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  1. What is our expectation of deliverance? Is it a reward?

    [Sorry, time is short this morning and I have written a couple of follow up comments elsewhere that have consumed my time today]

    • No, it's our "Blessed Hope" of being with Jesus and our heavenly Father, and being presented "faultless in the presence of His glory with exceeding joy"(Jude 24). Right? No more sin, death, suffering, COVID-19, etc.

      We receive this reward(gift is a better word) by our faithfulness in trusting God with our lives. Notice Ps 19:7-11.

    • I do not think of deliverance in terms of reward but rather in terms of being recreated in the image of God and being restored to a right relationship with God and to mankind. The reward is His.

      Revelation 14:7 He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of his judgment (may be literally translated, “the judgement of Him”) has come. Worship him who made the heavens, the earth, the sea and the springs of water.”

      God’s character and government are what have been on trial throughout human history and He will receive His just reward when every knee (including Satan and his host) will bow and declare that God is righteous and His judgment is just.

  2. It's uplifting to note that Michael emerges as the heavenly messenger of God's people. He protects His people and leads them during the last stages of the great controversy.We need to remember that He comes before the Ancient of Days to represent God's people during the investigative judgement.

  3. Thank God we have someone who stands for us! If it weren't for Jesus, who could stand before God? Certainly none of us. Jesus is the One Who gave His life for us! Our duty is to recognize His sacrifice and reflect upon His love! By surrendering ourselves to this greatest act of mercy our lives may get a different meaning. This is the time for us to finally understand that letting God to be in control of our present is the best we can do. Again, our job is to get a hold of Jesus arms, firmly. There is no other safest place to be.

    • We are getting close to the end, although none knows exactly when. Let's see what all this collective and worlwide tension is going to result afterall. But if we listen carefully, we may hear the steps of Jesus second coming! He is delaying just because of His mercy! NOW is (always) the time to look for Him, until we can find Him!

  4. It's a relief to note that Michael is invested with power to defeat God's enemies. He also has the authority to represent God's people in the heavenly tribunal.

  5. I am sorry that most English translations of the Bible mainly use the names God or the LORD, while the original languages uses quite a few more descriptive names for the Triune God, so I am glad that Daniel gives us the personal name, Michael, for the Son of God and the New Testament the name Jesus, because He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. Also so that He is not confused with any other god.
    I was glad the lesson pointed out that each chapter started by naming the current ruler who appeared to have dominion over Daniels world but that throughout the book it became clear who really is the Almighty God and that in the end when Michael, who is our ruler, stands up every one will bow down before Him.

  6. Here again, the idea of a judgement being "investigative." God knows who are his. God does not need to investigate to find out who He is going to save. Where is the scriptural proof of this judgement being "investigative"? Michael "standing up" just simply means that Jesus stands up to do His work of delivering the saved, not to "investigate them!"

    • Hello Pete V.
      Regarding the question of investigative judgement, would you explain what you mean? That God doesn’t need to investigate is an interesting thought...He is God. So, is there an “investigative judgement”? If so, than who is investigating, and what is being investigated?

      • Not answering for Pete, but I would suggest a look at the type in Lev 16, and Jesus' parable in Matt 22:11-14. Also the scriptures cited in my reply to Pete below are worthy of consideration as well.

        I would lastly suggest a good explanation of Eccl 12:13,14, wondering when the "good works" would be judged: before or after Jesus' 2nd coming? Doesn't Revelation 22:11-14 give us a good understanding?

    • Pete, how does Dan 7:22 and 8:14 figure into this idea? Also, Revelation 22:11,12,14? How can there be a reward according to works without judgment(investigation/examination) as God always did before bringing judgments of Adam, Eve, and serpent in the garden, the wicked by the flood, tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc? Notice that in each case God "investigated first.

      God knows all, but "investigates" to satisfy the whole creation of His absolute fairness. He is just, but not arbitrary. His "investigations" prove this to finite creatures who might otherwise wonder.

    • There are many key 'doctrinal' terms that are of significance within Adventism. Heavenly Sanctuary and Investigative Judgment are two that have cropped up recently.

      It is apparent that different people have different conceptualisations of and therefore understandings behind what looks like the same word/phrase/term.

      Hence it becomes important to outline what a particular person means by a particular term and how they understand the concept.

      It is good to see that being done here...

  7. Holy Spirit give me an understanding of your words so I can share you today.

    Here again I appeared to be confused. In the Bible we read about four different time periods. Can someone explain the difference and give text to support same.
    1. Time of the End.
    2. End of time.
    3. World end.
    4. End of the world.
    Which one of these is referred to the “time of Jacob trouble”. Does the “time of Jacob trouble began in 1798? If so, are we in the time of Jacob trouble?

    • Lyn, the time of "Jacob's trouble" is after the death decree(Dan 11:44,45; Rev 6:11; 13:15), when probation has closed and the saints must live before God without an Intercessor.

      Those who receive the "Seal of God" will be found faultless, clothed in robes made white in the blood of the Lamb.

      Recall how Jacob's trouble came at the news of Esau with 400 men coming for Jacob, who after confessing his sin, wrestled with the Angel(Lord?) and received a blessing by faith. This is the type for what awaits God's faithful in the time just before us.

      As I presently understand...

      End of Time: close of 1260 years and 2300 years, the last time prophecies

      Time of the End: last events, mark/seal/probation's close/plagues/etc

      End of the world: Jesus' 2nd coming for His people as promised

      World end: same as end of world(?), or perhaps the lake of fire followed by all things made new.

    • When you compare Daniel 8:17 with Daniel 8:19, the Angel Gabriel equates the Time of the End with The Time of Wrath. Furthermore, the little horn cannot appear until the time of wrath has started. According to Daniel 11:35 it is an Appointed Time and is yet future. But notice Daniel 11:36, the King of the North will prosper till the wrath has been accomplished. So, the little horn of Daniel 8 is the king of the north of Daniel 11:36. Lucifer is the final and ultimate king of the north (Isaiah 14:13). When is the time of wrath? Look to the Sanctuary. It is when mediation at the Golden Altar of incense ends. In Leviticus 4 we see the role that the two altars play.

      Individual sin was atoned for on the Altar of Burnt Offering. This altar points to the cross. Community or corporate sin was atoned for on the Golden Altar of incense. But what kept wrath from breaking out before one could bring is sacrifice to the altar of burnt offering? The continual burning of incense at the Golden Altar of Incense is what kept wrath from breaking out as sin cannot dwell in the presence of God. See Numbers 1:53; Numbers 18:5. This Altar points back to Eden when Adam & Eve sinned and Jesus stepped in the way. Services at these two altars are known as "The Daily" (Dan 12:11).

      The Daily at the Golden Altar of incense will end first (Rev 8:2-5) and this will cause wrath to break out. This is when the time of wrath starts and this starts the judgement of the living (1st Angels message). Note that 7 trumpet judgments start immediately after mediation ends at the Golden Altar of Incense. Trumpets warn the living of judgement in the Old Testament. It is during this time that the Little Horn of Daniel 8 will appear during the time of wrath and he will then interfere with the Daily at the Altar of burnt offering, which points to the cross. Specifically, he will appear during the 5th trumpet (Rev 9), and this is the first "Woe."

      Notice after the 4th trumpet, the Angel says "Woe, Woe, Woe because of the remaining trumpet blasts to sound." This is a WARNING. In the latter stages of the cleansing of the sanctuary this horn will appear and take away the daily at the altar of burnt offering, during the 6th trumpet, and just as predicted in Daniel 8:12. Jesus identified Satan as the one who destroys in John 10:10. Note that in the 5th trumpet, Rev 9, this king is called "Destroyer" in both Hebrew and Greek. So much more to add but this is sufficient for now.

      • Michael, I wish to point out that the events depicted in Rev 8:2-5 will be ongoing(continual) until the 7th trumpet is sounded. If you look at the description in verse 5, and compare to it Rev 11:15-19; 16:17-21, this is made clear.

        What I see is that Jesus' work of intercession will not end until probation closes after the last soul has made their final choice for eternity. This will close probation which is announced by the 7th trumpet.

        To date, the only trumpet yet to sound is the 7th, so we are living in the time of the end after the ending of specific time that was to be fulfilled, which is announced in Rev 10:6,7. This last fulfillment of time was 1844 AD(the 2300 days which began in 457 BC), and there are no more time prophecies to fulfill, and only one last trumpet to sound, which closes probation and ends with Jesus' return to earth to the dismay of the wicked(Rev 6:15-17) and joy of the saved.

  8. Investigative is not for God's sake, remember God is all-knowing, it is for our sake to show us the fairness of God in his judgment.


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