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  1. According to the free online dictionary, a pilgrim is one who embarks on a quest for something conceived of as sacred. Christians are likened to pilgrims. We are on our journey home. Though sometimes we forget and build permanent camps, we ought to remember that we are pilgrims headed to our permanent home.

    In our pilgrim journey, we may need a brother to pinch or wake us up when we fall into “spiritual stupors.” Praise the LORD for such brothers who keep us on track. Sometimes the cares of this life slow us down, making us forget what we are all about and where we are going.

    Below is summary of characteristics of pilgrims. If we cannot find ourselves in the midst of these characteristics, then we may not be on a “pilgrimage” at all or perhaps we’ve fallen into a “spiritual stupor” and we need a brother to give us a spiritual pinch, so we can get back on the band wagon.


    I. Obey the Call

    Abraham is an example – When he received a call from God to go, he obeyed. He went out not knowing his destination (Genesis 11:31)

    Noah is another example – He received a call to build what would be a “costly” ark, he obeyed and undertook this expensive investment by faith (Genesis 6:22).

    II. Never Settle Down

    Abraham is an example – When he reached Canaan, he did not possess it. For the rest of his life, though in promise it was his, he lived in the country like a foreigner (Genesis 12:1-3). At the time of his death, his only possession in the land was the plot of ground that held the bones of his wife (Genesis 23:3-20; 25:7-10). What about you my brother/sister? Are u treating this world as if it is the only friend u have? Are u trying to gain it all at the expense of your soul?

    III. Look for a Heavenly City

    Abraham is an example - There were many cities in Canaan but he lived with the conviction of what was unseen. He waited for the eternal city which possessed an immovable foundation (Revelation 21:14, 19-20).

    He eagerly longed for this city which Jesus described as a good place for treasures (Matthew 6:20). John described it as a place that reflected the glory of God, and as a place for all who believe and are obedient(Revelation 21:22-27; 22:14).

  2. If Christ would be in the US during His 1st advent, He could have used this same parable to illustrate the kingdom of God.
    Praise God, stay blessed bro.William so Gods Spirit can keep using and inspiring you to make the gospel clear and simple.

  3. Was it not this same earth created for us? What i think you should have highlighted is that our behavior reflects that of a Christian. We are on a spiritual journey with our minds set on Heaven to be with Our Lord and Savior , we are to follow in His foot steps , and mirroring Him now. This is what sets us apart from as Being on the Home team. Our character, our integrity, everything just doesn't resemble the worlds behavior , but earth was originally created for us.

    • Not just that man was placed on this earth by God initially but after a period of time God will create a new earth and the saved will return to call this place home. However, as long as Lucifer claims the earth for himself, the saved are not at home and should live "separately" with our hearts and minds set on God's ultimate home.


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