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  1. All of us may not be united from our human mindset and carnal state, yet we can achieve true Spiritual Unity by faith in Jesus Christ for one purpose to glorify and worship Him in many different ways. Cant wait to be immersed with this quarter lessons.

  2. I hope that this quarter we come to an understanding that oneness does not mean sameness. Learning to appreciate our differences should contribute to our unity. We look at the disciples of Jesus and find a variety of backgrounds and education, yet they learned to work together in Christ.

    Often when we discuss the topic of unity we say things like; "The church should do ...". It may be useful to ask ourselves the question; "What can I do?"

    By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13: 35

  3. Today's lesson states "the purpose of this series of Bible study lessons is to provide biblical instruction on the topic of Christian unity for us as Seventh-day Adventists, who, now, as always, face challenges to that unity, and will until the end of time".

    Is is it actually true that it is inevitable that challenges to that unity "will exist until the end of time"?

    Following on from the comments above, I would suggest that this is not inevitable but rather depends on what kind of 'unity' is developed.

  4. ‘And though Christ has faithful followers in various denominations (many of whom will in the final crisis join God’s remnant [Rev. 18:1-4])’

    I’m trying to make sure I follow the writer - which is the remnant that that those who come of Babylon will join ? The verse seems to end at the people coming out ...

    • It is worth thinking about the role of our denomination in this discussion. If we think others should join us because we are right then we have an egocentric view of who we are. Our role is to put self aside and draw others to Christ. When we point others to Christ we are fulfilling the command of Jesus.

    • You are correct Sanele. It is a somewhat ambiguous statement that was made.

      I note the preceding statement by the writer proposes that the broadest definition of the church "is the people of God all over the earth". I agree with this definition and would therefore hope that the writer was trying to imply that the remnant is the same group of people - meaning broader than any particular denomination just like the definition of the church is. People who are people of God are the same people who comprise His remnant - those that are faithful to Him.

      I absolutely agree with Maurice (above) that a definition that is tied to a particular denomination is, sadly, egocentric in nature.

      • Believe it or not, there are members of our church who are convinced that it's only SDAs who can make it to Heaven, who are certain that our church is thee church because we call ourselves the Remnant church. So the statement for me hinted that undertone, hence my request for clarification.

        Is it right though for us as a corporate to call ourselves the Remnant?

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  5. Since the author is writing to an Adventist audience it's obvious that he takes for granted we understand our identity as the remnant for these last days. Our prophetic interpretation of the biblical remnant is not wrong. The exclusivity that some feel we have is because they don't understand that the concept of the remnant is more than just a group of individuals that still hold, adhere and teach the full everlasting gospel, but this concept entails more a missional character. We are to call people to follow Jesus in faith and obedience to God's commandments "Sabbath included".


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