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Why I Can’t Believe in Myself — 6 Comments

  1. This is a profound thing that the writer discusses, living in the Spirit.
    However, I want to praise God that even in an appreciation of the weakness of our flesh, there is so much depth and nuance available to us when we look at this and respond to Him, in particular, we may recognize that while we are fallible flesh, we glory in the magnitude of the VALUE he places on these frail bodies and souls. We recognize that while the faith journey can be long and grinding to our spirits, having the divine assurance of our supreme worth, knowing we are worthy of ultimate sacrificial love, understanding that he has plans so much higher for us than we can have for ourselves - these are realities to lift us up, and encourage even the most rebellious heart.

  2. Good Morning again Bro. Earnhardt,

    What did the young man actually mean when he asked "But your faith in Jesus leads you to believe in yourself, right?" Was he asking if his faith in Jesus would eventually lead him to self-sufficiency or was he asking if faith in Jesus would increase his confidence?


    joe jefferson.

      • Hi, Bro Earnhardt,

        I am sorry for delayed response. If this young man was trying to increase confidence in himself, then there is nothing wrong with that. If his goal is to eventually become self-sufficient, however, then there is everything wrong with that. Case in point, on their 3 1/2 year journey, the disciples weren't really sure about their faith in Jesus. It wasn't until He left them physically and then sent them "The Comforter," that their understanding became shaped full-circle. Moses thought that he wasn't eloquent enough to carry out the mission of leading God's people from the bondage of the Egyptians, until God set him straight. After Elijah foiled the Ba'al worshipers, he became afraid of Jezebel's threat to kill him. The Lord gave Elijah time to clear his head, and Elijah then continued to carry out God's plan without hesitation, in letting Ahab know about the death that would await he and his family members. There have been too many Biblical stories and testimonies of the saints, that shows that confidence in ourselves is also wrapped up in our faith in Jesus Christ.

  3. It is most discouraging to think that the man of Romans 7 was only describing Paul before his conversion. If he wasn't converted when he described this battle between the flesh and the spirit he wouldn't even recognize there was this struggle.

    • Good point Tom. The struggle is always there, but without the Spirit it ends in failure. With the Spirit it ends in victory. In my Christian walk Ive experienced both victory and failure. Though the Spirit leaves me with no excuse for the failures I am so glad God frgives!


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