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  1. Thanks William. That Love is what we should show to others who are non believers so that they can experience Gods love through us. But how can we in our human nature practice that love? Let's pray that God gives us the heart of the good Samaritan and polish us so that we're able to reflect all the light that He shines to us.

  2. The illustration is very clear from creation to plan of redemption. I salute you for the good work. May bless and enlights more as you gather more light for salvation.

  3. That's true. At the very beginning God made us after while He also bought us at very expensive price. Glory to Our living God

  4. William, I like these points that you bring out about the Sabbath being both a memorial of creation and of redemption. I would like to emphasize that Adam and Eve both joined Jesus in resting on their very first Sabbath even though they had done no work. As you point out Jesus rested in the tomb when He completed the work of redemption. Today we join Jesus in resting in His completed work of redemption to which we add none of our own works. To keep the Sabbath is to by faith "follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth." Praise Jesus who has given us rest!


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