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  1. Thank you William for sharing your experience.
    We just went through problems like this, that you share, when everyone thinks their opinion or view should be considered paramount.

    And it happened in a small church, which caused division and made the leaders leave.

    We seem to be a long way away from truly loving and caring about others. You gave a great illustration about how people will respond to a comment with ideas about their own life or situation, not even acknowledging someone else's comment. It happens all the time and is selfish.

    We can't teach people to be loving and caring. People need to be convicted by the Holy Spirit and the love flows from God through the people if we are listening to the Holy Spirit. There's little listening to the Holy Spirit that I can see. I pray for the day when our actions reveal God's will for the church rather than man's! It will show in the fruits of the spirit.
    Great post!

  2. I experience this controversy oftentimes when preachers give sermons that one could call "nurturing sermons" - as it would help to shore up a congregant's Christianity. Some people need that and the fact that people are present mean that they need that too; for God has said that "m his word shall no return unto me void....". But then some brethren want to hear prophetic sermons at all times, thereby showing intolerance of the other needs of the congregation.

  3. A friend of mine was attending an SDA church when an extra-marital affair was entered into by her husband. This came out. She was grievously wounded and it was almost the end of the marriage. She did not forgive, probably could not forgive, the other woman on her own.

    She was hurt, ashamed, and probably embarrassed. I'm not sure what happened next, but she was further wounded when the pastor refused to disfellowship the woman and insisted that my friend 'Christian up' so to speak and forgive her. This darkened her view of that church, in particular, and the SDA church in general. Eventually, she left us.

    When I first read the article, I immediately compared everything in it to that experience and was odds and ends as to what to do with it. So, I'm very grateful for this perspective so that I can leave the 'Yes, but' behind and grasp the principles of the lesson and attempt to apply them in my life.

    • I am especially thankful for this because I find myself using the 'yes...but many times and believe that I have missed very important messages God intended me to have gotten. My prayer is that God will help me to listen to the other side of the story.

  4. Thank you... not only a great point but you help answer a nagging question that I have often had. Since I often do the sermon at my church, I ask God to show me what He wants to share with His people that week.... but sometimes I struggle trying to figure out how much of the WHOLE picture I should talk about.... simply can't fit it all in and trying to often seems to somewhat dilute the power of an important point. Thank you for showing me that Christ is giving me "permission" to make the most relevant points for the moment without having to feel like I need to fill in "all the other side".

  5. William I get the point of the story about your New Zealand friend. Her comment didn't seem to be envious of others or confrontational. It was thankfulness for what she had. Especially if her friend knows and loves God. Your story, my opinion.

  6. There is a book that I would recommend if it can be found. It is by Marvin Moore called Conquering the Dragon Within. It has a number of Ellen White quotes, but the context of the book is about how we deal with our sin problems, and how we are justified by the blood of Jesus. I read this from a friend of mine in 2009.


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