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Paul: Background and Call – Hit the Mark — 3 Comments

  1. Paul’s past fighting against the church shouldn't have rendered him unfit for leadership in the church. The early church acted upon the divine principles of boundless love, forgiveness and grace when they accepted Paul. It is a great lesson to us believers of the day. We could have certainly labelled some people as nonredeemable, without realizing that by entertaining such thoughts we are relegating the transforming power of God. Recently i found a significant example of God's grace in Genesis, chapter 38. Judah and his daughter in-law fathered twins(a definite sin) yet when you read Matthew chapter 1, you will be surprised to find one of their off-springs in the genealogy of Jesus. That is our God; very Gracious.

    • John, thanks for your thoughts. Not only do we often have problems seeing others beyond their past, we do the same thing to ourselves. Many times we carry guilt around even after asking for forgiveness. By doing so we tell ourselves that God could never use us in significant ways. We live under dark clouds of our own makings while we could be walking in the sunshine of His love.

  2. God knows who He can trust to carry out His plans. We can only speculate. He uses attention getters if necessary. Saul was one that required drastic measures to change his ways. Saul's character was such that once his mind was set, there was no changing. He was a Pharisee of the highest caliber, and as such was also an enforcer of the standards laid out by the Pharisees. Acts 9:15,16, God used many of those traits for enduring all the physical punishment that he, Paul, was able to,
    and Paul considered it a blessing. What a demonstration of repentance and love for God and fellow human beings.


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