The Revisionist Bible — 5 Comments

  1. That is fascinating! Thanks for printing this account. Cutting and pasting are for children of any age. It's not up to us to make up our own account of God. I am happy to have a God that tells me things and tells me what to do. I am learning to listen more because I see what happens when I don't. Great Post!

  2. In the old testament it is spelled Noah; in Matthew Jesus called Him Noe. Are these the same person? Of course they are. Is Jesus Lord, in the Old Testament they call Him, Jehovah In the New Testament, John called Him Word, or Light. Is He alive? Yes He is. Its up to us whether we choose to believe the gospel [Good News).

  3. Lillianne:
    Such wonderful words of encouragement for all; we need to remember what the words say to US, take or add nothing to HIS word Rev. 22:18-19.

    The grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you all. AMEN..... v.21



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