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    • Hi William,

      I normally copy each page for the week for offline study, & then delete them as we start the next week. But this is one that I will keep for the entire series of lessons, for that is what these lessons are all about. Thank you as we praise God for His unspeakable gift of Jesus.

  1. I was suprised when hear what peoples think about literal hevenly sanctuary. I was thinking before that I am only one with some problems with historical adventism. But my pastor on teaching teachers hour that all from tree toward Temple was just a way that God use to rebuild relationship with men. I listen Wala wala audio presentation of lesson and they say that Moses uses Canaanities model of Temple with two apartments and just changed Baal in Jahve. Seems that adventism is making step from evangelical to liberal theology. What is than the 1844? A year when Jesus didnt go to Most holy place from previous department. We can just say that in that year something in Gods relationship was changed.

  2. Beautiful! One only has to read the gospel of John and the book of Hebrews to find Christ at the center of the sanctuary. "In Him all things consist (hold together)." A focus of the Christ of the sanctuary causes everything else to make sense (at least to me). Blessings and thanks so much for your articles.


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