03: The Word: The Foundation of Revival – Thought Starters

“Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me according to your word.”
Psalm 119:154 NKJV

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

Image © Lars Justinen from GoodSalt.com

[Thought questions for The Word: The Foundation of Revival July 17, 2013]

1. Can the Bible revive us? If spiritual truth and power are contained in God’s Word, can reading Scripture draw us closer to the One who is Truth? Have you ever been discouraged or heartbroken until God’s Word reminded you of God’s love for you and the abundant blessings God wants to bestow on all of His children? Are you a fan of the Bible? Is reading the Bible one of your favorite activities? Or do you reserve Scripture for special times such as the Sabbath school? What are some obstacles that hold us back us from enjoying the benefits of immersing ourselves in God’s Word?

2. David loved God’s Word. Like David, can you remember specific blessings you have received from Scripture? Have you ever been in serious trouble of some kind and relied on God’s Word to help you deal with your sinfulness or the sinfulness of others? How can Bible stories of mighty warriors such as David have meaning to Christians today? What part of Scripture do you love the most? Why?

3. Creative Power in the Word. How do the words of God have the power to create life from nothing? He spoke and it happened. Do you understand exactly how that process works? In the context of creation and salvation, what are words? How are God’s words different from those of men and women? Do you find it easier to understand a popular preacher than to find a blessing from passages of Scripture? Can people like us submerge ourselves in Bible passages and prayer until we are revived by the power of God?

4. The Word and the Spirit of God. What can the Holy Spirit do for us when we open the Bible and begin to study it? How do things change when we invite God’s Spirit to open the experiences of the Bible to us? Do we place enough emphasis on the Bible in our witness to the world these days? How did the Jewish people of Jesus’ time use the Scripture in their weekly worship service? Should we study the Bible more because the end is approaching? Imagine you are on your death bed. What words of Scripture would you most appreciate hearing as you breathe your last?

5. Revival, Faith, and the Word. Why do you think Jesus expressed doubt about how much faith He would find when He comes to earth? (Luke 18:8) Did He see His end-time people enjoying the works of their hands or their own vivid imaginations more than His works? When you take God’s Word for what it says about sin, forgiveness, and salvation, how does that change your heart’s desire to serve Him? Does faith come as a result of knowing and believing God’s Word?

6. Guardian and Safeguard. What prepared the apostle Paul to establish a Christian church in the wealthy and sin-centered city of Ephesus? Would God ever urge one of us to go to the subway system in New York City and tell others about Him? Do you think he has a special message for us to take to gamblers, to prisoners, or a thousand other groups, including our families? When we go, where do we get the stories and examples of God’s love to share with others?

7. The Bible Today. Ellen White says we won’t be able to make it through the “last great conflict” without a thorough understanding of Bible truth. What does “thorough” mean here? How can we obtain a “graduate level” understanding of Scripture? Or is that what we really need? Do the people of the world want to understand the Bible thoroughly? What can we do to arouse the interest of others, including our own children, in the Bible?



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  1. we should always rememember that ,once we accept to be founded on christ,and him alone to be the solid rock upon which we should stand,I can assure you that nothing shall ever blow us off no matter how tempest it may be.his word,love and faithfulnes are always sufficient to see us through in what ever situation that we may be subjected to.

  2. If we fully surrender our lives in reading God's word we will find comfort that will carry us through into whatever trials and tribulations we find ourselves into.

    • I also think that in addition of bible reading, one needs to build up his faith through experiences. Then, each experience coupled with bible knowledge will be strong foundations for our faith, helping to go through rough times.

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    This week lesson has throw more light on our dependence of the word of God in transforming our life nd also the lives of others. Is only demands the word of GOD that we can have change in the power of God.As David pleaded to God,that God should revived Him,is my prayer too that God revives us nd be rejoice in Him.amen.

  4. This is a wonderful lesson and, it' very timely for God' people as we near the end of earth' history. My prayer is we as a remnant realize this work cannot be finished without the third part of the trinity (The Holy Ghost).

  5. According to the Word of God by beholding we become changed! What have You been upholding???? If you behold spend time with Jesus in the Word You be transformed into His likeness. So yes the Word does revive and encourage the Heart for Righteousness!


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