be learned from the Jews at the time of Christ it is that their insularity kept them from being effective. There is no doubt that the Jews of that time were religious, but they were so concerned about themselves that they lost the plot. Are we in danger of the same? I believe we are. We pray for the Holy Spirit and then go on arguing and discussing our doctrines among ourselves, rather than heeding the Gospel commission to go out and share the good news with the rest of the world.

      • If we go forward in our selfishness to "finish" God's work, we are not even fit to share the gospel because we don't even have it. No matter what we call ourselves (Seventh-day Adventists or Catholics), it doesn't really matter if we don't have God's Love motivating us we have nothing to offer.

        If we are working in God's Love, all else will follow that is worth anything.

    • Jim Bob, This is a reference to the Scribes and Pharisees calling them hypocrites, making them proselytes. They have made those that are proselytes worse. Twice as bad. Matthew 23:15.

  11. My daughter and her husband moved and joined a huge SDA church in a progressive city. Although there were many members they found themselves longing for more vibrant relationship in the church. They volunteered for church functions but to their dismay only few support these community work. Now they find a nondenominational group that is full of love, service to the community, and a caring relationship with one another. I am afraid that they might just leave the church permanently. What is happening? They are quite spiritual and love to serve God daily.

    • If they are spiritual they will not leave "Truth". The church have flaws...but the word says we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves... and it is still God's highest affection earth. Encourage them to pray for God's direction, they can find another small Adventist congregation to worship or that they continue to be a divine rebuke in their daily lifestyle and Godly example. We may not like what's been done in our churches but we lift Christ up and stay on board the Ship of Zion till we reach our destination. God bless!

    • I have always held the conviction that we should be the change we want to see. By abandoning their calling to awaken a congregation they may be ommitting to awaken their church from it's slumber. Please encourage them to get back and find people who share the same values. Not everyone will have a calling for community work, but a few will and they could help awaken others.

  12. I totally agree that there will be no issue of blindly guided if study the scripture let's be readers if bible and ask the spirit guidance then we can apply the teaching in our lives


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