HopeSS: Christ and Religious Tradition

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HopeSS: Christ and Religious Tradition — 3 Comments

  1. Where can we find the verse in the bible about "Easter" except in King James version in Acts 12:4. Did the diciples of Jesus observed this tradition? Neither Jesus teach them to follow this observance? Is "Isthar" comes from the word worshipping false god or queen of heaven?
    Is it like "Christmas" as what we are observing since childhood? Looking forward to any insights. Indeed, a great help in my spiritual journey.

    • The English word, "Easter" is derived from the name of an ancient Pagan Goddess Eostre According to the Anglo Saxon Historian Bede:

      “Eostur-monath has a name which is now translated Paschal month, and which was once called after a goddess of theirs named Eostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month. Now they designate that Paschal season by her name.”

      Note the Anglo-Saxons converted to Christianity around the 6th century A.D. before that Christians did not call the Paschal holiday Easter.

      In languages in countries with a Christian heritage other than English, they do not use the word Easter for the Christian Holiday but rather a word derived from the Hebrew word in “Pesach" the Biblical Hebrew name for Passover: These include:

      Afrikaans: Paasfees
      Albanian: Pashkët
      Amharic: (Fasika)
      Azeri: Pasxa
      Berber: tafaska
      Catalan: Pasqua
      Danish: Påke
      Dutch: Pasen or paasfeest
      Esperanto: Pasko
      Faroese: Pákir (plural, no singular exists)
      Finnish: Pääsiänen
      French: Pâues
      Greek: Πάσχα (Pascha)
      Hebrew: פסחא (Pascha)
      Icelandic: Pákar
      Indonesian: Paskah
      Irish: Cáisc
      Italian: Pasqua
      Japanese: Seidai Pasuha, "Holy and Great Pascha",
      Latin: Pascha or Festa Paschalia
      Lower Rhine: German Paisken
      Malayalam: പെശഹ (Pæsacha/Pæsaha)
      Northern Ndebele: Pasika
      Norwegian: Påske
      Persian: Pas`h
      Polish: Pascha
      Portuguese: Páscoa
      Romanian: Paşte
      Russian: Пасха (Paskha)
      Scottish Gaelic: Casca
      Spanish: Pascua
      Swedish: Påsk
      Tagalog: (Philippines) Pasko ng Muling Pagkabuhay
      Turkish Paskalya
      Welsh: Pasg

      Again most Christians do not call the Christian Holiday Easter mostly only English speakers do, most Christians call the Holiday by a name derived from the Hebrew word for Passover.

  2. marvel not!for the hope Sabbath school did not come to call non righteous, but to teach the word of god true the power of the holy spirit that abides in the soul and manifest in the life as it soften the hard hearts of the broken hearted and bring them to repentance in the acceptance of jesus.may the lord continue to bless,strengten,guide,protect,and refreshed the hope Sabbath school as you lead others to Christ. god bless every one of you. JOSEPH FROM N Y.


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