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Tuesday: Christ’s Provision for Unity — 4 Comments

  1. Christ introduced "love" and "truth" to mankind, yet the church, over the years, has killed, tortured, and impaled its kind in a bid to uphold certain perceived truths.
    how can we in today's level of awareness use love instead to teach the gospel when every wind of doctrines is geared towards building an empire or "organisation' rather than Gods kingdom?

  2. If we have the Spirit of Love we have the Spirit of truth since they are the same Spirit. If we do not have the Spirit of truth we do not have the Spirit of Love. Our Spirit then is not the Holy Spirit but the spirit of selfishness.

  3. If love and unity were unnecessary and insignificant the Holy Spirit's (which represents Truth) full power would have been pour out already. It was not until there was unity among the apostles that the power was given and likewise, the power will not be given to us until we really love and come into unity through the knowledge of the truth.


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