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  1. Beautiful! Really, your take on the key message of Revelation, is beautiful. Crystal, concise and entirely comprehensible! Thank you Jesus!

  2. God's love for us is the strongest current force in creation. The 3 Angels Message is a warning born out of love. "They will know us by our love" is also how we must win souls for Christ before it is finished. I love Rev/Dan. and this view realty rises to the top above all other interpretations or translations. Thank you.

  3. Jennifer, it’s too bad that most people don’t see things the way you see them. From what you have said in other articles your marriage is based on the kind of love that you describe here and blessed are you because of that.

    I think it is also amazing that Jesus has won the controversy not by being a clench fisted activist but by simply being Himself passively letting His character of love shine through while the opposition was actively attempting to tear Him down.

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I really appreciate your directing our focus on what the "great controversy" is all about. It's a question I posed to my Sabbath School class. I renamed the "great controversy" as "the great war" and suggested that all wars are over something. What is each side after? Several people replied, "our hearts."

    We all need to remember that. We are not "pawns" in a war between Christ and Satan - as some have seen it. Instead, we are the objects of Christ's love. And Satan is doing his worst to misrepresent our great Lover and attribute to Him Satan's own characteristics.

    Christ wants our hearts. Satan just wants us to buy into his principles of selfishness so he can destroy us. We are the free agents who get to choose one or the other.

    I choose Christ, and I trust that all other readers will too.

  5. True love wins , that same love demonstrated on the Cross can not be compared to any charms of the Lamb's enemy. Oh what a manner of of love, I love Jesus

  6. Wow! What a beautiful and inspiring message we have here. It has just given me another better sight of the LOVE Jesus has for the Church.
    It's not either about the Looks,Power,Money,Status,or Athleticism...NO! It's about a better sacfrice of LOVE,TRUE LOVE. A LOVE that never fails but perseveres and conquers all things,even fear.
    And this I quote, "a woman won by Love is a woman won forever."

    This is absolutely Amazing. God bless you.

  7. Lovely, just lovely.

    The LAMPS that Doangraeme discovered seems like a natural outcome of a sinful state of mind. Eves' loss of trust in her Creator caused a development of trust in the five LAMPS attributes because they provide a sense of security.

  8. "The Great Controversy" Summarized. The "Great Picture" is now clear, Visible and understood. Jennifer, It's a blessing to have you and share these much? God bless your endeavors.


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