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Sharing Jesus Door to Door — 6 Comments

  1. Great Post!! I hope that we, the church, can get back to Door-to-Door Evangelism soon, while we are still in the time of peace.

    May God continue to bless you and everyone on this website!

    • Literature Evangelism was my late father-in-laws passion from 14 years old til he passed away at 91. This took him all over the world spreading the love of Jesus. Such beautiful people, our Literature Evangelists. God’s blessings on them all

  2. Dear William, thanks so much for this timely post. Our church is going door to door today and I was a bit terrified although quite excited at the opportunity. Your post has helped me to be ready. Blessings.

  3. Many churches, at least in my conference, are not doing door to door evangelism.

    I do not think we have to wait for it to be a church activity, we can go door to door on our own with a partner, to share the good news or give materials, or just to meet people for Christ. It does not have to be door-to-door, we can use our social media skills, or computer skills to implement a modern approach, if necessary.

    But I fully agree with William, if the gospel has to be preached ..., and then the end comes, our desire for the end and the ushering into the new earth and the new kingdom should be enough impetus for us to do something out of the ordinary.

    By the way, those sample surveys are great!


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