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  1. I believe that the everlasting gospel in the 1st angel's message is the good news about the LORD's Everlasting Covenant of love, His offer
    I will be your God - our loving ruler, protecter, provider
    You will be my people - his loving, obedient, followers
    And I will dwell with you - the LORD and I want to be close together all the time through ups and downs.

    So yes the 3 angels message is getting to know the true character of Yahweh, the Creator of the Universe and what it means to be His people and be given His character.
    I also believe that the 3 angels message has an extra urgency because of the time element, "for the hour of his judgement has come"
    I believe the gospel has been preached since Gen 3:15. But God gave John this vision with a special message for this time in history.
    I believe we are to share with the world the true character of God that has been distorted, obscured by teachings of man.
    We are to do it urgently because it is the time of the end.

    So the 3 angels message is the good news of God's character, it is the wonderful news that he is coming soon, it is also the bad news that devil has corrupted a lot of people's idea of the character of God and in the final test they will worship Satan and reject God unless we tell them the truth now.

  2. William when you go to the Brooksville Church, say hello to the Creamers. You will find wounderfull people living the Three Angels Message. They may be driving down to the New Port Richey church now. Is your Brooksville sermon on the your web site, I would like to read it? Great message turning us to Christ, rather then speculation topics.

  3. I personally see nothing wrong preaching the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in its proper context. We should not avoid preaching one part of it, or clone it in such a way that we try to make the particular part sound like the other. All the Bible writers addressed specific parts of their writings to make it understandable for the ordinary person to grasp.

    It seems often the complain that publicly Seventh Day Adventist preachers will never identify themselves as such when they go into a new area to preach, leaving the people to guess who they are/were as the meetings go on. What is the purpose of doing that? Are we to take the same approach in every area of our sermons? Is something wrong being specific?

  4. Generally speaking those that are searching for truth will be led by the Holy Spirit. The Three Angels Message is the core of the SDA church. There are those who only want to hear Jesus only but saved by Grace alone. When we preach a sermon that can be be preached on Sunday (watered down, not stirring the heart), then our sermon is lacking in quality. The more study of scriptures that I do the more I want to have a character that emulates the character of Jesus. Thank you for yuor continued preaching of the Three Angels Message.

  5. AMEN William.

    You are the messenger, and as such, you are endeavoring to deliver a balance of messages that compose the gospel.
    We the listeners, on the other hand, will have more interest in one part of the message then an other part. And why is that? Is it an issue of the heart? Is it an issue of the mind? Is it a genetic predisposition?

  6. Preaching the three angel's message actually displays the character of our soon coming Lord Jesus Christ in our lives. Therefore it is a great privilege that we have as Christians today to continue preaching or sharing the word of God worldwide until Jesus comes

  7. Brother Willaim thank you so very much for your awesome insight into the word. For your practical insights and delivery of the word that makes it so easy to understand thank you so very much. . You are a breath of fresh air to the word. I also happen to find your easy Bible studies online I have been using them for my Bible studies and we have been greatly blessed. Thank you and may God continue to bless your ministry and your insight into the word thanks.

  8. as for the justification by faith and righteousness by faith, I really don't hear it preached like how jones and Waggoner did, That message was a glimpse of the latter rain which had begun to fall with it. Where is the resounding call to claim Christ's righteousness that will ultimately lead to perfect obedience? We need more of that and we also need prophecy because it was given for us to be sure of what is to come we must preach it all because ultimately whether it is prophecy, or justification or righteousness by faith it is all about Jesus Christ my lord and saviour, my master my King and my best friend, let us lift up the son of man for the world to see. We are Christ's ambassadors.

  9. Brethren! This lesson has brought me much closer to Jesus. Indeed I have once in a while been lured by Pentecostal preachers because of their emphasis on prosperity, breakthroughs, healing etc. In the end I've still missed the essence of the gospel. Then there are the SDA breakaways whose numbers are rising by the day here in Malawi and Africa as a whole. One of them is actually calling itself THE THREE ANGELS' SDA CHURCH. I like the way the lesson has tackled the conspiracy dimension. I feel kind of relieved and encouraged to forge ahead in embracing a holistic approach to Christianity centered on Jesus as my model and super HERO.

  10. William, your friend Wayne is not alone in his quest to explain a particular part of prophecy. That element is found in many of our denomination. We attach significance to every new major event in some part of the world as a sign of the last days. A fulfillment of prophecy. Our focus is misplaced. For those that want the three angels message to be preached more often I would ask how often is enough and how many times must it be preached to make one understand the message. I am advanced in years and can't count the number of times I have heard it. Revelation can leave one with more questions than answers. Concern about ones eternal salvation.
    I will vote for sermons of hope,of encouragement, of Gods love for undeserving human beings. Some will say the three angels message is all that. I think that is called extrapolation.

  11. When we uplift Jesus we preach the 3 angels messages. However, the 3rd angels message talks about worshiping the beast and his image, people would like to know who the beast is and its image? Anything wrong with knowing that? Paul mentions giving milk then later on meat meaning ground the Christian believer in issues of repentance, prayer, faith justification and so on and once they are rooted teach them the harder things like the 2300 days prophecy and so on. We are beginning to sound like preaching that the papacy is the beast of revelation 13, little horn of Daniel 7 and that the,pope is the man of sin will not save anyone and we will do well to preach day to day living. The truth is this teaching forms part of the loud cry message and as such we also need to preach that. Not watered down sermonates we have started dishing out these days. That's why people are asking why we don't preach the 3rd angels message.

  12. Why do we suppose pointing out conspiracy theories will save anyone? Why not just preach the gospel in its pure form than attacking our perceived conspiracy theorists? This is where the problem is, when people said the government hears our phone conversations we said impossible. Edward snowden leaked NSA classified dossiers and boom peole panicked. A true child of God will do well to know these things so as not to be taken by suprise but should not dwell on such as they won't lead to salvation.

  13. Lastly when Jesus warned his disciples about the destruction of jerusalem by the Romans ;matt24, Luke 21, he would have sounded like a conspiracy theorist, when Paul in 2thess 2 talks about the man of sin, that sounded like conspiracy. Why do we suppose these things were mentioned in scripture if they won't help anyone attain salvation? When they say the dragon, the beast and the false prophet are united against God s children, do we find anything wrong with that? Revelation is very clear about that and so we must also know these things. Those who have been through our youth movement wil bear me witness that these things are taught and are part of our fundamental beliefs. It becomes a problem if we don't teach repentance and salvation but dwell on prophecy or neglect prophecy and concentrate on one part. We must teach every thing found in the bible. Despise not prophecy.

    • Bupe I don't think preaching prophecy qualifies you as a conspiracy theorist. I give Bible studies and seminars on prophecy all the time but do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist. Nor do I consider others who preach prophecy as conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists may all talk about prophecy (within the church at least) but not all who talk prophecy talk conspiracy theories.

  14. The three angels' messages begin with Jesus (the everlasting gospel) and end with Jesus (the saints have the faith of Jesus). Without this the rest of the message really has no meaning. Without Christ the message has no purpose, for why worry about being deceived if there is no Savior who has come to redeem and cleanse us and fit us for eternal life in His glorious kingdom?

    So yes, it is absolutely crucial that Christ be the central focus in the message.
    However, the three angels' messages are also the last warning message to the world. A very strong warning against deception.
    We must NOT remove the clear warning, and what that warning entails and still think we are really preaching the three angels' message even if we still preach the central theme of deliverance in that message -- the gospel.

    I agree that knowing who the beast is, etc. will not help in the least if we are not in Christ and following Him in His righteousness, yet, many will be deceived in the end and will be worshipping the beast because they are not familiar with the warning.

    [quote]All should see the necessity of understanding the truth for themselves individually. We must understand the doctrines that have been studied out carefully and prayerfully. It has been revealed to me (EGW) that there is among our people a great lack of knowledge in regard to the rise and progress of the third angel's message. There is great need to search the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, and learn the texts thoroughly, that we may know what is written. The light given me (EGW) has been very forcible that many would go out from us...False prophets will arise and will deceive many. Everything is to be shaken that can be shaken.(Evangelism page 363)[/quote]

    The last deception will be VERY CLOSE to truth. There will be a lot of talk about Jesus, and even about the commandments, and love for others. There will be a movement to stop evil (establish healthy family life, stop prone, get people back into church and bring the nations back to God). It will sound very good.

    While I agree that some get too deep into conspiracy theories (often theories not even in line with prophecy) and end up showing an obvious lack of faith in God and fall prey to fear and suspicion of even their friends and relatives, yet I also see the opposite side of the pendulum where one is made to feel like some "nut" when they mention the activities of the pope and the very real rise of the unity movement and the various calls by prominent voices for the pope to lead the world to peace.

    While we must ever focus on the promise that Christ, the Lamb, is fully in control and will win, bringing sin to an end, and that He is all sufficient and trust worthy to bring everyone who fully commits themselves to Him through the crises, yet there is also a very powerful adversary, who is tailoring deceptions to deceive if possible the very elect.

    It's not arrogance to study scripture to find out how he will attack, and watch the signs and see them being fulfilled, rather, it is our duty to find out, watch, and give the warning message, even if it is VERY UNPOPULAR. Of course -- it must be in the context of gospel, for the gospel and the One Who gave Himself for us, is our one and only hope of deliverance, salvation, and eternity.

  15. Bupe no doubt what you say is true in some churches while other churches are preaching the third angels messages loud and clear. Yes we need to be paying attention to the prophecies. They are very important.

  16. Please brethren, Devil is real and his power is working even among the SDAs especially with people with high authority in our churches, so there is need to watch and think harder or else you may get the mark and the image of the beast. Rev.12:17 and Rev.19:10 we need to preach the present truth as our pioneers did not to compromise with the devils agencies. By the way prophesy is about warning God’s people and encourages obedience in Christ as God instructed why not proclaim it brother.
    Don’t you know that most of us we are now getting cold because of the watered down sermons! Rom 8:28 tell us,” And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose’’.

  17. Why is a person who doesn't know what the mark of the beast is get baptised into the church?

    If the 3 angels messages were being preached he would know that the mark is Sunday sacredness not an electronic chip.

  18. Mike, "Wayne" knew the mark of the beast was Sunday being forced as a day of worship. Steve Wohlberg did a great job of explaining that in the meetings "Wayne" attended. As I explained in the article, what he was wondering is how will it be distributed so that they know who can't buy and sell.

  19. A brother came to our church and did a presentation on the Illuminati and the Catholic ownership of banks which terrified the humble saints, one of whom asked in despair, "What am I to do about my mortgage?" While I believe that conspiracy theorists and pope trackers are a grave threat to the credibility of our message, I want to make a case for Adventists doing more inductive Bible preaching including studies of Daniel and Revelation. If you go online or listen to Christian television and radio there are some really weird teaching going on about prophecy and the end times. Other religious teachers are filling the air waves with spiritual gibberish to huge audiences here and abroad.

    When I hear them I groan and ask where are our teachers who know the word and are such excellent teachers of these challenging subjects. As our world descends more and more into confusion, people are seeking for answers. They want to make sense of the rise of ISIS, the wars, and the spread of evil. They are locking on to these unlearned preachers who are dominating the airwaves. I often think, wouldn't it be nice if they could hear the truth, preached without hysteria, just simply, lovingly, but providing clarity. I say more Christ centered preaching of everlasting gospel including Daniel and Revelation. Rational and balanced Adventist preachers have ceded the space to the hysterics who I, believe, do not really love the people they are calling out of Babylon. Young people would benefit from studies on the credibility of the Bible since many go to college and never return to the church. There is so much spiritual ignorance, we want people to know that God's word is rich, relevant, and life transforming.


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