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The Prodigal Son Is In Good and Regular Standing — 7 Comments

  1. THANK YOU.......OH how high, how deep, how wide is God's love for us (me). There are no words that can fully express the character of this all knowing, all seeing, everywhere present God. Without beginning and without end. The Holy One, high and lifted up upon His throne whose feet rest upon a sapphire stone...YET HE IS MINDFUL OF ME (US)...OH the depths of HIS LOVE is beyond comprehension...PRAISE GOD, PRAISE GOD. Thank you again!!!!

  2. In the story, both sons are "lost" but only the father knows it. Both sons were self-absorbed and found different ways to gain what they wanted from the father, without recognizing and sharing his character of benevolence. It's only a matter of time and circumstances before we expose our pride and resulting selfishness.

    The solemn reality is only one repents and accepts the fathers forgiveness, and becomes restored to him.

  3. Fine article. It is unbelievably easy to follow the natural inclination and pursue the best of two worlds, the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of this world, in what seems like a 'safe' way. There are benefits in the 'life' bucket not apparent in the 'God' bucket, and why should we be denied these? Why not chase self-actualization (be all one can be and fulfill potential, without consideration for God's purpose)?

    Self-denial and self-sacrifice mark the way of the Cross, which no follower of Christ can simply avoid (Luke 9:23). It is not where we find ourselves, but where we place ourselves, and what we could have, but chose to give up for our Master daily that separates the follower from the admirer of Jesus.

  4. I am really touched. Its a real fact that the prodigals are in good and regular standing in our churches today. One way or the other we portray such character traits and often habour such feelings towards one another. At face value we are a determined lot but deep inside our hearts we are ravenous animals who have created own protectorates and would therefore not take lightly the idea of other members coming back to their senses. I have come to the realisation that we need a heart surgery if not a transplant as echoed by Jeremiah 17:10. Thank God because of His unwavering love, we can stand and be restored in Him without even consulting the "loyal brother".

    Lord help us please that we may understand your love.

  5. I have to kind of disagree with your interpretation. It is the day by day, dropping one drop at a time that fills the bucket. It is my moment by moment, day by day living - trusting in God so that I am giving a loaf of bread, sharing words of encouragement- that affirms that I am a child of God. It is the moment by moment trusting and obeying God that determines the direction of my life. The body functions on a moment by moment basis of regularity through the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is for emergency use for survival and to keep the body safe. If I lived constantly with the sympathetic nervous system, I would die much sooner (and people do) than if the parasympathetic nervous system is allowed to do the mundane things - eating, having bowel movements - etc - critical for long term survival. Of the 12 disciples rowing in a storm, only 1 got out. The others were obeying the command of Jesus. He told them to row and meet Him on the other side of the river.

  6. Thanks; it is a nice article. There is only one bucket and not two. We need to meditate and to reflect God's mercy and His compassion with others in and out of the church. Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Jesus; and it is no longer I who live, but Jesus lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.

  7. Note: the "ring" was a symbol of the Fathers authority, with it were sealed legal documents. The Father is showing his son that He trusts him with all he has. Now that truly is forgiveness!


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