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Rumor in Town or Church — 7 Comments

  1. In some moment something seemed to us right to do. Sometimes we even do on purpose what is wrong. Rumors works like "MEM" (memetic) and stick to our brain to use it to proclaim some message. We are driven by memetic attractive force. How to stay apart? How to check it? We dont have time for all what we hear, we just swim trough it. The church maybe destroy some individual and not even noticed! Rumors kill him and life go on. It is just a part of life in sin. To love in spite of rumors is a calling to cover up, not by concealing but by going over rumors with the higher goal that consumed rumor and reproduce a better forward.

  2. Thank you William.
    Gossip seems to be glorified now more than ever in our society; television shows being centered around gossiping by people who are supposed to so 'cool'!
    Gossiping plants seeds of ugliness in the sender and the receivers with nothing good or positive as the outcome.
    God help us all guard our thoughts because they truly do become the words we use to uplift and encourage, or wound and destroy.

  3. Great story, some persons don't even realise how we can damage people (your character which takes years to build) and the church by gossping

  4. Powerful story. With the same tongue we use to praise God, we gossip and even spread negative 'juicy' stories about other folk. God help us to repent.

  5. This is a very good article and reminder to the people of God. Yes rumors are spread and like Babe one just notices something is different and now one is given the cold shoulder or shunned for no apparent reason. It's very hurtful and a lot of times people don't even know what they're talking about or as the author states are making up things in jealousy or just to hurt the other person. Believe it or not, this type of treachery happens all the time and it doesn't just hurt one persons ministry it repels people from the true church of the living God as those who are wounded run to apostate religions to find the Divine love they know exists somewhere, if not here. And with them they take their story and experience of the Adventist church - with a nessage that it is unloving and unkind. This does damage to the name and character of Christ who is nothing like that. They should know us (and the God we serve) by our love... Let us not take the name of the Lord God in vain, saying that we are Christian and then acting like the devil's friend. Only he can get glory out of gossiping and jealousy. Another point to ponder is that communication really is magic. If the manager had said to Babe you know I really don't like that batting instructor Babe would have had an opportunity to say, yeah... But you know he really is excellent at what he does and he's shown me all these things which has improved my skills. So whatever issues you all have, it has nothing to do with me. And practically, keeping Babe on the team instead of firing off a trading frenzy would have put more money in his pockets! Chaching Batabing! Think about it...

  6. Powerful story. With the same tongue we praise God then we gossip and spread negative 'juicy' stories about other folk. God help us to repent


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