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  1. The problem with us is we look down on others instead of encouraging and complimenting each other in proclaiming the word to the people.
    Complacency is also another factor, we see the signs but still think there is a lot of time. Let us change and be serious with ourselves. True, soon the son of man is coming again!!!
    He with ears let him hear.

    • Matt 28:19 is shared equally with Matt24:14. When discussing those texts, seeking to find an answer to the question by the Disciples Matt24:3, Jesus gave both of those texts that refer to spreading of the Gospel to the rest of the world, as a command.

      The question to me is what does that mean? How do we spread the Gospel and specifically how do we define it? The definition of the Gospel is the "Good News". What is the attraction for us that is classified as " The Gospel"? This is Jesus' command, so obviously it was His intention as well as ability to fulfill His desires.

  2. Jesus tells us all to go, each using their spiritual gifts. What is yours?
    A word, a thought, a deed? Even a small mustard seed can grow into a huge tree.

  3. How do we free our self from the bad influences of this world, which is making us look down on others and our self when it comes to evangelism?

    • A way to NOT look down on others is to understand from the bible that ALL Earthlings are wicked, deceived (JER 17:9)..law trashing, God hating (ROM 8:7) truth trampling (2 Thess 2) criminal rebels on this penal colony planet run by Satan.

    • We don't free ourselves from anything, we submit to God who then transforms us into His likeness, and the desire to work for the salvation of the lost will be natural and all other distractions will fall away. This is the work of God in all who commit their way unto the Lord, trusting in His exceeding great and precious promises.(Ps 40:1-3)

  4. Those who do not work with him scatter, what a terrible ordeal. Its never too late to work for Christ lets minister in the vineyard of God with eagerness to led souls to Christ

  5. We have a great responsibility before God because much light had been giving to us. It is our duty to share the gospel with everyone we come in contact with, sometimes are harder then other, but we have to pray and he wil always prepare the way in to the hearts of those who are in need of his holy word.

  6. Mark 1:15 If we love Him, we will obey Him and want to share the good news. He asks us to do this and promises that He is with us to accomplish all that he asks of us.

    It's a privilege to be a "co-worker" with the one who saves us. It builds my faith to have to depend upon him even for opportunities and direction to serve, but it's so rewarding.

    Also, if we have even a bit of the love and compassion that Jesus has, how could we pass a "dying" soul and not share what is available to them through Christ Jesus?

    • The gospel is more than a list of doctrines, tenets, rules or statements of belief (although these have their place). The gospel of Jesus Christ causes us to fall in love with Him. "We love Him, because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Love begets love. And when we have His love in our hearts, "Christ's love compels us" (2 Cor. 5:14) to reach out to family, neighbors and colleagues. Love always focuses on others (1 Cor. 13:5). Then with Paul we can cry out, "Yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!" (1 Cor. 9:16).

  7. From the lesson.."In what specific ways can you be more active in taking the gospel to your world?"

    One has to know what the gospel is before they can take it anyplace/to anyone.

    Next quarter Sabbath school lessons are on that theme..outreach.

    Challenge: Hand out 3" by 5" cards or a small sheet of paper to members in Sabbath school and/or church. Ask them to write what the gospel is in 1 to 3 sentences. Don't let them put their name on the paper. Collect all of the papers. Then read, out loud, to the class or church assembly and have them comment on the responses as to validity and correctness.

    Would this concept of the gospel be wrong?: God loves Earthlings and will forgive & fix them, before they die so they can live forever.

  8. Barbara and I preach in 2 rest homes. Sometimes the youth choir comes along. This ministry was put on my heart and I put in the papers at the rest homes to preach. Many sit in rest homes with no church contact. I find educated Bible filled men and women who enjoy good preaching and song service. It bothers me greatly to hear saints anounce they can not find work. Who claim "no one invites me". Because really those are excuses. Jesus will say "if you did it to the least, you did it to me".

    • There is an old saying that is still relevant. Flies are more easily attracted to honey than to vinegar. If a positive word is spoken, then the Gospel, will be much more attractive when positive spirits are elevated.

  9. Anyone who believes that Jesus died and resurrected is a coworker with Christ. It is our duty to spread the gospel by using the gifts God has given us.
    We as Christians should not care about or idolize worldly treasures as that leads us into not doing God's work. Reflecting Christ character should be our goal as people would be drawn to us and through that we can share the gospel.

  10. The lesson study asks how Daniel 7:13,14 and Matthew 28:18 relate to each other. Jesus announced that He had received all power at His ascension. Daniel 7:13,14 refers to an event which occurred in 1844. See Daniel 7:9,10. Also Great Controversy 479, paragraph 3.


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