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The Only Right Worth Dying for — 6 Comments

  1. I thank thee let the grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you always, i loved your lesson and my hope is this i want to learn more from this part so let GOD enable to remember me on giving good things like these amen

  2. That's good William, God is Love can't add to it or take away from it. Now who wouldn't Love a God like that.Jesus is Love and Has the power to forgive the Sin Problem that we all Have.Thats why I Love Him so.

  3. That's awesome; the one right I will never relinquish is my right and entitlement to the love of God because of what Jesus, my King and my High Priest, did on the cross. The enemy has been giving me the share of his curse—eating of dust (i.e, sin—see Genesis 3:14 ) but that simple realization of the "matchless" love of God has kept me afloat so far. Another right I will never ever relinquish is my right to prayer. Prayer is one of the most underestimated weapons; to be able to communicate with a living, eternal, creator and redeemer God? And I’ll be talking? He’ll be listening? WOW That's a channel I will always keep alive. Friends, it doesn't matter how much of a sinner you are or how far you’ve walked from the fold of God, keep that channel of communication open with your Creator. Our heavenly father knew each one of us before we’re even conceived; that puts His relationship with us very intimate—closer than even our biological parents. That’s why we worship Him; that’s why we love and celebrate Him. So yea, don’t give up your right to prayer no matter what. A person who gives that up is as good as dead; prayer is our oxygen. God help us all!!

  4. Awe....this was such a Precious message. Praise Lord Jesus and Father and Comforter. I have experienced sooo many miracles lately I can't count them. Thank you for this story! God bless you William

  5. Because of what Jesus did on the cross, He has earned the right to not only to forgive but to cleanse us from our sins. He has earned the right to save us from our sins. He has earned us the right to be able one day, in person to bow and worship Him at His feet. That's a right worth dying to "self" for.

    Thank-you William for your ministry. God bless us all.


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