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Three Logical Examples of Why It Is Reasonable to Believe the Bible — 4 Comments

  1. Because scientist are sure the reason we are here is because the big bang theory is the most logical explanation. We have spent billions of resources and time and continue to look for anything that is credible, or prove anything at all that is close to believable. Score so far.. ZERO.

  2. 1) Like Ben Carson, I prefer to think of myself as a work of art from the hand of God, ie, part of God's creation, rather than being the result of pro-creating apes.
    2) Having studied just just a small portion of probability theory (and practice) it is plainly evident that nothing comes from nothing and the laws of probability totally reject the idea (theory if you want) of evolution - it just can't happen coz the probability of it happening is so close to zero it doesn't matter.
    3) The internal evidence with Scripture, ie, the prophecies foretelling the future, and the historical evidence that the events foretold took place, readily confirm for me that at least some of Scripture is reliable. If some, then why not all?
    4) The testimony of changed lives is the most compelling.

  3. My dearest Bro. William, over an hour or so I've been reading E.G.White's comment on how God inspired men to write... I read the statement earlier this morning in worship and was confused; so I decided to continue tonight in worship. I'm still not clear.
    I decided to surf online but I was even more confused. Every Sabbath morning early,I'd go over the comments of the lesson from this website. However of late, I like reading your posts from Sabbath night(Friday night(. As I was reading online I stopped and said I'm going to message Bro. Williams and asked him to send me his email so I can get a better understanding.
    To my amazement, your topic this week is confirmation that indeed God is directing me to you for help.
    Please forward your email address so I can garner some additional insight on the topic of "Inspired men of God/scriptures. I apologize for my lengthy discourse.
    May God continue to bless you and your ministry!


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