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  1. Its good to have friends and preachers who gives mulligans. I m glad your game has improved .Pratice and grace really helps. Even when works and the Law want.

  2. For nine years of very hard efforts and dedicated work on his school work, he always failed his final examinations and could not cross from primary into secondary school. In the tenths year, he sat for the final examinations and scored 49%; still 1% below the passing grade of 50%. His school master considered his earnest hard efforts and dedication to his work, added 2% and that saw his student pass and cross into secondary school. Similarly God will impute His righteousness to those who have followed Him earnestly to cross into heaven. That's God's grace. For our righteousness is as filthy rags before God and our works cannot save us.

    • Ben, this is a nice story but still falls somewhat short. God's grace does not add 2% to our 49% effort. While we were still enemies God sent His son to die for us. Romans 5:8, Before the world began Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world and promised us eternal life. Titus 1:2 Revelations 13:8. We are accepted 100% in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6. God does not add 2% to my effort. He saved me by His own 100% effort. Galatians 2:20 tells me the gospel is not me plus Christ. It is NOT I but Christ. It is all 100% Jesus. He gave me His grace while I was still in rebellion and making no effort on my own. I do understand what you are saying though. We can cooperate with Him and not as Jesus said to Paul, "kick against the pricks."

      • William, this is quiet interesting. All what you have said is correct. By imputing His righteousness, there would be no measure in %, He does it to make those who CHOSE to follow Him whole or complete without spot or blemish. In other words His followers are clothed in His robe of rightousnes. Of course the figurative story above just serves to demonstrate that grace is given where humanity cannot reach or attain.

        On the second note. God by laying the foundations before creation shows His infinite responsibility towards His action of creation (which was not by accident but) inextricably intertwined with His plan of salvation, His love for all the creation, His grace towards the repentant sinner and etc. The key is the CHOICE man makes. Either to follow Him and be saved or disobey Him and face condemnation. And man was given the power of choice (of course with the help of the Holy Spirit).

        • Ben, I think you are meaning to say that God gave us the power to choose whether to follow Christ or Satan, and I agree. And when we choose to follow Jesus, the Spirit gives us the power to overcome temptation and sinful tendencies.

          Is that right?

        • Tyler, Yes I believe the Holy Spirit is continuously working in the minds of everyone convicting them to feel guilty of wrong things. And when one chooses to follow God, the Holy Spirit continues to help him/her to overcome temptations to sin. The challenge is on Matt 24:14, this indicates there people who do not know about God/Jesus and the Salvation. But even among those, there are those who choose to be bad or good. It's the choice man makes.

        • Ben, that is an excellent point. There is so much power in choice. Steps to Christ, tells us many want to be Christians but do not choose to be. At a restuarant I may see a lot of things on the menu that I want, but I will only get what I choose. Choosing is so important. Thank you for that point.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful article.
    This is the kind of information that is worth hearing again and again even if one already knows it.

    It's truly good news that God not only forgives, but gives power to get out of the mire of sin.

    • Isn't it wonderful Cristian, that God has basically given us a fail proof salvation plan. Grace to overcome, and if we fail to let grace help us overcome He gives us forgiveness and mercy. The only way we can be lost is to reject His help and mercy!


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