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The Word of God in Action in the Flesh — 2 Comments

  1. All the widows stood by Peter weeping, showing him the garments Dorcas had made while she was alive. It was not that these widows were not getting anymore clothes that made them weep. It was the loss of the love and care of Dorcas that the garments symbolized. She had seen their deeper need and was willing to answer God's call to serve. A sympathizing ear, a helping hand, a comforting hug and providing something made by her own hand to meet a need--it all spelled love to souls of these widows.

    Dorcas was truly a disciple of the Lord who mingled with men desiring their good.

  2. When I was young there were older ladies in our churches that met once a week called the " Dorcas Society". They would mend and sew as well as put up canned food and meals, for the poorer families. Community services and similar projects have now passed the torch. One lady and a male helper in our church go to pick up day old bread from a supermarket shopping cart that is left for them in the back of the store. The bread goes to the needy such as welfare recipients, once a week, in a line.


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