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  1. Thank you William for this post. My understanding of Revelation is a bit 'patchy' and I am not sure who makes up the 144,000. I am hoping that there will be more than 144,000 chosen to be in heaven!

  2. William,

    Your text in Revelation 3:16 and 17 is and has been applicable for a goodly number of years. We are that church that you and I belong to. Your concern over the number of lost sinners is admirable considering the missionary endeavors that you have been a part of. The part of the text in Revelation 3:16 that says God makes us sick, is not terribly encouraging. I happen to read that text again while studying Romans 1:18-22. The reference is to Genesis 6:1-8. I also think about the tower of babel and the adage that says, history is bound to repeat it's self. Should we be alarmed at our societies and their condition? The memory verse Romans 3:21 is an announcement of vignettes in life as we know it.
    Repentance and forgiveness are two of the most important needs that we can seek.


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