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Faithfulness by Thankfulness — 10 Comments

  1. This verse from Psalm 119 seems to sum up this thought:

    "I shall give thanks to You with uprightness of heart,
    When I learn Your righteous judgments."

    Thankfulness results from being transformed by the renewing of our mind.

  2. We should absolutely be thankful, but I think that gratitude doesn't last. I believe that Jesus loving us engenders love for Him in our hearts. When we love Him we will give Him our whole life and that it will last forever.

    • Shirley, at what point do you see gratitude no longer expressed by God's creation? Ps 119:7 says; "I shall give thanks to You with uprightness of heart, when I learn Your righteous judgments."

      The word for "thanks" is yadah, meaning offer praise, give thanks, make confession, etc. So it seems that it is by having an upright heart(righteousness) that God is truly praised and given thanks.

      I expect that eternity will be with God's creation praising and giving thanks without end. In this life we have seen only the very beginnings of what God has in store for the redeemed which is worthy of our gratitude and praise.

      • I was thinking of "being obligated" because of what someone has done. Like someone does you a favour, now you owe them a favour. We see this in business and politics, they even talk about "markers", if you need something done you phone someone who "owes you" and they have to help you.

        Even if someone does wonderful things for you and doesn't expect anything in return, we can be very thankful but if our hearts are selfish - which they are naturally - we will take the gifts, make a token thanks and go on our way, we might feel obligated for a little while but it won't last we might even think well I deserved it.
        But if your heart has been touched and changed and we love the LORD we will be dedicated to Him, and yes we will praise Him and thank Him for everything He has done for us. Love is the key!

        As I go back and read William's post that is exactly what he is saying that Mary's thankfulness led to her loving Jesus so much she would do anything for him.

  3. I believe that the cultivation of an attitude of gratitude is one of the secrets of joy in the Christian life. 🙂

    (And it improves health, social relations and life span too.)

  4. Shirley, You have touched on a subject that I have a question about. The subject at hand is thankfulness.
    A term that William used in his presentation. The question is, is thankfulness a demonstration of love for God, or an obligation, of some sort because we feel a need for repayment of favors.? In other words do we demonstrate our love for God when we thank Him for all the blessing that He provides?
    Or is that an attitude of gratitude as, Inge said?

  5. Thank you for this insightful look at Mary's response to grace. Now I understand for the first time why Jesus said her story must be part of the gospel. Truly, her response is more than "token" gratitude. It motivates her very Christian life and is evidence of her love. When we think of His grace- not a one-time, but daily grace- our response should daily be a giving of everything to Him.


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