Monday: Holy, Holy, Holy . . .

Though the book of Revelation still holds many mysteries, the dominant motif comes through time and time again, and that is—of worship. All through Revelation are scenes of various beings worshiping the Lord.

Read the following texts. What can we learn about worship from what appears in them? What themes appear here that we have seen throughout this quarter?

Rev. 4:8–11

Rev. 5:8–14

Rev. 7:9–12

Rev. 11:15–19

Rev. 15:1–4

Rev. 19:1–5

Amongst all the things that Revelation can teach us, one thing should stand out: what happens on earth impacts heaven, and what happens in heaven impacts earth. Heaven and earth are, as we have been told, closer than we might think. Revelation shows us just how close. Indeed, time and again the beings in heaven are worshiping God for what He has done on earth.

What, too, are the themes of praise and worship seen here but themes we have been looking at all quarter? The Lord as Creator, the Lord as Redeemer, the Lord as judge. He is praised for His holiness, He is praised for the shedding of His blood, He is praised and worshiped for His power, for His might, and for His honor. He is praised for His justice and judgment and for the salvation He offers.

Think again through the plan of salvation, of what it means and what God has given us through it. Don’t we have so much to praise Him for? Whatever your struggles, whatever your trials, take time every day to praise the Lord for all that you have to be thankful about. It will change your life.



Monday: Holy, Holy, Holy . . . — 2 Comments

  1. What impressed me was the thought of a God with power and glory beyond imagination hiding Himself in the form of a baby and a common laborer.

    He must also have had temptations beyond imagination -- to use that power in His life on this earth.

  2. It is amazing that after the smoke clears, it all comes done to worship. Who would I choose? Never really appreciated that worship is at the center of the Great controversy and the power lies in my choice


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