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  1. For those of us who believe in the creativity of God, there is a certain “wow factor” when we look at the immensity, or complexity of the created universe. I do star-field photography from time-to-time and always marvel at the incredible vastness of the Milky Way, as its information loaded photons stream onto the sensors of my camera. Similarly, when I was working as a research chemist in my youth, I remember the challenging excitement of looking at the complexity of biochemical molecules like hemin and chlorophyll, and studying how they worked.
    Today of course few people believe in the creativity of God and describe the natural world in terms of chance and selection. Trying to present the notions of a designing creator to nonbelievers is like trying to keep butter from melting in a blast furnace.
    There is of course another way of winning the argument. The argument of a changed life, in tune with the creator is something that has the power to convince. If God is allowed to recreate his image in us so that others see him in action in our lives, then we have a powerful argument. God’s power to recreate in us points back to his creative power in the universe.
    The Psalmist, David, captured this theme in:

    Create in me a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
    Do not cast me from your presence
    or take your Holy Spirit from me.
    Restore to me the joy of your salvation
    and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.
    Then I will teach transgressors your ways,
    so that sinners will turn back to you.
    Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God,
    you who are God my Savior,
    and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.
    Open my lips, Lord,
    and my mouth will declare your praise. Ps 51:10-15 NIV

    • Maurice - thank you for directing our heart and spirit to this beautiful Psalm! What a precious testimony to the transforming power of God's Spirit working in the heart of man!
      Through the precious Scriptures, we can be witnesses as David addresses his beloved Father whom he had disappointed with his conduct; he had now innocent blood on his hands; 'Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God', he pleaded!
      God the Savior answered and restored David so that he could continue in fellowship with Him; He loved him.
      We have a most gracious, loving, forgiving Heavenly Father - Praise be to His glorious Name!

  2. How does the LORD's power re-create us in His image?

    Peter tells us:
    His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord that we may be partakers of the divine nature. 2Peter 1:3-4

    Paul tells us:
    Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind to be able to discern the will of the LORD. Rom 12:2

    Jesus said:
    The Comforter would guide us into all truth. John 16:13

    All these are found by studying the Word of the LORD under the guidance of the Holy Spirit with a heart surrendered to His will.

  3. Every single one of us sometimes face problems that seem too great for our understanding to solve. Lots of dead end roads with no way to turn to. If God has the power to simply resolve anything by His word, and although we may have faith in Him, why do we continue to face these problems?

    • Good question JC. Adam and Eve chose to experience evil as well as good and this is the consequence. For those who only choose good, the LORD has promised to recreate the earth where there will only be good, until then there are a few texts that help us understand.
      Jesus said He will give us inner peace in this troubled world. John 14:27
      Peter said don't think it strange to experience fiery trials 1Peter 4:12-13
      James said count it all joy knowing the trying of your faith develops patience. James 1:2-3
      Paul said glory in tribulations because they develop perseverance, character and hope. Rom 5:3-4
      When going through trials there are promises to help us endure:
      Philippians 4:6-7 peace that surpasses all understanding
      1Cor 10:12-13 not tempted above you are able to bear.

      • The amazing factor about God's word is that its able to change a sinner to be a new creature in Christ, the recreative power of the word to anyone who submit to its words.

    • Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Pro 3: 5-6.

      JC. In the Bible and summarized in Heb 11, we read about people of faith. The question is, do we exercise our faith in every situation. Believing is one thing, having faith is another. Jesus said if our faith is as small as a mustard seed we can remove mountains.

    • I look forward to sit at the feet of Jesus in heaven and these things will be explained. In the interim I am gifted faith that He has me in His arms, come what may. I claim and cling onto the faith that Paul and his cohorts had. Romans 8:38-39. I do believe I am one of Paul's cohorts by the grace of God.

  4. I'm not certain that we can truly comprehend the power of God's Word from these passages, through they do tell us that He can, by His word, bring forth life and substance from....nothing? The passage in Hebrews 4 is speaking about God's Word being the standard in all judgment, which makes it important that we search this word and walk according to it.

    God's power is beyond our capacity to comprehend fully. How could we? Who of us has observed such a thing as someone creating by the power of their word? We accept it by faith for the goodness He has demonstrated to the erring, and are comforted by the Gospel of Christ and His exceeding great and precious promises, and that God has never uses His power for evil. However, some have looked at some uses of His power as if they were evil, depending upon who's perspective you reason from. (e.g. The flood preserved the righteous, while the wicked were removed from the earth.)

  5. And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion, beseeching him and saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented. Luke 8:1-2

    The Creative Power of God’s Word

    The word of The God-Head/trinity is one of a kind. The enemy will try to counterfeit. He spoke to nature and nature either came into being or stopped its destructive path. His words are powerful.

    The story is told of Jesus entering into Capernaum and a centurion came to him. (a man having a hundred or more servants), a man who had soldiers under him/his care, a rich man who was not a Jew, a man in authority. The man stated what authority he had but that meant nothing to him at that time. He came to Jesus not for himself but for healing for one of his servants. Jesus' replied or desired was to go to his home. His reply Matt 8:8. I am unworthy. The centurion counted all that he had as 'dung' in the sight of Jesus. He might have the power to command people to do this or that, but a greater one is standing in front of him whose very words or thoughts are so powerful he can say or just thought about something or a situation and it is done. The one whose words can heal the sick despite distance separates them. The centurion said; But SPEAK THE WORD and my servant shall be healed.

    What is puzzling me is, I did not read of Jesus healing his servant. Is it just the thoughts (so powerful as his words) of Jesus that brought about the healing? Instead, Matt 8:10,13 Jesus said he had not found so great faith in Isreal, Go thy way and as thou hast believed so it will be.

    Thy Faith and Believe in Jesus' power. Is it our faith and believe is not in Jesus that many miracles are not being seen in the home, church, and communities? Are we doubting his creative and restorative power?
    Something to think about!!!
    Do we know Jesus can creature in us a clean heart and renew in us a right spirit? He has the power to cleanse and restore? Try him today.

    • Lyn, you raised an interesting question about the healing. Does the LORD have to speak aloud or can He just think the words and it happens? I believe that He is not limited by physical words, we find many times that Jesus knew what people were thinking, so with their close connection God the Father would know His Son's thoughts. In these texts we see words were spoken aloud for the human's benefit. John 11:41-42, John 12:28-30
      Having considered all that I believe two things about this particular instance in Matt 8:13 KJV, the point of the telling of the event was the faith of the centurion not the how of the healing, secondly some translations obscure the healing words/command. Jesus said "Let it be done!" and the servant was healed! Remember the centurion said - just say the word - Mat 8:8 so Jesus said "Let it be done!" Mat 8:13, short and sweet and to the point. Like in the beginning the LORD said "Let there be light!" and it was so.

  6. God spoke and it was. This speaks distinctly of the creative power of the Omnipotent God. There is no lapse; no hindrance; no interference between the speaking to the act / acts and the performance, accomplishment of it / them.

    Only the God of the Universe could achieve this. We thank God that His creative power is still active in our lives today. Let us continue to live by faith and not by sight.

  7. Ellen White was truly given great insight and wisdom. It is refreshing to my soul when reading her commentaries on the matters of the Spiritual Life. Her insights are to the point and easily understood. "This word imparts power; it begets life. Every command is a promise; accepted by the will, received into the soul, it brings with it the life of the Infinite One. It transforms the nature and re-creates the soul in the image of God".

    Some equate God's qualities and 'personality' to man's characteristics; this is an error of perception. I believe that there is a distinction to be made between the 'First Cause' and the Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
    What the person believing in the process of Evolution cannot explain using science, the religious person also cannot explain pointing to Religion. It is a matter of perspective and always will be so; reason and logic will need to be augmented by spiritual experience. What we can agree on is that mankind has 'evolved' through history on all levels of its development; including its spiritual understanding of who he is and what/who formed him.

    In the end it really does not matter whether man was made by God in seven days or evolved through eons of time with directive, creative, forming influence of God. What is of overarching importance in both scenarios is the fact that man becomes spiritually aware that he needs the Creator God to 'evolve' into that type of being which is the Image of God that prepares him to receive everlasting life.
    Those who do not care about this 'everlasting life', focus all their living - mind, body, spirit - on the here and now. But even this form of existence will be influenced by the Holy Spirit; the will is the deciding factor should their spirit begin to perceive, understand and accept spiritually revealed Truth.

    With the 'First Cause' manifesting itself as the Triune God for the benefit of the thinking/reasoning mind of all living mindful beings, spiritually receptive man gradually understands Its working in the form of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
    Ever since man was 'man', it was always the Holy Spirit which influenced man's mind. The living soul has always been drawn and perceived Truth through inspiration/revelation; a recent example is Ellen White, but there were many others who were given insight and shared with those around them; the ones who had 'ears to hear', understood spiritual Truth; flesh and blood does not reveale this to anyone speaking or receiving this Truth, though it can lead to insights which can be elevated to meet 'Truth' in awareness. To understand Truth, it requires the ability to receive Truth in the spirit. Rom.8:16

    The world's formal, evolved religions are steeped in traditions which, even now, hold people captive to their certain, prefered way of believing - many showing respect to icons of traditional 'truth' established millennials ago.

    As we can see when looking at historical religious traditions, doctrines, spiritual understanding and acceptance of truth also undergoes an 'evolution. For example, blood sacrifice in ancient days was the accepted/required practice to appease what believers thought to be a vengeful God or gods. The understanding of God, over time, evolved through the spiritual power of revealed Truth on man's mind. Even as short as two thousend years ago, man required Jesus to suffer the death on the cross; this was the time He lived in. This was the established form of punishment for the worst kind of offenders; gracious, loving, forgiving Jesus submitted His life to this barbaric ritual of man seeking to satisfy the requirements of man's law, and the Father used it to set us free from the fear of death by the law of man. Luke 23:34

    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit reveal Themselves to us however, whenever and wherever They find us being perceptive to their spiritually transmitted voice. They work beyond tradition's symbols/creeds/requirements of man's evolving religious systems to manifest Themselves as the Trinity which mankind needs to focus in in their search for 'Truth-benefitting-life'.

    Everything in humanity's life will benefit from a spiritual relationship with the Triune God. Spiritual peace within and goodwill toward man is to be established for the soul experiencing life in the flesh. This spiritually formed relationship between man and God manifests itself in the renewing of the spiritually receptive mind; at the same time, this relationship benefits things related to the body. It is forming a new mind, heart - a new soul - a renewed spirit.

    More and more freely flows the communication between the Holy Spirit and man's spirit about the matters of the Kingdom of God.
    Man, as a living soul, is being transformed and re-created into the Child of God through the Creative Spirit of God's Love.

    • Thank you for sharing your perspective, Brigitte.

      In the spirit of Proverbs 27:17, I'll take this opportunity to share my perspective. For one, I can NOT agree with this statement:

      What we can agree on is that mankind has 'evolved' through history on all levels of its development; including its spiritual understanding of who he is and what/who formed him.

      I understand that God created the first man and woman perfect and initiated an intimate relationship with Him. They saw God face to face and talked with Him every day. I believe they had insight into the secrets of the universe and the creation in their immediate surroundings. They understood the secrets of light and matter, photosynthesis, the different ways bats and bees and birds find their directions, and so much more that humanity lost over the centuries an has only begun to re-discover as "science."

      In other words, humanity did not evolve ever upward in levels of development. Instead, humanity fell from perfection to much lower levels of physical, mental, spiritual and social development. The concept of upward evolution is an illusion, possibly built on the idea of technology being a sign of superiority. (Adam and Eve did not need the power of computers to augment their mental capacities!)

      I believe it matters very much whether man was directly made by God on the sixth day or whether humanity evolved over eons of time. You see, the biblical picture of the Creator personally forming Adam from the ground and breathing into Him the breath of life shows us a very personal God creating humanity for personal relationships. The "evolving over eons of time," by contrast, shows us no such personal God. The concept of the world evolving over eons of time is also in direct opposition to the lesson of the day which focuses on "The Creative Power of God's Word." If God's Word "carries with it the power to accomplish the things that it declares," the creation of this world does not require "eons of time." (See Psalm 33:6, Psalm 33:9) The concept of evolution over eons of time generally presupposes the absence of any kind of Creator God at all. Those who attempt to marry the concept of the evolution of life on this planet with the concept of a divine Creator face the problem of attempting to reconcile the antithetical presuppositions of naturalistic science versus the presuppositions of the Bible.

      As for the "evolving" of religions, the same principle applies: Adam and Eve had a good understanding of their loving Creator and the sacrifices they offered to demonstrate their faith in the coming Messiah and His life-giving sacrifice. This understanding became corrupted and devolved into animal sacrifices intended to appease an angry God. In fact, it devolved so far that parents offered up their own children. We can see traces of the original true religion in various religions of the world, but they are distorted so that they paint a very false picture of God.

      I believe that there is one advantage we do have over our first parents: We know that God came in human flesh to be Immanuel, God With Us. The reality offers a better understanding that the symbol that pointed to the reality.

      Since you say you appreciate the writings of Ellen White, I highly recommend the first chapters of the book Patriarchs and Prophets as background reading for this week's lesson. If you enjoy electronic books, you can download this for free in Kindle format through the EGW app. Or you can read it online at EGWwritings.org.

    • Hi Brigitte, I would have to respectfully disagree that it does not matter whether our world was created in 7 literal days or over millions of years. If we cannot trust the Word of God when scripture says “and evening and morning were the... day”, then why would we trust anything else scripture has to say? And, if we believe that things evolved over lengthy periods of time, why then would we honor and keep the Sabbath holy as Jesus did? Would that also not matter? Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you were trying to say, but I think it is key to our belief in God, to believe that our earth was created in 7 literal days, just as the Bible says it was.

  8. I too have to part with Brigitte on her statement that it does not matter if God created every thing in six days and rested on the seventh day, rather than over millions of years. The later destroys my relationship with Christ.
    I find that if I believe it does not matter, how can I expect Christ to give me the strength to be a conqueror and gain a surpassing victory through Him who loves me. Romans 8:37.
    It matters!

  9. Hello Otieno, Karen and John - my aplogy for my delaid reply to your concerns.
    My focus remains on the core teachings of the Gospel as the one 'modus operandi' that all believers have in common - FAITH. If we focus on the Teacher, Preacher, Saviour Jesus Christ's message which brings Salvation to all who BELIEVE, than this will draw mankind from all backgrounds to God the Father who seeks to save the lost.
    Through the Holy Spirit, God draws man to Himself from all walks of life, from all religious persuasions, creeds and doctrines, cultural backgrounds and believes - He draws them out of the darkness of this world to come into His Light and live by IT, instead.

    Rev.18:4 - calls "MY PEOPLE" 'to come out of Babylon'. Jesus calls HIS people! The 'Three Angles Message' is to declare the Truth about God to all mankind, to let them know that there will be an end of all physical things as has been declared by the Creator, and only those who are united with Him in His Spirit of Truth and Love, will survive.

    I see man like a coin, on one side are all his physical attributes, on the other his spiritual attributes. He needs both to live whiles here on earth, but nothing of the physical will be saved; only his spiritual identity will be brought to live in the world to come.

    We are being taught to walk in the same faith that Jesus taught and walked in; we are saved by His/This Faith - the Gospel - which He preached and taught so all man who believe can come to know God the Father when walking in the Image of Jesus the Christ.
    This is what we focus on - JESUS' FAITH unites us, man's multiple 'faiths' divide us.

  10. Cast away from you all your transgression, whereby ye have transgressed and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Isreal? Eze 18:31

    Brigitte said- 'What we can agree on is that mankind has 'evolved' through history on all levels of its development; including its spiritual understanding of who he is and what/who formed him. Can this be explained?

    In Genesis, humans were made perfect and saw God face to face in their righteous state. None of us has an elevated mind that Adam and Eve possessed. Down through the ages, Noah was so close to God that the Lord gave him instructions on how to build the Ark to save people in the whole world at his time. The ark was a new invention. Never saw rain before. After men tried building Babel. That tower that was reaching to heaven. Moses had instructions on how to build the tabernacle so Jesus can dwell among them. Throughout the bible, I see things that only men with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding can do. Did all their inventions were on Jesus? No. Men had known God so intimately that none could doubt his works.

    • Thank you, Lyn - Please, also read the reply (above) to those who had responded to my first post. It might help with understanding what my overarching point is that I am trying to convey.

      God met us when we were yet sinners, implying that we were not recognized by Him any longer as His children. As sinners, we have fallen away from the intimate, spiritual relationship we once enjoyed with the Father who made us in His Image - God is Spirit - John 4:24.
      Many in the world are still in spiritual darkness and are trying to find their way back to the Father. Flesh can not reveal this, only Spirit can - this is our Salvation, that God has send His Son into the world to save us through Him.

      Over milleniums of human history, civilization, civic relations, religion evolved together with man's spiritual awareness for the need to re-establish the link to the Father.
      Darkness showes itself in many shades of gray - some teachings contain part of the Gospel message as far back as the time when God called Abram out of Ur in Mesopotamia, a well developed city, impressing upon him that there is only One God, that He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Abram believed and left his people who worshiped gods multiplied by hundreds and thousends.
      God credited the Faith of Abraham to him as a token of His fellowship with him; accounting it to him as 'righteousness'.

      People migrated all over the continents taking with them their religious believes. Over millenias, countries, cultures and religious belief systems all over the world contributed in some way or another to the better understanding of the "right way" back to the Trinity of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

      Our Savior Jesus, the last of the messengers and the only Son send by God to provide the final link still missing in the revelations and teachings of the world seeking to re-unite mankind onto the Father, was finally sent. His own people did not recognize Him, because He can only be spiritually discerned.

      Anyone, from any background, who chooses to walk in Jesus' Faith - His Gospel message and His examplary way of living -, will meet God. This is the Faith that can unite and transcend all that separates believing and presently, still unbelieving mankind.
      It is the practical, faith-based Truth which will guide mankind into all Truth.

  11. Dear Brigitte, I recommend again that you review the first chapters of the book Patriarchs and Prophets as background reading for this discussion. If you enjoy electronic books, you can get it from Amazon in Kindle format for less than a dollar. You can also download this for free in Kindle format through the EGW app. Or you can read it online at EGWwritings.org.

    You have repeated the concept that humanity as "evolved" towards wanting to know God:

    Over milleniums of human history, civilization, civic relations, religion evolved together with man's spiritual awareness for the need to re-establish the link to the Father.

    And again:

    Over millenias, countries, cultures and religious belief systems all over the world contributed in some way or another to the better understanding of the "right way" back to the Trinity of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Yet, most of us can see that humanity has fallen farther and farther away from God and the desire to know Him.

    Rather than various belief systems "contributing" to a better understanding of the right way back to the Father, I see various belief systems showing traces of the original true beliefs regarding the Father, in spite of developments away from a correct understanding. In other words, the world religions demonstrate the effect of Satan's efforts to darken the understanding of the Father in the minds of men and women.

    Through the ages there have always been people who walked with God and people who rebelled against Him. In the early days of human history, even the rebels knew against Whom they were rebelling. But that hardly seems to be so today. So I see the general trajectory of humanity going downward towards its lowest point at the birth of Christ. Through the ministry of Christ and the apostles, a great flood of divine light was shed on the world and a corresponding increased understanding of the character of God. But since the early days of Christianity, the general trajectory of even Christianity has again been downward. It seems that our culture is so suffused with evolutionary concepts that it seems ignorant to suggest that humanity has not improved but has, instead, degenerated.

    The Good News is that the same God who reached down to the darkness of the Roman Empire and corrupt Judaism is still calling people to Himself. And prophecy points to a great flood of divine light shed on the world in the very last days. And this flood of light will result in great multitudes accepting Christ as Savior and turning their backs on the falsehoods about God that Satan has promoted.

    The question is whether or not we will allow ourselves to be channels of that light and let go of worldly philosophies.

    • Inge - I appreciate our dialogue regarding the 'unity of believers'. Thank you for pointing out the writings of Ellen White. I greatly enjoyed reading several books written by her, including 'Patriarchs and Prophets'.
      If you prefer the words 'progressed/moved/being in motion' to 'evolved', please understand 'evolved' as such.
      Quoting your last sentence, "the question is whether or not we will allow ourselves to be channels of that light and let go of worldly philosophies" is exactly the point I am trying to make as well.

      We believe that we live in the 'last days'. I understand your reference 'divine light' to point out that God has poured out His Holy Spirit on all flesh/peoples. Acts2:16-18. The Bible speaks to these events taking place in the 'last days'; now the Holy Spirit's Light is available for All peoples as the *Gospel of Jesus*, given to the world at Pentecost.

      By focusing our living through/by faith on His Gospel message, we shed all that divides us and can come together in that which unites us.
      We do not have 'faith' in the Bible, we have Faith in the Author of the Bible and trust His Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth; we do not have 'faith' in man's secular and religious traditions, doctrines, persuations or preferences, either.
      Our saving, transformational Faith is in the Source - The Trinity - shedding its Light of Truth upon all who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, sent to us whiles we were yet sinners(strangers), for our Salvation from the darkness of this world and provide for us the true Light which is the Spirit of Truth.

      The Gospel of Jesus is this Truth, the Way and the Life to eluminate the path of those that seek to be united with the Father.
      We leave behind man's traditions, creeds, persuasions, philosophies, religious system's requirements to belong or to be expelled, cultural and historical backgrounds, ethnicity and origin of birth; plus all that divides us and not mentioned; leaving all this behind, we unite in the Faith of Jesus - His Gospel of Salvation.

      Then, if those who believe focus on this, they will be united in the Faith of the One that came to save all mankind - the Son of God - Jesus the Christ and Savior.
      The Gospel of Jesus, the Son of God, is lived and experienced by Faith - this Faith is equalizes all from all backgrounds and persuasions! John 6:37

      • I wrote previouslly:

        You have repeated the concept that humanity as "evolved" towards wanting to know God:

        Over milleniums of human history, civilization, civic relations, religion evolved together with man's spiritual awareness for the need to re-establish the link to the Father.

        Yet, most of us can see that humanity has fallen farther and farther away from God and the desire to know Him.

        You replied:

        If you prefer the words 'progressed/moved/being in motion' to 'evolved', please understand 'evolved' as such.

        Yes, that is exactly what "evolved" means, and I suggested that humanity has not progressed into a better understanding of God but, rather "has fallen farther and farther away from God and the desire to know Him."

        The word "evolved" was not the issue. The implication of humanity progressing upwards was/is the issue.

  12. I understand you concern, Inge -
    The emphasis in my comment is on the evolving, deepening of knowledge/spiritual awareness/understanding that there is only one God, that He is benevolent and involved in mankind's life for the purpose to save man, that He has a plan to redeem mankind from the lost estate he finds himself in - the clear understanding of all this has taken/evolved over thousands of years. Our Father is patient, kind and longsuffering, wanting no one to be lost. 2Peter3:9

    It was only a short 2000 years ago that God has found it to be the fullness of time to send us His Son, Jesus. Only about 2000 years before then, God declared Himself to be the God of the Children of Israel. Long before then, only Noah was able to find the courage to remain in a faith-relationship with God, the Father. And before him, there was confusion everywere and many gods were the religious anchor for mankind to meet their spiritual longings.
    Though the light was almost gone, man still desired to see himself as more than flesh, he wanted to commune with spirit.

    Because the break from God brought initial, spiritual darkness, the promise was given to man that God will find a way to unite him with Himself again.
    I understand this time of gradually increasing light as an evolution of the spiritual relationship with the heavenly Father; with time and increased understanding, man recognized that his relationship and understanding of God should be based on love and not on fear of condemnation and punishment. This understanding has evolved over time as the Holy Spirit shed more and more light to dispel the spiritual darkness that separated man from His God.

    Man, in his need for a spiritual relationship with his Maker reformed his relationship with God; it became more and more a quest to build up, stengthen the spiritual man, instead of only using God to protect him from his enemies.
    This reunification effort has come a long way since the initial separation from his Creator/Father - it has evolved.

    This is the evolution I am refering to; it is a spiritual evolution that followed the heavenly Light as God moved man gradually out of darkness into His Light. His Light was shed upon His Prophets, teachers and, as witnesses to this present Light, they shared it with others as they migrated from country to country.

    Now, close to the end of time, we have been given the Savior to share with a World that is still looking for Him in all the wrong places. Jesus' Gospel of the Kingdom of God is clearly taught by His life and teachings and is able to unite all that believe in walking in His Light - it is the light of the children of God.

    After all these many years of separation from the Father, this is His final spiritual gift to mankind. This time, He did not leave mankind again to its own devises; when the Son left, He send His Holy Spirit in His stead to continue the work of sanctification - which is in living in the Light of Jesus.

    This worldwide proclamation of the Kingdom of God has never before happened; only after Jesus' mission was completed, the Son of God was able to re-establish the final link necessary to unite mankind with their God.
    This is the evolution of religion ending with the Gospel - the Faith of Jesus.

    • Yes, Brigitte, I understood you the first time. 🙂 It is this "spiritual evolution" of humanity that I don't find supported in the Bible or in history, except in specific instances in specific groups of people. Then it is called "repentance."

      Rather than progressing to a higher knowledge of God, humanity has fallen from the intimate knowledge of the Creator that our first parents experienced in Eden. The one revelation that they did not have is the self-sacrifice of Christ in becoming incarnate in humanity and giving His life for sinful human beings. This was not so much of human progression of understanding as it was of God's self-revelation in a way that surpassed His self-revelation before sin.

      As I suggested in my earlier remarks, humanity has not "progressed" towards God, but the people who professed a knowledge of God have fallen, repented and drawn closer to God, then fallen, then repented - over and over again. I do hope that we are currently in a stage of repentance and drawing closer to God. The way I understand it, that is crucial to God's finishing the work in this world.

      • Hi Inge - In Genisis, you can find the support for spiritual evolution when reading the account of the consequences following Adam and Eve's separation from the fellowship with God. This was the time when no one else was on this earth, just their family. Humanity as such was established when man gradually filled the earth.

        My view of the evolution of the spiritual aspect of his relatianship with God goes back to the time after expulsion from the Garden of Eden, before mankind filled the earth; only two people, Adam and Eve, were alive at that time, and they had lost their contact with God.
        The first children born to them after the separation from their God showed already the effect of the sin of their parents. This separation was a spiritual separation, and committed due the darkened understanding in their now 'human' (felsh only) mind. They had no more spiritual understanding, because the link to God was severed.

        We read that Cain slew Able shortly after separation from God. This is evidence that severance/separation from God's spiritual relationship caused immediate, wrongful acts in conduct and choices.


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