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  1. Jennifer I agree we ought to live transparent lives. Daniel prayed in his window while the NSA of his day were spying and monitoring all of his moves. Still he did everything in the open.

    As far as they all know where we are. True again, but I remember watching a documentary a while back on Malaysia flight 370 that disappeared. An aviation expert was quoted as saying, "here we have all this modern technology of GPS and radars and tracking equipment, and yet a huge jet just disappears and we can't find it." When she said that, I thought to myself, if a jet can disappear off the radar, then in the time of trouble God can hide us, and keep us from showing up on GPS or radar.

  2. I've often thought that if God sees it fit for me to be alive during a time when it is no longer safe for me to openly praise Him, then I would not want to hide really (unless it's His will). I would love to, with my last breath, let my executioners know that "God is worth every drop of my blood", I would love to sing, having that assurance like the apostle Paul: Indeed I have done all I could, and henceforth is laid up for me a crown of righteousness. So then the issue with persecution and martyrdom for us Christians is not so much the fear of death, but fear of the afterlife. Where am I going? Does God know me?

  3. Jennifer, you said "Cherish, love". Lol isn't that almost like saying the same thing twice? I do however see a slight difference and got your meaning 🙂 I noticed it because just recently I have noticed the word cherish and it has become one of my favorite words. Thank you for the message. If we are living as earnestly and sincerely for Jesus as we know how, then we have nothing to fear even persecution. Eternity with Jesus will be worth it!! Voni Radlinger

  4. It is a sobering fact that technology multiplies faster than we can keep up with. If you want to be on cutting edge and completely involved you will sacrifice privacy. However possible the applications indicated may be, a guard against paranoia is probably prudent. I do not know how much time I have left on this earth nor do I know what God\'s time table is. How ever impressive and awesome the latest technological innovation may be,I have a God that is much more awesome.

  5. The thought of me and/or my children enduring persecution is unsettling to me; but so is a life without Jesus. I take comfort in the fact that He knows the burden that we can bear. He wants us to have a future and a hope, and nothing outside of His will is going to happen to us. Lord help us to be courageous!

  6. First, relevant and timely this post.

    Second, while many wish to remain "private" and hidden, isn't God wanting His servants to be as a city on a hill or a lamp in full view of everyone?

    Look at Daniel 3 and see how everyone's focus was shifted from the golden "god" to the 3 humble servants and their Living God. Who was everyone "tweeting" about that evening?...The God Nebuchadnezzar had inquired about ("what god" would be able save the insubordinate Hebrews from his furnace!) and His faithful servants who stood with Him in the harmless flames that could only burn off ropes.

    Third, if what we see on the horizon is what it seems to be, the sealing work must be taking place and nearing it's close. (Eze 9, Rev 7)

    What a solemn hour!

  7. Jennifer, to me the question has never been about whether persecutors will find us or not but rather about our faith in God to pull us out of the fiery furnace. It was always about whether I had faith under the circumstances to honesty believe that God would save me the horrible sinner.

    The saying goes, "all good children go to Heaven" which is not even close to being true. The people that go to Heaven are those that humbly admit they are sinners and because of that they lean on the grace and the merits of Christ and in that only. With them self is not involved, it's all Christ "who became for us wisdom from God—and righteousness and sanctification and redemption" (1 Cor 130) and is "the author and finisher of our faith" (Heb 12:2).

    It will be like it was with Moses facing the sea and Pharaoh and his army right behind breathing smoke on them. And somehow God opened the way out and the enemy was taken care of in the process. Man didn't have anything to do with it; in fact, they were just a complaining bunch of faithless sissies scared of their own shadow (just like sheep). God did it all just because they were part of His creation and descendants of Abraham by faith (mixed multitude) to whom God gave the covenantal promises.

    We can be recipients of the promise too but we need faith in the God of the impossible and sometimes that is the real impossibility.


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