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  1. Love to read God's Words and Wisdom.......Jeremiah was ministering us the coming events....let us be prepared and pray ......for those unbelievers....tnx

  2. Our top priority as His messengers as the lesson stated is God and not trying to please humans that you alter the message by adding or subtracting. Once we realize from the onset of your call that the message is absolute and how you present it is a variable, and not vice versa. God's promise of His presence, authority and power in Jesus the Word, or the Message as our ever present guide, safety, security and steadfast in whatever situation the message puts us in whether it be acceptance and joy to us, or persecution and rejection to the message and us, we are still rejoicing in the Lord as Saint Paul stated in his epistles.
    He will suffer with us during the severe persecution or ridicule that we may go through. So when we have our priorities straight as to the above it will makes us humble that will definitely draw people to you and will help you as well to deliver the message at its totality even if it is a rebuke or warning with a manner that is socially friendly to the listener. Also, it will reassure us not to worry about the result of the message's cause and effect; that is you will be content if they reject, it is only them who receive the wrath of rebuttal of the message and if they receive it with relent and repentance it is for their deliverance and blessing. Thus a great satisfaction comes from being faithful not to change the message but to its presentation and content with its negative or positive response. May we go out today with this attitude true to the message but flexible in how you can present the message to God's Glory!

  3. Jehovah’s warning to Jeremiah concerning his attitude might easily get overlooked in the focus on other aspects of the message. Pointedly God says, “You therefore prepare yourself, and arise, and speak unto them all that I command you: be not dismayed at their faces, lest I confound you before them.” (Jeremiah 1:17)

    If not read carefully it might seem like a threat. The Lord is really emphasizing how seriously He takes the task/work assigned to His people. It is better not to start the journey with Jehovah or agree to represent or speak for Him than to willingly shrink from duty later or give up. Jesus candidly said, “No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)

    Those who not only decline to follow through with the straight message for fear of ridicule or rejection, but faintheartedly substitute the plain truth for a soft tale which leads others astray answer for their actions (Matthew 5:19).

    It is not the messenger’s responsibility to exercise lenience so others may feel better, but to point to the God who is rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4). To encourage others to indulge where God says not to is to play with fire (Matthew 23:15). Make no mistake the messenger cannot be more loving than the message Giver (Jeremiah 31:3).

  4. So wonderful, Jehovah says He will watch over His Word, we don't have to defend His Word we only need to trust Him and help others to see His character in His Word. From Ex 34 to 1 John 4 the Bible tells us that Jehovah is LOVE, any interpretation of texts must be based on that Rock.

  5. As adventists we are too reluctant on the gospel, some of us thinking when we see those last days events we will start being serious! Some of us we won't live to see them : those who will, it will happen so fast that time to change will be nomore.

    • But focus on the Word we must! Especially when one is hurting (depressed), remember, don't nurse the hurt, don't curse the hurt, don't rehearse the hurt; give it to God and let him reverse it! Back away from yourself and wait patiently on the Lord! Focus on the word is never easy! It always takes serious concentrated effort! And don't expect quick results hurting takes a divine reversal!

    • That when you need the word most!!! I not just saying it.
      The Word contains promises from God, who cannot lie. Reading, knowing and rehearsing these promises gives strength in time of need.

  6. Regardless of what scientists are preaching and making people believe about the end of the world, we know that it's near even at the door and we can find the assurance in God's holy word.

  7. What a blessed assurance! GOD's Word is sure: what He says He will do; what He says will happen, will happen at the time appointed. We can also be sure that He is and will always be with His children because He promises this in His Word, which is sure. When times get perilous and things seem unbearable, know that GOD is near, He is always with His children.

  8. the Lord spoke to Jeremiah , He spoke to the Disciples ,Hr is speaking to us today through His words.(Matthew 28:19,20) To go and proclaim His words to the world , and is also telling us to be prepared our selves and we are to understand that He is with you and He will give us the power to deliver His message.

  9. Jeremiah had two choices:
    "Do not be dismayed before their faces,
    Lest I dismay you before them." (Jeremiah 1:17)

    If he didn't do the job God called him to perform he would suffer the same consequences as his intended audience. So today we are called to give the warning message or suffer the same fate as the disobedient.

  10. A great and powerful message for all the inhabitants of the earth. But also a great promise to Jeremiah in verse19. Powerful! !!

  11. No need to look at any "book for Dummies" that has no guarantees. One Bible book is all we need, which contains 10 vitals laws. "I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matt 28.20) & it is free.

  12. Jeremiah was given an unpopular message that God knew would draw opposition ,death threats and death plots nevertheless Jeremiah preached bodily without watering down Gods words or trying to put it in a way as to not offend!!

    There are a lot of people who need to know that God will not always strive with man that there is a point where your sins will reach their limit that there is no once saved alway saved that there will be payday someday!! We're living in the last days this earth sin is almost surpassed sodom and Gomorrah and the antediluvian world and preachers are preaching smooth sermons and current events but no rebukes no revival no restoration no calling sin by its rightful name!!

    Consider if Jesus comes tomorrow would we not only As individuals but as a church be ready?? Brothers and sister let us grab a strong foothold on the truth so we won't be shaken out for the things of this world!!!! God promised Jeremiah He would be with him and He promises us the same !! Don't lose faith hold on till our change comes !!!!

  13. A very good morning saints of the living God and happy sabbath !!thank you for the comments above.I conquer wth some of the comments that say, we should convey the message as it is and never water it down.As Seventh-day Adventists we have the right message to the dying world as it was the case during the antedilluvian period and also as it was for Sodom and Gomorah and we need to proclaim it as it is, that is Rev 14 vs 6-12:the 3 Angels messages.We indeed living in the last days, people need to be given warning and rebuking sermons rather than "smooth sermons"as someone has called them.Its also true we can have love that surpasses the owner of these messages when we are just messenger !!!

  14. Each time when adversary arises God raised a Prophet. as we read in Jeremiah 2: 1-10 the children of Israel has forgotten the living God. they transgressed and defiled the Holy Sabbath as result they become captives in a foreign land for 70 years. during these last days when we procailm the truth we may face many hardships such as Jeremiah faced.... but who can stand for the Truth who will proclaim the everlasting message.....

  15. We today have far greater light from God than Jeremiah, and face a world that is enclosed in "gross darkness"(Isa 60:2). We should understand this vision shown to Jeremiah and be also encouraged by it. We have Daniel and the Revelation that expand this view with incredible detail, and our confidence and faith should be strong in God's leading.

    How timely is this lesson?!

  16. What a great responsibility was placed upon Jeremiah's shoulders. He probably thought his life was going to end. Even though we are not in the same situation as Jeremiah, and knowing that God is with us, the majority of us still doubt God's promise. Brothers and sisters, lets do God's work!


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