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  1. From Memory text Mat 9;36 "...Jesus was moved with compassion.."
    A Hit mark subjective question, what is the first impression when we see people (maybe from a far, as they make their progression towards us) who are in need, say Physical like; here they are with these ragged clothes in a beggar like impression; First response by many would be a feeling of disguss and an internal wish to not coming into close proximity with them, for we think, these kind of people are going to take a great deal of our time, and maybe they will demand something from us; to cut it short we think they are going to weary us, with their burdensome life, and thus we opt to go to people who lacks less, so they won't weary our time and resources as we Minister to the them the words of the cross.

    In doing such do we meet with Christs altitude!!?

  2. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. John 15: 13-14.

    The Cross of Christ has power because it was there where Christ gave him life, no one took it. He gave it and died because he loves the human race so much. Words cannot express. Many hymns spoke about this love. Song says- O love that will not let me go. O love of God how strong and true.
    Humans can say they love but is rapped up in lies, falsehood, deceitfulness, infatuation, jealousy etc. The love of Christ is pure, true, honest, holy as we see in Hosea. The Lord used a man/prophet and an adulterous woman with her adulterous ways to show us humans how he loves us. The faults in the relationship was not the bridegroom problem but the bride. Her unfaithfulness Not once, but trice. Three in the Bible has a meaning. Despite the woman/church was unfaithful yet he forgave because of love. How many men will return or forgive an unfaithful woman like Hosea? Yet Christ shows us how to forgive
    The cross, the cross. Many times we are so quick to collect the money we tell about the tithe and offering. We like to talk about keeping the sabbath holy while we continue to break it. To me, the cross has power to break every chain of circumstances and to let men go free. Point to the cross at Calvary.

  3. Thank you that was so well said and written praise God. It’s is a subject, in which I am reading about in a book by Glenn Coon, called, Path to the Heart, in which he is focusing on how Christ allured His subjects and how we should do the same.
    PS this has nothing to do with the subject at hand but I thought I would share this with you, since I don’t know how to get ahold of you. Your cousin Dale, drove my step fathers car in the ice breaker at Desoto Speed Way and led most of the way but ended up second because the water pump went out on the last lap. I was born and raised here in Tampa Bay Area and am visiting right now. Thanks for your ministry it’s a blessing.

    • Thank you Richard, I loved that book by Glenn Coon. I read it back in 93 when I moved to Texas to begin Bible Work there.

      Sorry to disappoint you but Dale is not my cousin. John Earnhardt who is his cousin tells me he traces his family back to Kentucky. My dad tells me the same with our family. So we must be very distantly related.

      Keep in touch brother. I’m on Facebook.


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