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When Everything Seems to go Wrong — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks William.

    How important it is for each of us to treat each person we interact with as though they genuinely matter and have worth - because in God's eyes they do.

  2. Amen William 🙏, surely God has a plan for my life. I need an awareness of divine presence to be always in my thoughts 🙏

  3. That is 100% true, God has a plan, the way how wayne, has passed through, it is the same as how am passing through, but i cling to God nomatter what, and i believe that God provides and takes back.

  4. We should never never be afraid to express our feelings or beliefs to others. It has been said that in every question there is an answer linked to that question and that we partially answer that question by asking it. I must trust God to answer those hard questions I have about my life in His time and His way. Sometimes we just have to wait.


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