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  1. Most of us will never be leaders. We are too disorganised, get cranky with others too quickly, too persistent that we are right, or just too plain stupid, to succeed at being leaders. Having served under leaders for most of my working life, I see a lot of leaders that have some or all of the characteristics that I have listed above and there is nothing I can do to change them.

    One of the things that I have learned from experience is that a very ordinary leader can rise to the occasion if they are supported by understanding followers. In many respects, it is the followers that make the leader. I don't mean that we support by saying "Yes" to everything that they decide. Sometimes, with leadership decisions, it is necessary to have a rigorous debate so that all the issues are drawn out and considered.

    Part of our "followers" responsibility is not just to follow but to interact with leaders with respect.

  2. The leaders are described here as pastors/elders who are in charge of the spiritual well-being of the congregation, their flock, and who will give an account to God for their spiritual state.
    This is a serious statement, a huge responsibility, much more than hospitality and social interaction.
    What does this involve other than preaching/teaching on Sabbath?
    I would imagine it includes spending individual time with the 'flock' to discover their spiritual condition, then counseling and encouraging where necessary.
    I understand why we are called to support the leaders in their calling to be under-shepherds for the LORD.

  3. A true leader like Jesus is one that the Father uses, by bringing him through a firey experience, so *hands on* direction can be passed on to the Lord's sheep.

    The apostle Paul understood this principle of leadership in the kingdom of Sonship, as he reminded those in his care (family of God) how our Lord brought him through various sufferings for *their sakes*.

    We should listen carefully to a sermon by a teacher, it maybe for *you* or *me* and respect the vessel, that experienced this firey trial, for our sakes !

    True leaders of God, are vessels of many firey trials ! They have walked in our shoes ! They are not those who charge extra for a *personal signature* on their book !

    In Christ
    2 Corinthians chapters 11, 12, 13

  4. While studying the lesson earlier today with family, this is how we answered the question, "What can you do to strengthen or improve the leader-member relationship in your congregation, as well as with leaders around the world?"

    1. As local members we can expect more from God and less from the pastor.

    2. As local members we can have more of a world vision instead of a personal vision. For example when the shepherd left the 99 to go find the one that was lost the 99 were still expected to return their tithe and support the mission to save the one that was lost, instead of expecting their offering to benefit them personally.

  5. Sister Shirley DeBeer:
    Is not every father and/or mother in a position of leadership of God's children entrusted to their care?
    Have I worked like the 'devil', for the saving of souls of the children entrusted to my care?


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