Who Will Wipe the Tears From God’s Eyes?

“ ‘And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying; and there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away’ ” ( Revelation 21:4, NKJV).

Image © Justinen Creative from GoodSalt.com

Image © Justinen Creative from GoodSalt.com

As I read the key verse in this week’s SS lesson, I pause and ask myself, who will wipe the tears from God’s eyes? People say there will be no crying in heaven, but obviously there is, or God would not have to wipe tears from our eyes. God created us with emotions, and He will not turn us into hard-hearted robots, when we see that some have chosen to be lost after so great a price was paid for their salvation.

Yes, there will be tears in heaven, but God Himself will wipe those tears away. Again, my question, who will wipe the tears from God’s eyes? If you are lost, do you believe God will turn Himself into a hard-hearted robot and just forget about you? No way! God says, “Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” Jeremiah 31:3. To me, everlasting means everlasting.

While God’s love is indeed everlasting, some have thought that meant they could get away with anything, and God will still love them. While that is true, unconditional love does not mean unconditional salvation. You see, I can be lost and go to hell, and God will still love me! Which leads me back to my question once more. Who will wipe the tears from God’s eyes?  In Isaiah 49:15 NLT God asks, “Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!” God is not simply making the comparison to a newborn baby. The word “nursing” is present tense. God is saying it would be harder for Him to ever forget you, than it would be for a mother to forget her child while she is nursing it! This is impossible!

Friends, if I were lost, that would be sad for me. However as sad as that would be, my sadness would not last forever. I would be destroyed by hell fire and then would be no more. I would not be missing God for all eternity. But if I were lost, would He be missing me? Would there always be an empty place in God’s heart?

Imagine the prodigal son’s father looking out from the front porch for a trace of his wayward son somewhere off in the distance. Looking day after day, year after year for just a glimmer of hope. Then one day he hears that his son has died while roaming. He won’t be coming home. Do you think that Father who for years watched from his front porch, will no longer pause as he looks out his window into the hills off in the distance?

In Hosea 11:8, After years and years of Ephraim’s rebellion and idolatry, God wrestles with His own emotions, as He cries, “How shall I give thee up, Ephraim?”

Revelation 6 finishes with the 6th seal and asks the question who will be able to stand when Jesus comes, and not ask for the rocks and stones to fall on them? Revelation 7 answers that question, that it will be those who are sealed with the character of God. Revelation 7 goes on to describe the various tribes or characteristics that will be sealed. The tribe of Ephraim is not mentioned. Ephraim is not among the saved.

Revelation 8:1 says that after the sealing, there is silence in heaven for the space of half an hour. Many scholars agree this half hour is one week in Bible prophecy, when heaven is emptied of angels as they attend the Son of God as He returns. Without disputing that, I wonder, could the silence be God pausing, just asking Himself if there was anything else He could have done to save Ephraim? In Isaiah 5:3-4 Could God have been referencing a future judgment when He cried,  “O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard. What could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it?”

Of course God has done all He can do (Isa 5:3-4)! Still, doesn’t a parent in those situations pause to ask themselves if there was any other way a wayward child could be saved, even when reason tells them everything that could have been done has already been done? Our God is a God of principle, but He also created us in His image with emotions. Do you believe God in His infinite wisdom, knowing that all has been done, will just wipe His hands clean of the lost? My God may be a God of infinite wisdom and principle, but He also has an extremely huge heart! No parent has ever loved with as much passion and emotion as my heavenly Father has loved you! And if there has ever been a parent, who has lost a child, and asked themselves what more they could have done and even second-guessed themselves, it would be my heavenly Father!

Does my heavenly Father err? No! Has He already done all that could possibly be done? Yes! Do I still think He may pause for a moment, before declaring the doom of the lost, to search the depths of his infinitely wise brain just one more time, to see if He can come up with just one more idea? Yes I do! Will He find one? No. Everything has been done.

In Genesis 44 Judah tells the Egyptian ruler, not knowing it was Joseph, about how he broke his father’s heart when his father lost his son. He goes on to explain the heartbreak it would bring his father if Benjamin does not return home. Judah then goes on to convey that he will not break his father’s heart again. Judah would rather rot in prison than break his father’s heart.

Friend! Don’t break my Father’s heart! Yes, you may be able to forget Him but He will never be able to forget you! Please! Be there for my Father! He loves you so much! Be there on that day for my Father. If you choose not to be there, who will wipe the tears from His eyes? Who will be there to put their hands on His shoulder as He peers from His front porch off into the distant hills, and remind Him, no, you aren’t coming home – ever?

I have broken my Father’s heart so many times already, but I, like Judah, refuse to break His heart like that again. I want to be there, not just for myself but for my Father! Will you be there too? If not, who will wipe the tears from God’s eyes?

Be there. Please.



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  1. Love this passage, it is powerful and very reassuring. To think that my heavenly Father love me so much. Thank you for this insight into our Father's love. Yes who will wipe away His tears? I too will endeavor by His grace not cause Him any more pain!

    • Today at the sermon I understood better what you said here, Jesus cried over Jerusalem, He was about to walk out forever from the Temple and said this words: "Your house will be left deserted", He has cleaned the Temple twice, the first time called it Marketplace, the second time was it worse: cave of thieves, that Temple symbolized our temple as well, we make our bodies a market and then we got worse and become thieves, stealing God's habitat separating from Him, when we live only because Jesus breath in us keep us alive, and producing our own death. and Jesus will cry on us too.

  2. Thats good food for thought, I hope I don't break God's heart. Pray for me to surrender completely to God. thank you

  3. William, your writing leads me to think of Hebrews 6:6 in a new way. “If they fall away, …they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame.” Previously, I had seen the “crucify again” and “shame” as current influences on us as fellow human beings, and as adding to the sorrow of Jesus. But as you have pointed out, the Father will also be affected, and not just for the present, but for eternity.
    Two other things also come to mind. First, the character and attributes of the Father. He and Jesus had this all planned “before the foundation of the world.” (1Peter 1:19) Before he even created this planet, He knew the sorrow and pain that would come. When the time comes for the destruction of the wicked, will He then shed tears? I don’t know. I do know that He sacrificed to allow Jesus to die for us, because He loved us. And when the wicked receive their final end, He will still love us sacrificially. Will He do anything that will cause us pain at that moment? Would He allow us to see Him crying?
    Even if He would shed tears at that time, remember that we, His creation, are not the only ones there with Him. The One who from eternity past was His Companion (John 1:1), who alone could fully enter into the councils of God (The Great Controversy, page 495), will still be there, sharing His throne (Revelation 3:21). Just as He did what He could to comfort His mother, even while He was being crucified (John 19:27), the Son, still Almighty God, would also comfort His Father.

  4. Thank you all for your comments, and yes lets pray for each other that we will be with God and not break His heart. In John 11 the disciples saw God weep. He wept, not for Lazerus who he was just about to raise, but for the unbelieving Jews who He would not be able to raise in the first ressurection.

    • To the question Who Will Wipe the Tears From God’s Eyes? and the comment Yes, there will be tears in heaven, but God Himself will wipe those tears away.

      Be very careful how you quote scripture! The bible make it very clear, PLEASE READ REV 21:4 AGAIN. - Revelation 21:4(NKJV) And God will wipe away EVERY tear from their eyes; there shall be NO more death, nor sorrow, NOR CRYING. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”

      Revelation 21:4(NIV1984) He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be NO MORE death or mourning OR CRYING or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

      Revelation 21:4 (KJV) And God shall wipe away ALL tears from their eyes; and there shall be NO MORE death, neither sorrow, nor CRYING, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

      Brother William Earnhardt, the bible makes it clear that God will wipe away all tears, every tears, and there will be NO more crying because the former things no longer exist!

      Can you imagine thinking about your lost love ones throughout all eternity? along with the tears the memory will be gone for ever, all things will be new, after the record is checked we who are saved will conclude,
      Revelation 15:3 NKJV) “Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!

      As for who will wipe away God's tears! I believe that is already taken care of.......... lets focus on the goal, making it to the Kingdom!!

      • Hinton,
        Thank you for your comments. I am sorry if somehow the idea came across in my post that we would be thinking about lost loved for all eternity. I tried to make it clear that God would wipe the tears from our eyes but my question was who would wipe the tears from God's eyes. Yes, God will wipe the tears from our eyes after we see who is lost during the judgment during the thousand years.

      • Hinton, thank you for bringin up another important point. While we may have tears in heaven, when we judge the wicked with Christ, according to Revelations 20, once we get to the new earth, God will then wipe the tears from our eyes and there will be no more tears or sorrow in the new earth. Revelations 21:1-4. Still my question is, Who will wipe the tears from God's eyes after our tears have all been wiped away after coming down from heaven into the new earth?

      • We all will cry at the total destruction of those who were created by God to live for eternity and now will be ashes, but it will be the last crying we will ever do, after that very sad happening we will rejoice that we choose God's side, we will be home, and nobody will ever temp us to do evil again, or cause us suffering, afflictions, we will be happy justice and love will reign, and we will be happy with the souls we helped to get there, we will be happy with what could be saved from all the world, we are many and we will fill this world with nations of saved of all races and looks. we will be happy and satisfied that Jesus sacrifice and ours were not in vain, and we forget those who were lost, because the living will fill our hearts with joy over them and God will sing over us, and we will sing over the souls we helped to get there. All tears gone, all sad things forgotten forever. we succeed in the fight for our salvation.

  5. It is touching to hurt our Father in that way. Our sins did hurt the Saviour Christ Jesus on the cross, still God Has done every possible means to save us but still few people responded. The verse of Isaiah 5 has touched me indeed. Let's God help me to stand firm in Faith

  6. Extremely profound and touching. You have touched on a dimension of OUR Father's love that I had never considered. Quite an eye-opener. Thanks so much. By God's grace, I shall be there. By His grace, I shall endeavour to obey Him.

  7. I just love all about that passage. May God inspire me day by day to stand strong. I don't wanna disappoint him. Guys help me pray that i may remain stronger till dat day. Above all trust and obey.

  8. I never thought that I could make God shed tears if I dont make it to heaven. Your article changed my views and it made me shed tears just contemplating about its message. I resolve, with His help, to make it to heaven to personally thank Him for His great love to me...

    Thanks,William, for opening our eyes and seeing how missing heaven would make God so sad...

  9. I am so glad that God loves us the way He does.

    Those of us that have had someone we cared about die, knows what it means to wonder. My brother died at age 46 from complications of alcoholism. My mother had to verify his identity. Mom still cries about Stan as only a mother can do.

    I remember, when I lived with my parents, how I would surprise them with a certain completed job or breakfast in bed on Sunday. It made them happy. That's what I want to do for God.

    Thanks William for this post!

    • About some 20 yrs ago my mother used to weep and beg me to accept Jesus into my life. She always told me that she was praying for me. God showed mercy to me by answering her prayers. And now I am weeping for my son who was baptised but left the church soon after. I now understand the tears of a parent over a lost child. When he calls me I always hope to hear the words " I have come home " Jesus has many lost children out there and is feeling the pain and weeping over all of them because 'it is not His will that any one should perish.....'

      • Lydia, we will sure be praying for your son! Your story reminds me of a lady who gave a testimony in the first church about how she strayed from God. Her mother prayed for her until she died. After her mother died, years later, she came back to God. Only then did her aunt, the mother's sister, tell her that the mother and aunt had an agreement, that when one of them died, the other would keep praying for the other ones children.

        • Dear William, thank you so much for the prayers. I just now called my eldest son to direct him to this page. My prayers were previously very selfish in as much as asking God not to allow me to die before I witness the salvation of all my children. Your comments made me change this to "in your time Lord" I will also call my sister to suggest that we must make the same pact as the two sisters who you mentioned in your comments. Her son left the church for the Baha'i faith. May God continue to bless you.

  10. William - Thank you for your Biblical insight into the depths of God's Amazing Love for us! Knowing that he takes no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked, but exhorts and has exhorted all to repentance (read surrender), may our faith be strengthened so that we may endure. We must also remember that Jesus died the 2nd death (I call it the death of oblivion) which is the full payment for our sin.

    I pray that we will be found in New Jerusalem. I am also moved that He chose to keep the scars of His awesome sacrifice. Sin will not rise up again; we will have our Savior’s Law in our hearts and once more, commune face to face; I ask these things in Jesus Name. Let’s tell others so we can go home.
    Praise God!

  11. We struggle to accomplish our dreams due to our restricted time span! The idea of living eternally is just soul inspiring, and uplifting! No pain! Come Lord Jesus!

  12. Thank you for your post I want to be there for my father, to wipe his tears. I was not there for my earthly father because I thought he was mean and he abandoned me all my life and I did nothing to help him find salvation even though I should have known better. This too brought tears to God's eyes. Please pray for me because I am still struggling to reach my mother we have not been close and I want her to make it in for God's sake.

    • Keep praying, God really listens, He wants us to pray for others to be saved, that way He has the right to intervene in their lives to work their salvation, to guide circumstances to bring about their salvation, to stop the works of the Devil, I recommend the books of Roger Morneau, "Incredible answer to prayers series. You will learn that God the Father has a "PERFECT PLAN OF REDEMPTION", and how it works thru the Holy Spirit and the Blood of Jesus. His merits bring us the help of the Third person of the Godhead to overcome ourselves, the devil, sin and the world.

  13. William, I have just discovered this blog today and posted first on Sunday's discussion. I love your comments and have been thinking for sometime about God's pain for the lost which I think will likely be in His great heart throughout eternity. But I think He will perhaps do "selective memory erasure" for the righteous at the new earth even re: His own pain. Won't we be swallowed up in His joy over us, certainly His dominant emotion?

  14. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and for praying for each other to be saved with our heavenly Father. Jay I agree with you. I believe the "selective memory erasure" is when God wipes the tears from our eyes.

    • I think that the reason why we will be satisfied is because we know that our loved ones even lost feel nothing, they are not frying in pain anywhere, they do not exist anymore by their own choice, so they are not suffering their lost state, they feel nothing, they do not exist except in our memories, so God can console us. They will not see our happiness to cry or anything. Nothing there. They are gone forever into nothing.

  15. Wonderful insight and message William. Thank you.
    I believe that just as a parent carries forever in their heart, the love for their child, Christ will forever carry His love of His children, lost and saved, in His heart.
    His pain will be lessened by the joy of living eternally with the saved; those who truly appreciated His love and sacrifice for them.
    God help us all to be in His kingdom with Him so that we can help fill His heart with joy.

  16. Thank you brother William for your insightful thoughts.I know I have caused heartache and pain for my Father too. Like others who who have commented my desire is to choose Jesus and be ready to enter heaven to wipe the tears away. I also weep for my children who have gone astray. Therefore, I can only imagine the pain that God feels for his children who refuse to turn to him and accept his love. I pray for all parents like me who pray and cry on a daily basis for their children to return to the fold of God. Please pray for my family!!


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