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  1. Thank you for this, William. I think we all need reminders like this now and then.

    I especially like that you wrote "We won’t be sitting on a cloud playing our harps all day." I needed that more than 70 years ago when, as a kid, I didn't really want to go to heaven because I didn't want to "be sitting on a cloud playing our harps all day." I have no idea where I got that notion. I was in a quandary because I didn't want to burn either!! So I was a pretty "good little girl" but didn't look forward to heaven.

    I'm happy to say that I learned a bit more about heaven from this book:

    Every faculty will be developed, every capacity increased.... There the grandest enterprises may be carried forward, the loftiest aspirations reached, the highest ambitions realized; and still there will arise new heights to surmount, new wonders to admire, new truths to comprehend, fresh objects to call forth the powers of mind and soul and body.” (The Great Controversy, p. 677)

  2. Thank you for the message.
    It has helped me see through Jesus' eye
    Being a Christian does not mean removing yourself from secular life.Being a Christian means taking Jesus into our secular life. This has taught me so much.

  3. I was involved in a conversation just yesterday with someone about whether or not Christians should participate in athletic events. This person seemed to be unaware of all the positive things that can come form being a part of a sporting event. As you bring out in your blog many feel we are to seclude ourselves from these things because they can bring out charactistics that are not Christ like. My answer to him was the same as yours that those same charactistics can come out in a church board meeting also and oftentimes they do. Thanks William

  4. Hi Bro. William, I am always blessed by your messages. This one has certainly opened mine eyes. I have a question because a dear sister of mine always discourages the church from participating in sports activities with our sister churches. Her basis is the quotation from E.G. White regarding the spirit of competition. Our conference holds yearly 10K run/walks for all groups as well as an inter church sports day. I agree that members have gone to the extent of getting non church members to participate just so the can win and I have witnessed cheating and unfairness. At times I see the true nature of teachers and elders manifested in these events. Sometimes the non church members and church members behaved in ways that is very unChristlike. The 1st race is always the tinytots and I've seen parents get out of character with those in charge. Ive played soccer with other denominations and I was so impressed with the conduct. Prayer is said at the start and end and requests are taken sometimes. Males are warned not to attack the females. If an argument is generated by a visitor the game is blown off and both parties are led one side to be heard. I recalled at one of our netball competitions, I asked the person if she wasnt going to start with prayer? She looked at me with disdain. I went around encouraging the teams to pray in their individual teams. Ive made some friends from these events and was able to invite them to church after. Seeing some of these instances have discouraged me from participating in our conference's sport event. How do we draw the balance regarding the spirit of competition and just having clean fun and making friends to encourage to come to Jesus?
    God bless!

    • Nikki you share a good concern. I think the people in charge need to strongly encourage and enforce sportsmanship. In Golf I cannot always control where the ball goes but I can control my attitude. If people cannot be Christian they need to stay out of the activity. Same for people who cannot be Christian in a church board meeting.


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