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  1. But how could I be holding back the wages of the workers in the field? Every time I buy food, clothes and electronics, I think about the workers in other countries who are providing these for me. They work under deplorable conditions and get paid next to nothing for their work. Most of these workers are nothing more than economic slaves, being paid just enough to live while working as many as sixteen or more hours per day. Factory workers in countries producing the inexpensive clothes, shoes, electronics and computers we buy work under conditions that are so bad that they commit suicide rather than to continue living for a hopeless future.

    I think about this every time I make a purchase because in this world I am living on the lives of others that I have no practical way of knowing:

    The study this week about unity cited 1 Peter 2:9. Priests represent their deity to the world. How are we—the priests of Christ—representing his character with our dollars in the marketplace? This question has impacted my buying choices. For more than a decade, my family has chosen to discard Christmas commercialism and instead spend our money on gifts of real value to make a difference in lives. (https://www.adra.ca/donate/giftcatalogue/). As we choose these gifts, we imagine the difference they will make in the lives the recipients. Then we then hope and pray for the blessing of God on those who receive the gifts.


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