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  1. Flattery is often justified by the notion that God wants His people to be kind. Nevertheless it is often born of selfishness; a desire to gain the favor or favorable opinion of the object of the sweet talk or others witnessing the generosity. The practice of such deception is particularly dangerous because one might not sense any guilt. (Proverbs 12:19, 20)

    The timeless advice is still relevant – “Say less than you think.” The reality is we will not have the nicest thoughts about others all the time, if only by reason of misunderstanding of their words or actions. Do not ignite the flame. If there is not good cause to share the suspicious thoughts or outright disaffection with others we may suspend speech and ask the Savior to help us modify the thoughts, rather than pretend otherwise.

    Something else which is useful is to find something praiseworthy in the life of the enemy or the suspect and dwell more on that. As well quench the fire. When others bring a testimony of ill report about the suspect be prepared to defend the reputation of that enemy where possible.

    Lastly, remove the wood. Decline to provide a receptive ear without wholesome reason. Ask, “Why is it important that I obtain this information, and how might I use it?” (Proverbs 26:20)

    If the above is too hard, then maybe it is a case for the Holy Spirit. (Romans 12:2)

  2. The playboy who wants to seduce a woman. Lets be very careful with this one ladies and gentleman because you find those in church too. I pray i wont fall into this one.

  3. NLT Prov 26
    17Interfering in someone else’s argument is as foolish as yanking a dog’s ears.18Just as damaging as a madman shooting a deadly weapon. 19is someone who lies to a friend and then says, “I was only joking.”

    1. V17 - as playing with a dog's ears, tempting the dog to bite u; that's the danger we put ourselves into wen we meddle in other pipo's issues
    While we may feel the need to mediate,
    - we must pray for the guidance of God the Holy Spirit
    - we must also be sure and sincere that we don't mean confusion, gossip or entertainment
    - many a time we spread rumours in the name of a prayer request

    V18 mad man illustration is used to show how those not in right mind can do dangerous things yet excused on account of madness. Whether by mad man, the effect remains dangerous

    - we are likened to mad man wen we do jokes and aft harm we pretend we were joking

    - such a shame that we can be likened to one out of their minds

    - pretence is equated to deception and how painful to know that one who appeared a friend was actually an enemy.

    May God help us speak from His guidance so that we will not be the fuel in unworthy talks.

    None who continue to cherish a querulous, fault-finding disposition can enter heaven; for they would mar its peace and harmony. They will be left outside the city of God, with all who stir up strife.

  4. Another area is the one receiving the ifo.As the author said, we should be careful not to believe everything we hear.You can call it "fervent lips" or "Eloquent".In this last days we are warn about the eneny of souls.In the garden of eden he took advantage of the snake and used it as a tool agaist our first parents.Do not forget it was "sugar coated words.In this last days he is using men.So we need a decerning spirit to detect this "lips".We are not save a second unless our heads are buried in the word of God,and the leading of the Holy Spirit or we will believe every "sweet" word.

  5. On several occasions I have been the victim of being "black balled" by co-workers, christians, family members, and so called friends. On many occassions people has taken my kindness as a weakness. It had a very negative impact on my self-esteem especially when the acts were from family and my christian brothers and sisiters. Words are very powerful. It has taken me years to overcome the hurt and pain. But God has given me the victory. Praise God.

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      Hi Regina I truly know what you mean. When family and so call friends take your kindness for weakness it hurts and it does bother you to be treated like you're a nobody. I'm praying to GOD how I can move pass how ppl treat me and have the love of Jesus still


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