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Ellen White and Conspiracy Thinking — 102 Comments

  1. Thanks for this thought-provoking post, Marcos. It's fitting for us to ponder while we focus on Christ's Second Coming this week.

    It seems to me that much of our evangelism in the past has focused on the "signs" of His Coming, and I remember way too many evangelistic sermons dramatically pointing to generally unknown "facts" as definite signs that this world would very quickly come to its end. In retrospect, these were highly speculative and perhaps even silly prognostications.

    If we could only remember Ellen White's wise counsel, we would not make our church (and the Bible) look so silly.

    Unfortunately, when we promote "hidden knowledge," aka conspiracies, we damage our credibility in the minds of thinking people. Others, will, of course, be drawn by such presentations. After all, the typical TV fare is demonstration enough the people love the sensational. However, by presenting the sensational, we may very well obscure from seekers the real truth of Christ and what He wants to do for each of us and for them right now - before the end of the world.

    • I had not read this post before, I was not Adventist at this point in time and the truth is I was longing for something in my heart and did not know what it was that I needed. So much truth is embedded in this post. If I remember correctly at this time, I do not for one second think I would want to hear about the new world order or the satanic symbols or whatever but the longing in my heart wanted something to soothe me, to hear something gentle, something I had never heard or seen or at least thought of. That is when I attended a crusade in e Adventist church and my thirst was quenched. The world needs that soothing touch of a loving Saviour everyday. If we are to open our eyes we would realise that repeating verses, praying for people, helping them in e time of need is what the world needs more of. Prophecy gives us future yet it doesn't put Jesus Christ last and far back of our minds. We have prophecy because it point us to His coming. Inge what you have said makes sense to me because I am convert and totally relate to such.

      • You need Jesus in your life. He will give you real peace that you cannot get anywhere in this world. Isaiah 26:3 and John 14:27 just accept Him and pray.

  2. As a matter of fact, futurists provide us with the lion's share of conspiracy theories (and being conservative Christians they use a lot of language that appeals to the SDA ear). These are all too popular among some Seventh-day Adventists.

    Thank you for this timely topic. It has been frustrating me for years. It's one of the gravest dangers the church has faced since it feeds on and attacks our prophetic heritage directly. It has been allowed to flourish basically unchallenged in our denomination for decades.

    The author is very fluid and concise and I'm appreciative.

    • What's more, the recent popularity of such conspiracy theories in our Church may actually be the cause of our eternal downfall. One such way how it may happen, was outlined in the article. But that's not all. Satan is a clever beast and he know what he's doing, both in the world, and in our Church. Personally, I was also a vivid conspiracy hunter, at least in the beginning of my journey (I'm a convert). However, when I started to compare the language used by conspiracy NWO theorists, with that used by Ellen White, even in "Great Controversy", something was clearly amiss. Through a few years research, involving Bible prophecies on one side, and conspiracy theories coupled with false prophetic interpretations and extrabiblical predictions on the other, I found out that Satan may be plotting much much more than these conspiracy theories tell us. The bottom line is this: there may appear a man, who might be called an antichrist, the head of New World Order/Age of Aquarius/Fourth Reich etc., and whom we might see as the false Christ incarnate (maybe he will even call himself Christ), and of whom we might expect the Sunday law to be pushed forward; but now imagine, he does not do it. One year, two years, three years... Many Adventists may start to think: if he really is the false Christ, and he's not pushing the Sunday law whatsoever, then our prophecies are false. Imagine such a wave of disappointment in our Church. And this disappointment stretches to other prophecies, especially to the seventh-day Sabbath as the seal of God. Many of our brothers and sisters start to doubt the faith and will join other Christians. Then the satanic false latter-rain falls down, nominal Christians overthrow the decoy "antichrist" and declare the beginning of the long-awaited millennium - the same Ellen White speaks about in "Great Controversy"!!! (in some other writings she uses the term "temporal millennium"). And only then, as a result, the Sunday law is proclaimed. Now imagine the position of those Adventists, who have beforehand repudiated their faith... 🙁

  3. I used to be obsessed with NWO conspiracy theories until the Holy Spirit lead me to see my focus on all things Satan was actually a backwards way of worshipping him. NWO conspiracies are the new doctrine of eternal hell, a delusion from the enemy to convince many that there is a realm where he has total control. NWO conspiracies teach that Satan controls all governments and even the flow of history, that even the most mundane event is orchestrated by his dark majesty.

    But this runs contrary to what the bible teaches, and attributes qualities to Satan that scripture only attributes to God (see Daniel 4:17, Rev 17:17). When I discuss these things with conspiracy minded Adventist, they literally argue with me over the power of Satan and his absolute control. I pray that these brethren take a step back and listen to themselves, listen to how there greatest efforts are to convince others of the greatness of Satan. To point out signs and symbols, and handshakes, and code words. To gear the mind that it only sees Satan, Satan everywhere.

    I leave you all with this quote from Desire of Ages:
    "There are Christians who think and speak altogether too much about the power of Satan. They think of their adversary, they pray about him, they talk about him, and he looms up greater and greater in their imagination. It is true that Satan is a powerful being; but, thank God, we have a mighty Saviour, who cast out the evil one from heaven. Satan is pleased when we magnify his power. Why not talk of Jesus? Why not magnify His power and His love?" – {DA 493.1}

    • Bensheh, thank you so much for this comment. It is a beautiful testimony and one I hope we can all learn from. When I speak of these issues I do so from the perspective of one who was once into these things. They hurt my spiritual walk and it is my desire to use that testimony to help others in the same deceptive boat. It is always a blessing to know that something I have experienced can bless others as well. Thank you.

      • I thank God that my experience can be used to help others steer clear of the troubled waters of conspiracy theories. I want to share some things I've learned over the years that help me spot a conspiracy theory when I see one.

        1. The theory is unfalsifiable. As in "prove to me that you never met a stray cat named Jackson!" The impossibility of proving something you never did gives credence to the lie that you did it.

        2. The "facts" are backed up by an insular network. In other words the "evidence" is only found on other conspiracy websites or the books of conspiracy writers. So don't believe anything outside of this insular network of truth tellers because it's controlled by "them".

        3. It encourages over generalizing particular groups of people. "All the major fires in history were caused by Trekkies." A local fire breaks out "I bet one of those Trekkies did it. You know they're known for that!"

        4. If you take the plot to its logical conclusion, the conclusion is usually very stupid. Take chem trials for instance where it's claimed that either the government is trying to outright kill us, or make us sick so that we have to see a doctor, so that they can sell us the cure for what's making us sick. Why couldn't they just bomb us if they want us dead? Or raise taxes if they want our money? Why the cartoon super villainy?

        Those are some of the ways that I use to steer clear of conspiracy theories. I pray that someone finds this helpful.

    • You have in your mind the knowledge by admission of the conspiracies of the papacy , nwo, antichrist and also you have the biblical knowledge of prophecy of end time events.that is a luxury because you can lead a person who only has the conspiracy knowledge and does not believe in Jesus as God .we can talk about these topics to inform folks of the particular deception and lead them to the light of the truth of the love that all of the commenters on here wish to do . I plant seeds every day on facebook my populace is middle age baby boomers who the church says don't bother trying to reach them but only target young people.some SDA don't do facebook but there are many church facebook sites .I don't think I am worshipping Satan by exposing his methods and speaking the truth vs His lies. I also think that it can serve satan well if less folks don't try to shine the light of christ upon him . thank God who is in control and we know the end of the story.

      • By be holding we become changed. This is something that is often forgotten.

        Our message is about Christ and his beautiful character and we should lift Him up.

        • Yes Andrew as we are in this great controversy 2 sides are defined .the 3 Angels message demonstrates 2 types of people . those that Follow Christ and His teaching and those that follow all that seems right to a man lying false teachings.

          sadly our national leadership is bent on removing Christ from the american culture and replacing it with lawlessness . some people have the perception that my faith is something they want ,its a choice that they have to make for themselves. people get angry if you side against them concerning homesexuals in or outside the church , I give the light of the scriptures and they choose to go along with the world they unfriend Me but maybe one day they understand How Gods views the issue in Truth.

          the the bible is accessable to just about everyone on the planet Jesus is lifted up and so is another jesus . In my life I for a time back in the 80's and some 90's I followed or read the herbert armstrong message until it fell apart and split into many churches. out of that false system I received the truth of the 10 commandments and the 7th day sabbath . but I kept searching the truth it led me in 2011 to amazing discoveries and I learned the rest of the Truth.

          they say maybe 1/2 of sda will leave the church during the great shaking and be replaced by people who love Jesus wherever he is or goes and we need people like You who are ready to receive the lost sheep and feed the flock while us shepherd lead the sheep to you . all part of the same Body of christ. total onslaught by walter veith serves a purpose but I give myself larger doses of Stephen Bohr, Doug Batchelor ,steve wohlberg, mark findley and many more .all I can get of SOP EGW .following Jesus daily armed with the truth on any given subject is a winning combination.winning souls for Christ is the greatest sport in this world . its incorruptible.

        • In my reading, someone referred to " winning souls as a sport". We must be so very careful in our word usage. The basic definition of sport is---game or competitive activity usually involving physical exertion. I have come to believe that we are to introduce others to the love of God and the character of Jesus Christ.

        • Andrew, I believe you hit the nail right on the head with your "By beholding we become changed."

          Becoming involved in conspiracy theories is not only unnecessary as a preparation for the final crisis. It is downright counterproductive. What we need is a closer walk, a deeper sympathy, with Christ. This means that we need to be imbibing His principles, manifesting His character, and what does this mean?

          We need to be loving and lovable Christians. That means becoming more and more trusting and trustworthy. Conspiracy theories will make one into a suspicious person -- the very opposite of the character of Christ.

  4. my grandfather was the highest mason on the west coast. The issues of having a "family tree" to the masons has and continues to cause some problems in my life and the lives of my children. Learning about how they "work" and the part they are playing in the battle for souls, has helped me a lot. Scripture tells me to "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Matthew 10:16 sticking my "head" in the sand is silly, but living on a "diet" of negativity is also an EXTREME.

    • Paul, thank you so much for this perspective. I think it is important that we all avoid extremes. Context is key, not only to interpreting the Bible but also to understanding one another. There are many, who like you, have been directly influenced and affected by these things. To ignore them is not wise. Ellen White appealed to a man in her day who had joined a Free Mason lodge. He was an SDA and she appealed for him to leave the lodge but he would not. God had to actually reveal to her some of the inner workings, including secret hand signs, in order to impress the mans mind enough for him to leave. (You can read the story here: http://www.whiteestate.org/books/bhp/bhpc08.html). God did not ignore the situation and neither did Ellen White. For this mans sake it was important that these things be dealt with. To ignore them would have been one extreme. Nevertheless, she never taught or encouraged anything from their private meeting to be brought before the people. She never elaborated or wrote about it for the rest of the church to learn. It was needed for that particular context and nothing more. In your case I would say the same applies. You should not ignore these things for they have directly affected you. But Benshehs comment above applies all the same - we should not magnify the enemy to the point that he becomes our focus. So I encourage you to stay your course Paul, but to always remember that deliverance ultimately comes, not from knowledge of evil but from faith in Christ.

    • The thing that helps me is rejecting the negative aspects in my daily life and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I find the positive aspects.
      read and use Philippians 4:8 as your daily meditation

      Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

      • Rosita, thank you for your response to Marcos Torres response to Paul Olivers testimony on the masonic influences he's struggling with. Your use of Philippians 4:8 as your daily meditation to reject the negative aspects in your life is literally an answer to my prayers. I plan on adding this verse to my daily prayers. This verse alone might very well be one of the top stress reducers in our Christian walk. Also I read another one of your responses concerning the definition of the word sport in reference to winning souls for Christ. Your definition of sport is how we define it here in the United States, and I totally agree with you. However, in Switzerland in the 1970's the usage of the word sport had a meaning of "activities we participate in to celebrate life". So it's definition in Europe is different than it is here. It just depends on who says it and where they are from. At least Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. thanks again!

  5. Dear Marcos,

    Thanks so much for this post. You asked, "When your heart is bleeding, when your debt is overwhelming, when your marriage is ending, when your guilt is crushing you, sitting there in your living room with your world falling to pieces around you – what would you want to hear?"

    And I've been there! At 22 years old, I was a single, unwed, poor, working mother, with little emotional support, and it was hard to get through each day. I didn't have family or relatives that could care much. Day after day, in my heart, I was crying out, "If there is a God, I need to know". Soon after, people came to my place of work and offered Bible studies, and I took them. At the time, 1980, the studies weren't very clear, but God came shining through with His love and care. I've stayed with the perspective of a loving God ever since.

    Many people have claimed they were looking for truth and our Mission stories used to say that also. Now the mission stories portray real people looking for a real God that will help them and love them. There still are the "truth" people and truth is important, but without the love of God, truth has no meaning. God is drawing all men to Him: His love, care and truth, in a beautiful package.

  6. I am so very thankful that you are tackling these difficult subjects and explaining them in ways that clarify and simplify. You have no idea what a big help they have been to myself and to others that I have shared them with. It gives us a way to gently, consistently and in a christian-like manner redirect those who are getting caught up in this tornado of thought.

    You have taken what I have been feeling and sensing and placed it coherently into words that can used to encourage others to move in a more positive direction. I can't say thank you enough!

  7. There are several ideas in this article that I can really get behind and go with. One is what many have said before that if you want to detect a forgery study the genuine. You want to see Satan's devices then study Christ's character and how He does things. When you do that then you will be able to detect the counterfeit.

    Another thing is that we shouldn't be majoring in the minors rather we should be spending the bulk of our time in the things that really matter. I don't think that means that we can't spend any time in minor things but that we should be focused far more on the big issues instead. Jesus, Himself, spoke of this sort of thing when He said, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith. These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone" (Matt. 23:23 NKJV). In this text He is not suggesting that we ignore the minor stuff but that we should not pass over the things that really matter for the sake of the minor ones. In other words, to make a minor thing into a major one is to become a fanatic. I am a firm believer in moderation in all things, to be in the center of the road rather than on either side of it.

    The third is that if I were an atheist in need I would want a friend that did things the way Jesus did them. I don't think at that point a person in that state of mind would want to be lectured on the Gospel. I believe that is why Jesus usually healed first.

    Now to conspiracy theories. There is only one that I know Ellen White spoke of and that was Satan's conspiracy to coral everyone under his government by any means possible and often his way of doing that ends up being coercive. Such a way of doing things is opposite to what Jesus taught, "But Jesus called them to Himself and said, "You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave" (Matt. 20:25-27 NKJV). For instance she speaks about what happened at the tower of Babel as an effort to gather everyone under one dominating government that would control everyone. While God said to scatter, Satan said to congregate:

    These enterprises were designed to prevent the people from scattering abroad in colonies. God had directed men to disperse throughout the earth, to replenish and subdue it; but these Babel builders determined to keep their community united in one body, and to found a monarchy that should eventually embrace the whole earth. Thus their city would become the metropolis of a universal empire; its glory would command the admiration and homage of the world and render the founders illustrious. The magnificent tower, reaching to the heavens, was intended to stand as a monument of the power and wisdom of its builders, perpetuating their fame to the latest generations. (Patriarchs and Prophets, p 119)

    It is through things like this that Satan desires to control the thinking of mankind. The focus of attention is on man and his ideas rather than on God and that focus is pushed on him with force.
    God has given no one the authority to mold other person's thinking to conform to his own narrow understandings. We are to stand as individuals, as free moral agents, to make our own decisions. That is what made the US so great, it was the dispersion of power and the freedom that comes with it and a constitution based on biblical principles for, "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Cor. 3:17 NKJV).

    It is for this reason that Ellen White was against the oppressive abuses of big business and the coercive force of labor unions. They are both at war with the concepts of freedom one way or another. Both are extensions of Satan's government that in the end destroys rather than builds. It is what the great controversy is all about.

    • Hi Tyler,

      Thanks for your comment. So many Christians and even people in our own church spend so much time on, as you say, "majoring in the minors rather we should be spending the bulk of our time in the things that really matter."

      Conspiracy theories, things like whether to have a Christmas tree, and on many more things I find people waste their time. If people spent all that time on loving and giving to others, the world would be a better place.

    • Excellent point Tyler! And I want to clarify even further that I do believe some people are called to work for certain classes that others are not. The Lord has called me to reach post-moderns. And while I dont obessess over post-modernism it is important for me to study their culture and understand the way they think so I can reach them appropriately. Likewise, I believe God calls people to reach out to Satanists, Luciferians, Free Masons, and others who are caught in these satanic traps. For them it would be important to understand, to a healthy degree, what they are dealing with. What worries me is when we have a church full of people who are not called to reach these people and yet spend countless hours investigating their activities. They end up becoming obsessed with useless knowlege (since they dont employ it for any kind of good) and do damage to their own spiritual walk.

      • Marcos,The rightful use of knowledge to reach those where they are and to lead them to the promised land . amen. this is my mission to lead those conspiracy believing folks to Jesus Faithful obeying folks.

        • Good point Mark! We do however need to define what we mean by the rightful use of knowledge. I have met many ppl who are obsessed with conspiracy thinking who would label it as "the rightful use of knowledge".

          Again I see my own calling as being helpful. As someone called to reach post-moderns a healthy understanding of their worldview enables me to reach them where they are by tweaking the way I do evangelism and church. The message is never tweaked, but the method is. However, there are some who, in their attempt to reach post-moderns, tweak both the message and the method. I have seen some of these post-modern outreach methods that become obsessed with post-modernism to the point that everything they say and do as Christians becomes tainted with the very philosophy they are attempting to reach people in. As a result their theology loses its focus on Christ and suffers great loss.

          Likewise, while I believe some are called to reach people in these societies/ religions I mentioned above the typical trend is that rather than gain a healthy knowledge to reach them where they are, most folk become obsessed with the conspiracies. As a result their theology loses its focus on Christ and becomes imbalanced and ultimately useless in the Great Commission. Those they do reach usually join our church as argumentative, divisive, and suspicious individuals who carry the paranoia of conspiracy talk into the church and do great harm. They may have been convinced by the out reach but because the message was tweaked to reach them (and not just the method) they enter in with a wrong message and it colors their entire religious experience. So in short, the rightful use of knowledge needs to be defined. Obsessing over the enemy's work is never the rightful use of knowledge. But a healthy, balanced understanding of those we are trying to reach so we can pull them out of their worldly focus toward a Christ focus is appropriate.

  8. Well I do agree that Jesus is the center if our faith and our work, and that we are to talk about Him daily with each other, as believers, and those whom we come in contact with everyday. We are called to be watchers on the hills of Zion. We are to be like the Bareans, who searched the Word daily and were great discerners of errors creeping inside the church. I really do agree that they are "crazy theories" in the world like lizard men. And the investigation of the dark things of this world are down right wrong. We are still called to "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Ephesians 5:11.

    How as we as remnant church are to call people to come out of Babylon as told in Rev 18:4? We are to tell how Babylon aka the Roman Catholic Church is fallen is fallen and is full of every unclean bird and hateful spirit. We are to tell the errors of Babylon and how she reaches to every stronghold of this world. We are to tell if her secret organizations, their teachings and how they have been accepted by all the 'protestant' churchs. Is it wrong to give people biblical and spirit of prophecy reasons for the craziness that us happening in this world? Or give people facts why things are happening in this world. I don't believe in conspiracy 'theories' only in facts that pertain that to the great controversy. I have been truly blessed by those who were in dark things in things world and have told their testimony about how they came out and what they have learned while they were there.

    In conclusion, I believe that 'conspiracy theories' do bring ruin and are a deterrent to soul. The Bible and spirit of prophecy support that. However, conspiracy FACTS are totally different and are Word and spirit of prophecy based and should be heeded.

    • In our Australia there is no need to dwell on the problems of the Roman Catholic church. The media publish reports frequently about the findings on on-going inquiries into the church and its institutions. Their seminaries for training priests are closing down and being sold off, and they are importing their priests from countries such as India. What is needed is not more criticism and judgement but welcoming encouragement for those who have become disillusioned with their church. When people are discouraged they need to be offered hope and the warmth of Christian fellowship.

      All too often we fall into the trap of telling others how wrong they are, rather than living the "truth in Jesus" in a way that encourages others. It is a good idea to leave the cold cataloging of the sins to others and concentrate on providing a warm home for those who have become disillusioned.

    • Thank you for your thoughts, Jamaal.

      Is it possible you are adding to the biblical record when you suggest that the Bereans were "great discerners of errors creeping inside the church"? (I don't see that in my Bible.) However, I have no doubt that they would discern errors if they should show up, because they searched the Scriptures daily. They were not searching the local equivalent of the internet for conspiracies to expose. Let's say that again: They searched the Scriptures! And that's what we should be doing.

      Yes, Christ gave us the commission to call God's people out of Babylon. But it seems to me that we may not be taking the right approach if we approach this commission as though it were different from the Great Commission of Matt 28:19-20. When He gave the original commission, it was to bear the Good News of the gospel to the world, with a heart full of His love. Are you sure that He now wants us to major on secret organizations and falsehood that is in the world? It would be a major change of His approach.

      I'd like you to think with me regarding what is the most effective way to see that windows are dirty: Is it to tell people that their windows are dirty, or is it to help them see what is really on the other side of those windows? You may have heard the story of the woman who felt superior to her neighbor because the neighbor hung dirty clothes on her line. After her windows were cleaned, it was amazing how much cleaner her neighbor's wash appeared.

      Have you ever thought that a shirt or a towel was quite white and clean - only to discover that it was no longer white but looked dirty compared to a new version of the same item? Have you seen how an off-white shirt can look quite white until it is seen beside a really white shirt?

      It is the contrast with the really clean that makes dirt obvious, because our eyes get used to seeing the dirt.

      Now I'd like to apply that to the message re Babylon being "fallen."

      The way I see it, there's no point at all to preaching that "Babylon is fallen" as long as our lives don't reflect the love of Jesus. Talking about conspiracies (whether true or false) only focuses minds on the work of Satan, and no one will be saved that way. As a matter of fact, persons "converted" on that basis, may not be converted to Jesus at all - only to certain "facts" they see as "truth." And that kind of truth does not save. Never has. Never will.

      Only Jesus saves.

      And Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John 14:6)

      So I would like to reinforce Marcos's message to speak and teach about Jesus. Share what He has done for you and will do for others as well.

      As we allow ourselves to be transformed into the purity of His character, the filth of Babylon will become exceedingly clear.

      I believe that Jesus is waiting for a transformed people to demonstrate His character to the world so that it may see that Babylon is, indeed, "fallen." (Also see Christ's Object Lessons, p. 69)

    • Jamaal, it seems to me that in order to know the difference between conspiracy "facts" and conspiracy "theories," you have to study all the conspiracy theories, and there are plenty of them.

      That appeal sounds an awful lot like recommending hanging around the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God didn't want Adam and Even to know evil. He only wanted them to know good. Do you suppose He has changed?

    • Jamal, you make some great points here but I do think you are confusing conspiracy facts with apocalyptic revelation. There are people who refer to Adventisms apocalyptic theology as "conspiracy talk" to which i disagree (though we often do present it the wrong way). There is a big difference between talking about what the Bible says about the end times and going beyond what the Bible says into topics it does not dive into. For example, the Bible says there will be false Christs. Does that mean I have to develop some elaborate theory as to where they will come from, who they are related to, what government they associate with, and what hand signs they use when public speaking? No. Jesus said there would be false Christs, fair enough. I wont listen to them. End of story. But some people dont want to stop there. They want to go beyond the Bible and obsess over these things. ANd that I believe is unhealthy to the church, the family, and the individial.

  9. i love this teaching.it us uplifted me.i hav found some truth in it.keep them coming as you r guided by the holy spirt

  10. Psalm 2
    1 Why do the nations conspire
    and the peoples plot in vain?
    2 The kings of the earth take their stand
    and the rulers gather together
    against the LORD
    and against his Anointed One.
    3 "Let us break their chains," they say,
    "and throw off their fetters.
    Matthew 24:4 Matthew 4 And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. there is my Bible quote.

    So Jesus says in his words Conspiracies are the means which men will enslave you to the lies of Satan . error mixed with truth . in this 21 century "the time of the end" Satan has deceived the whole world and its going to get darker yet . one day God will send the 4th angel to shed a greater light to the whole world . latter rain to help those that are in darkness "under the spell of all the deceptions used on the masses to date . which by the way is the very enemy we wish to expose . God has said he will cut short this power for it could fool even his elect people who not knowing the pertinent thread of the false prophets and the beast machinations makes anyone vulnerable to them .

    if you were to watch TV even history, science or medicine you would be subject to the lies on those subjects too . I think that some SDA are not meant to learn and teach the subjects of conspiracies that are theorised but be informed on conspiracies that are within the whole historicist view as we do.theory and conspiracy are 2 distinct words never to be used together as one word they are an oxymoron .

    evolution is a theory an through conspiracies they have fooled SDA and the pope , so they are real and so it is important that someone of God's people are able to show the difference and then lead people to Jesus who only speaks the loving truth .I know this because in seeking the truth via the internet I gleamed truth for 38 yrs until I stumbled upon total onslaught by Walter Veith and am now a deacon in my church after 3 yrs as a baptised member . so I am qualified to speak to this genre of people who are into the conspiracies looking for truth .

    I stress to people like Alex Jones that he does not have a solution but revolution but we know that Jesus is the only solution. here is a site I would post so you can see how conspiraces work . http://www.threeworldwars.com/intro.htm now here is an example that knowing that events are planned by these people in order to make a change in culture where we can effectively warn our young people not to get involved in the ferguson missouri demonstrations because we know that al sharpton is a free mason with and agenda .

    everday Satan kings are working on the minds of the people to submit to his movement and most will fall into the NWO through ignorance of yes the truth of Salvation but alo the means in which they used to ensnare them . know your enemy and also know your God . Satan is knowledgeable both in truth and falsehood and God is all knowing, so why be at 50% . inChrist Amen

    • Dear Mark,

      May we conclude that you ascribe to a conspiratorial view of history?

      Your quote from Psalm 2 says that the nations conspire against the Lord to throw off the Lord's rule. That is not the type of "conspiracy" to which Marcos refers. (When people nowadays talk of "conspiracy theories" or "conspiracy thinking," they are generally referring to what you call a "conspiratorial view of history" - one which depends on hidden/secret knowledge to verify.)

      And, no, I don't see where Jesus says that, "Jesus says in his words Conspiracies are the means which men will enslave you to the lies of Satan." In fact, Jesus says He came to set us free through His truth. (See John 8:32-34)

      The web site you mention refers to two views of history - the "accidental view" and the "conspiratorial view." In reality both are just caricatures of how informed persons see history. Either one alone is false. (And no, we don't need "Masonic Secrets Revealed.")

      A problem with a "conspiratorial view" of history or of current and future events is that it ascribes god-like powers to small groups of human beings or even individuals. Only God has that much power. And Satan has as much power as God allows him to exercise, as the book of Job tells us.

      I'm quite sure that God has not given us the task of researching the work of Satan. We are to look to God for guidance.

    • Let this comment stand as a case study of what conspiritorial thinking does to a Christian. Saying that a focus on God and His truth leaves you at "50%" in Christ while implying that following Satans example by seeking knowledge of falsehood makes you 100% in Christ is...well...insane. This is the fruit that conspiracy theories bear. An exaltation of Satan [redacted]

      • Benshe, Mark can explain himself, but upon reading his comment again, I believe he meant it this way:

        Satan is knowledgeable both in truth and falsehood and God is all knowing, so why be at 50% .
        inChrist Amen

        That would mean that knowing only truth is 50% of knowledge, but knowing good and evil is 100% of knowledge. But that is the same argument that Satan used at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Gen 3:5) There was truth to what Satan said: Adam and Eve did not know evil. But God didn't want them to know evil, and their knowledge of evil was not beneficial to them - or to us.

        I commend Mark for being honest enough to demonstrate the thinking that is behind much conspiracy teaching - that the knowledge of evil is necessary. This is unfortunately promoted - either by accident or design - by popular Seventh-day Adventist evangelists with their own satellite programs, and too many people are deceived by such teachings.

        • Inge the punctuation (or lack thereof) probably threw me off as to the proper meaning of what Mark was trying to say. If in fact he isn't saying what I think he's saying. However as you have observed, the suggestion that we need a knowledge of evil is problematic to say the least. I still stand by my observation that his comments, whichever way he meant them, exalt Satan, although inadvertently, as I'm sure neither Mark nor any other conspiracy minded person intends to do so.

        • its hard to express this idea because if we could do a do over we would not have disobeyed God in the first place .lol but we must live in the reality in this world where by Good and Evil exist side by side . in the beginning the truth was hard not to notice because the garden gates were still visible and Adam and Eve were alive to correct any false teachings or murmurings.Yes I know the difference between the tree of knowledge and the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil . we learn to hate evil sin and yearn to be want to be with God .my fact is wherever Jesus is that is the only reality there is . thanks for helping me explain what I mean to say .let me say that the knowledge of good and evil will Not be remembered any more throughout eternity .thank God 🙂

        • For too long it has been allowed to nest in among SDA beliefs without any serious challenge from the church.

          To this day evolution garners more attention from our leaders than conspiratorial thinking even though the latter is far more prevalent and damaging.

          That is my opinion.

      • That is not what I Mean, could I have said 1% would that make any difference to you ? I am not implying that , to exalt satan at all. why did God permit Solomon to go to the darkside certainly he was more knowledgeable that you , yet he did go further than We . can we learn something of value from solomons life ? I think yes for God thought it should be in his word.Now I have only just been born again into the same church as you 3 yrs now and so how is it that the Jesuits have infiltrated our church , who was watching the gates ? we both know satan is a created being and is limited . people are waking up from the sleep of the deceptions of satans people who have infiltrated every human organization . God will remove this Veil to expose them showing the truth and they may remember who it was that also told them this same truth .Jesus went to the sinner where they were and walked among them as one of them and heard their concerns and taught righteousness so he would if they were concerned about conspiracies such as aliens are gods that seeded the earth.teach them the truth of Himself . its no different than worshipping idols men's minds were captive to that conspiracy too.

        • Mark, it seems to me that God permitted Solomon to go "to the dark side" for the same reason he allowed you to believe things that were not true. He created Solomon with freedom of choice. He created your parents with freedom of choice, and that allowed you to be born in the situation you were. He created you with freedom of choice.

          I believe that we can learn from Solomon's life that it is better to believe God and choose truth than to follow Satan's enticements to know evil.

          God wants people to know the truth. We do not learn truth by studying conspiracies.

          Your suggestion that "Jesuits have infiltrated the church" reveals typical conspiracy thinking. (That is a conspiracy theory.) I pray that the Lord may deliver you from this kind of thinking and allow you to experience genuine fellowship in the body of Christ.

    • Mark, you say you found the truth through the Total Onslaught series, and I praise God that He drew you to Him.

      Could you share a bit more about your background? You said you looked for the truth for 38 years. Were you looking into conspiracies before you found Total Onslaught, or did this series introduce you to conspiracy thinking?

      • seeking truth under every rock . art bell am radio, all the 70,80& 90 science documentaries . herbert w armstrong, tv evangelism ,the old shows from the 60's outer limits , one step beyond , leonard nimoy's tv series the name escapes Me.any subject can be gleaned for the gems of truth.Bible .

        than since the internet you can search almost anything. was in the usaf . ufo study . mysteries unexplained events , JFK , RFK , MLK . I was 7 when that happened . I think my mind was always trying to gain wisdom from older folks. George Gordon school of Law.radio show.actually I typed into google how satan ruled the world. found some books by william Guy Carr pawns in the game , william Cooper,

        when I found walter on the george gordon.I found the balance between Truth Facts and the Remnant Church my long life Goal which is Jesus the God of the entire Bible. AD confirm many Facts and Truths that I had personally found, all the while it was Jesus walking Me down the path of His Righteousness .
        there are many subjects that I listen to from people of every walk of life that were guests on the ARt Bell show and so I could search them out online. I watched and listen to his series 14 -18 hr a day . I have seen 95% of all the sermons on that site . read the conflict of the ages in side of a year , the Holy spirit was feeding Me with an abundance of truth all the while I drank whiskey every evening , I had to relearn all the new doctrines and throw out the old . I research alcohol in the Bible online and weighed the pro and cons and the cons was overwhelming against alcohol , so I prayed for Jesus to take my desire for alcohol away . now mind you I enjoyed the smooth whiskey's and I never got into any trouble my record is spotless , but I wanted to be a True follower of Christ and did not ever become a member ever of any church until this period 2011.

        I am homeschooled and ready for baptism in 2012 .my wife and daughter and a ex boyfriend of hers are currently doing Bible study for a 3 way baptism, this spring . Satan is angry and stirs things up between us but we strive to keep it together praying for forgiveness and forgiving each other our faults .I Think that walter's total onslaught series should replace history for the middle and HS students in this country because its that important.The new version is in the mix. I hope this is ok to read because I am a one finger kind of Guy.

        • Thank you, Mark, for sharing more of your story. 🙂

          Isn't God wonderful that He can still speak to people through a whiskey fog? I've known Him to do that with others as well. He knew the intention of your heart to find truth, and He drew you to Himself.

          I would like you to consider that in the Christian journey, as we follow Jesus, the light of truth gets brighter and brighter for us, and we see more clearly. In other words, there is always more truth to discover. We don't need to research conspiracies for excitement. When we study His Word prayerfully, Christ will reveal more of Himself to us each day.

          Following Jesus does not just mean learning new things, but it also means giving up old things. Adding new truth to old falsehoods just results in confusion.

          Please read the blog post again carefully to see God's will regarding our involvement with conspiracy thinking. Pray that the Lord will make it clear to you. And I also suggest reading the other comments in which readers share their experience with conspiracy thinking.

          And I am praying for you too - that the Lord will allow you to see more and more of His truth which will replace old ways of thinking. And may He bless your whole family. 🙂

        • Brethren, I enjoy reading your posts. I am reminded of "The Parable of the Weeds" in Math 13:24-30 where Jesus counsels His disciples to wait for Harvest time. Notice that the enemy came while "everyone was sleeping" we cannot control who come to church, Jesuits or Mason alike, but we can choose to stay close to Jesus. God wants to change their hearts also, Jesus is the "Gate Keeper" He said "I know my sheep and my sheep know Me." (John 10:14). Who knows, if the Church lives up to Her standards they may end up seeing Jesus in us and become converted. Jesus' wish for them is that they might know Him the only True God. Are we getting to know Jesus by developing a relationship with him? Conspiracies will not help us do that, I believe it's time to get into the books of Daniel and Revelation and study them prayerfully asking God to reveal this Truth to each one of His children for we are indeed living in the "Time of the End" Don't worry about the Church, worry about your soul, your RELATIONSHIP with Jesus and one another, for He declares that this Church is built on the "ROCK" and for that matter the gates of hell cannot, shall not prevail against it. So let's dig into the right stuff.
          God Bless you all!

  11. Well done! I so appreciate your article on conspiracies. I have heard so much of this in the past few years and it has bothered me. People think they are preparing themselves for the 2nd coming by studying Satan's apparent tactics, but it also seemed to be full of suspicion, fears, rumors that couldn't be proven, and anti-government.
    I always thought, how could those thoughts be beneficial? I could only see fruits of suspicion leading to criticism and bitterness and combativeness. So thank you very much! I hope that your words will rescue many from this deadly decoy of the enemy.

  12. This balancing of fine line between sharing the love of Christ and revealing to the world the works of the devil has intrigue me for some time now. As Adventists we should be bringing the world to Christ in love and at the same time revealing the prophecy to the world. Our people needs to be aware of the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation which now I see is rarely preached in our church. 'Teaching the truth in love'..

    • Hello Redley,

      All prophecy, including Daniel and Revelation, is different from conspiracies. We don't need conspiracies but we do need Daniel and Revelation.

    • I agree with Jane on this one Redley. there is a huge difference between conspiracy talk (which is built on speculations, gathering random facts and guessing on the missing pieces, and following obscure historical rabbit trails) and apocalyptic revelation. What God has revealed in his word through Daniel and Revelation is not the same as what Mr so and so reveals in his DVD series about the Illuminati. Big difference.

      • A large number of people in our denomination think that conspiracy theories and Daniel and Revelation are the same thing.

        They get this idea full bore from our futurist/dispensationalist friends who tend to view prophecy in this way.
        Their prophecy is a confusing mix of Israel, Islam, the secret rapture, the supposed New World Order and on and on.

        This I think is dangerous.

        • I see it this way Historicism show's us how God Controls His plan to complete the Restoration of All things . Revelations is written in this way for the 1st half of that Book .

          Conspiratorial History

          Conspiratorial history studies that part of history that is a product of man's planning. that events, such as wars and revolutions, are the result of planned events. While the conspiratorial view is not accurate for weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, it is a realistic and accurate view of the interrelationship of man and nations. Since the planning for most of these events was done in secret, we use the term conspiratorial history. That is; this history is the result of plans constructed in secret, which by definition is a conspiracy. yes I pasted 🙂

          but this is Satans Team trying to go ahead as if they are going to defeat God's purposes.We know from their own writings just what they are planning to do , so In a sense you have two playbooks . Just Like God .they can not keep secret their plans from Him .Happy Sabbath to All

        • Keep your eyes open for part 3 of this series Andrew! It will deal specifically with the difference between conspiracy theorizing and studying prophecy. Should be posted in about a month. Blessings!

      • Dear Marcos, I wanna first thank u for your advices, for your good topic. I was stepping into conspiracy theories spending lot of time by searching all single sign, strange gesture...all that I had was to sink into madness, deep fear about the future, doubt hunted me, nightmares, imagination....judging others for their dresses and so forth, but now u make me learning what I have to invest my time in and for: speaking about the power of Jesus rather than spreading meaningless theories! But I have secondly a question: the bible records last-days signs, as well as the beast's mark and whatever. So, how will we manage to know these things without brooding upon them? Do we Have to ignore them, never talk about them to our peers, brothers?

        • The reason Jesus told us about end time signs is so that we could have courage and not give up.

          It's like telling a woman that when she experiences labour pains she should hold on because the baby is coming soon.

          Read Mark 13.

          Jesus says repeatedly what to do "when you see these things":

          1. Be on guard
          2. Pray
          3. Look up

          Not "look for more" etc.

        • Yes. I too, want to understand more of how to understand what the Lord reveals about end times in the bible. I've read this article and the comments that follow and they have been very very thought provoking. I didn't realize that I felt so strongly about "knowing" the enemy until I read these comments. Thank you for reminding me that God didn't want us to know about "good" and "evil". He forbade us the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil for a reason.

        • Great question nelson! This blog post is actually part 2 of a series I am doing here on SSNET about conspiracy theories. "The End Time and Conspiracy Theories" was the first in the series followed by "Ellen White and Conspiracy Thinking" (this post). The 3rd one deals more with studying prophecy vs conspiracy theorizing and will answer your question more fully. Should be posted up in about a moth, so keep your eyes open!

      • Thankyou.. your remark has helped me and few others in my line of thought to fully understand God's work in the prophecy of the Bible contrasting to the conspiracy theory that man has created to lead people astray.. God is in control. Am blessed.

  13. The LORD through His Word tells us that there will be false Christians, that the anti Christ will arise from within the church, that the devils is going around like a roaring lion seeking to devour us, that the lamb like beast will force everyone through any means possible to worship the 1st beast or die, that they will set up an imitation, false system of worship. This is enough of a warning to us. Jesus said: Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    So we know that there those who want to deceive us, we don't need to study them we need to study the Word to get to know the true character of God, to get to trust and love the LORD as revealed in His Word.
    Do you know the Truth? Are you able to share what you believe based on 'it is written .....'
    Tomorrow is my birthday and a person at work said to me Oh that means you are Sagittarius, I said yes but I don't believe in that, she said but it is so well researched, so I said the Bible says we should look to God not people who 'read' the stars, she then said well what about people like XXXX who speaks prophecies, I said there are 3 tests to know if what they say is true, is his prophecy in line with the Word, is his life in line with the Word, do all his prophecies come true.
    In one short conversation trying to deceive me, to get me to listen to the messages from false sources! Knowing the Word and trusting the LORD protected me.

    Isa 8:12-20 Do not say, A conspiracy! to everything of which this people says, A conspiracy! And do not fear their fear, nor be afraid. (13) Sanctify Jehovah of Hosts Himself, and let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread. (14) And He shall be a sanctuary for you ,…. (16) Bind up the testimony, seal the Law among My disciples. (17) And I will wait on Jehovah, who hides His face from the house of Jacob; and I will look for Him. (18) Behold, I and the children whom Jehovah has given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from Jehovah of Hosts, who dwells in Mount Zion. (19) And when they shall say to you, Seek to the mediums and to wizards who peep and mutter; should not a people seek to their God, than for the living to the dead? (20) To the Law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because no light is in them.

  14. Dear Marcos,
    After reading your article, it does change my entire view on conspiracy theories. I am just realizing I did a big mistake in doing so much research especially NWO order and celebrities being sacrificed.I've been in satan's trap already for it has caused me a lot of sleepless nights digging some information. I thought I was helping my family and friends (SDA or non-SDA) by sharing some videos to them. In fact, I posted some videos in my facebook to enlighten some friends. I thank you and thank God for shedding a light once more so that I can move on and spend more time on sharing Jesus as the only way, the truth and the life.

  15. While I do agree with some contents of the this letter. I also want to state that listening to one of the greatest conspiracy theorists in our church has brought several million people to the church today. The man [redacted] has exposed the works of Satan and opened the eyes of those who did not understand what they were involved in into the knowledge of God. We have to be careful how we label teachings. God, I believe has used [redacted] in a mighty way. People like me have had a better understanding of end time events from him than from the pulpits. I appreciate very much all I learned from him and this has made me appreciate the love of Christ in my life even more.

    • Anne, where do you get the idea one man was responsible for a major portion of Seventh-day Adventist baptisms world-wide over the last decade or so?

      Are you sure you are not putting a man in a place where only God belongs? Please evaluate the teachings of this post on its merits, not on your admiration of one man. Pastor Torres gave reasons why we should not indulge in conspiracy thinking. What reasons do you have to suggest that Pastor Torres is wrong?

      We are told not to judge people because only God can know what is in the heart. But does the Lord not expect us to judge whether a teaching is true or misleading? Are you suggesting that we should not "judge" but believe everything we hear? Or should we believe everyone who attracts large crowds?

    • Anne, personally I think it is dangerous to judge a preacher by how many people he or she attracts. Some of the worst people in the world who committed the most horrendous crimes to mankind have been people that were very popular. Neither can we necessarily judge a person's message by how many are baptized unless you feel that being baptized into paganism is ok. I have seen my share of evangelists who have very impressive baptismal statistics yet fail to join people to Christ so that when the evangelist leaves they do too. Some even love attaching people to themselves as Paul said about what would follow after him, "Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves" (Acts 20:30 NKJV).

      Besides, God can use anything to attract people to the truth, even if it is wrong. I came into the church under a very legalistic environment where the emphasis was to a great degree on works rather than salvation as a gift obtained through faith which is basic Christianity. We need to remember that it is the Holy Spirit that draws not any particular person. Even in the midst of tragedy God can move people or He can use animals to do what needs to be done as He has done in the past (see the story of two prophets that went the wrong way Numbers 22 and Jonah 1-2). So to me the old standard test is still true, "To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them (Isa. 8:20 NKJV).

      • Tyler, the last sentence of the this comment "To the law and to the testimony" is what I see as the answer to many of the posts about conspiracy theory. I fail to see anything new or more destructive, or threatening to God's plan from conspiracy theories than tactics that Satan has used in the past. The difference is the means. The internet is the main source for misguiding hundreds of millions with every theory that exists or ever have existed. The motion picture industry thrives on this kind of "entertainment". People leave a theater believing what they just saw as fact. Organizations that have been mentioned are not for the most part, new either. Most if not all have (control), as number 1 on the agenda. Anyone looking for answers to there questionings need only to read God's word rather than all the other sources on their computer. Technological advances continue to create new and more effective ways for Satan to accomplish his intentions and execute his methods.

        • Paul, I don't see the communicative means as being the problem because these things were circulating around long before any of the modern means of communication existed. To me conspiracy theories are just an annoying distraction that gets people focused in the wrong direction.

          I think you are right though when you say, "Anyone looking for answers to there questionings need only to read God's word rather than all the other sources on their computer" The Bible is where we should go to find information on last day events and if we understand the principles involved we shouldn't have any problems knowing what the truth is.

    • Your mentioning "one of the greatest conspiracy theorists in our church" reminds me of the story of Moses Hull in our early church history. He was one of the greatest evangelists and debaters of spiritualism in our church in the time of Ellen White. Ellen white saw that "He has relied upon his own strength," which sounds like he was too self-confident. She also saw that he felt he was "too much restrained." That sounds like he did not trust the restraints the denomination put on him. What about the current conspiracy theorist who trusts his own judgment more than the biblical scholars of our denomination who have tried to reason with him?

      Hull was an eloquent and convincing evangelist and soon became a popular and much sought after speaker from the northeast to Midwest United States. His linguis­tic abilities and debating skills drew large crowds, particularly when he was challenged to debates, which he generally won. He loved to debate with spiritualists, and usually demol­ished their arguments by pointing to the doctrine of the state of the dead and turning to logical flaws in spiritualism. But there was a flaw in the path of self-certainty that marked Hull’s life: the more he succeeded the more he depended on himself and the less on God. Ellen White warned him several times about getting too close to spiritualists and appealed to him to turn away from self and remain close to God. She even spoke of the dangers of meet­ing with spiritualists alone. (Quoted from "A Pastor, a King, and a Necromancer: Lessons from the Forbidden Ground of spiritualism." by Luis Gustavo S. Assis, Ministry, Dec 2011)

      While conspiracy theories are not precisely the same as spiritualism, they are similar in that they draw enthusiasts into the darkness of the evil one, and the final effect is much the same. (Even some of the testimonies in comments on this blog tell of the darkness that results from involvement with conspiracy research.)

      I fear for "one of the greatest conspiracy theorists in our church" and pray that his end might not be the same as that of Moses Hull. The man you describe could easily be described similarly to Moses Hull in the first couple sentences above. Hull thought he was serving the cause of truth. Surely the great conspiracy theorist feels the same. Moses Hull went against the counsel of Ellen White. Will today's great conspiracy theorist listen to her counsel?

      Let us pray that he will.

      And let us pray for all those he has influenced - that they will turn back and decide to be like Paul who wrote, "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified." 1 Cor 2:2

    • Hi Anne, I commend you for being able to put what you heard in perspective as only a wake up call to focus on the love of Jesus.

    • At the risk of redundancy I would like to agree with the comments above. Judging a preacher by how many people he attracts is faulty. If we judged a preacher simply by his influence we would have to revere not only "the man" you speak of but also Joseph Smith and many other deceivers like him who drew large crowds. We judge a preacher, not by his influence, but by his message. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up I will draw all men to myself." Unfortunately, I know of no conspiracy theorist within the church (individual or ministry) that lifts Jesus up. Some may argue "Yes they do. They preach Christ all the time". But that doesn't mean they lift him up. The best way to determine if Christ is being lifted up is the fruit of the person's ministry which is often the people they influence. I have never met an ardent follower of any conspiracy theorist that lifts Jesus up. Instead, they often exhibit an aroma that repels everyone around them. This shows that the fruit of conspiracy theory ministries is not the uplifting of Christ - even though they may preach Christ - but the uplifting of darkness. This is not something worth commending.

    • However, I do want to commend something you said Anne. Toward the end of your comment you stated "People like me have had a better understanding of end time events from him than from the pulpits."

      I think this highlights something very important: the lack of end-time preaching. Many people feel drawn to conspiracy theorists because they are craving a knowledge of prophecy that is not being supplied in many churches. I think as teachers and preachers we need to make sure we are not setting people up for being drawn toward conspiracy theorists by starving them of apocalyptic understanding. The counterfeit is always more appealing when then genuine is not there.

      • Pastor Marcos, this brings up another question:
        Why did prophecy preaching begin to diminish?

        I think we know the ultimate answer, but I'd like to point out that one of the problems in the past was that preaching about prophecy was drenched in fear and Jesus hardly made an appearance.
        Or rather I should say that Jesus used to make a cameo appearance only.

        • Andrew, you bring up a good point that reminds me that just last night, thanks to Youtube, I listened to a sermon by an evangelist who is probably recognized as an Adventist conspiracy "expert." It was a sermon on Daniel, and I was impressed that he stayed close to the text and that he used a conversational/ teaching tone - which I find so much easier to take than a "preacher voice." It sounded like one of the better evangelistic sermons I have heard. There was no appeal to conspiracies until the very end, when he sought to interest listeners in the next lecture, and he said, "Who is the black pope? Who is Peter Hans Kolvenbach?" (I found the spelling on Google only after adding "conspiracy" to search terms.) He promised more information on "secret societies" - something his listeners shouldn't miss.

          The presentation wasn't that much different from many evangelistic sermons and possibly better presented. It was only later, as I read some of the comments on this thread that I stopped to think, Was Jesus being lifted up? H'mm ... no. I don't recall him even being mentioned, let alone lifted up.

          I wonder if we have become so stuck on a set of evangelistic sermons that entice people with "secret knowledge" (to many people even a plain interpretation of Daniel is "secret knowledge") that we leave Jesus to the end of the series? What about people that come to only several sermons?

          The evangelist I listened to just takes the trend a few steps further by majoring on even more "secret" knowledge - knowledge so secret it can be found only on conspiracy sites.

          It seems to me that underlying such presentations is the idea that the more we know, the more likely we are to be saved. Seems a bit like gnosticism, which the Apostle John countered in his letters.

          But I believe we are saved by Who we know (Jesus Christ), not by what we know.

          Under "Preach Christ from Experience," Ellen White wrote:

          "Put Christ into every sermon. Let the preciousness, mercy, and glory of Jesus Christ be dwelt upon until Christ is formed within, the hope of glory..." Evangelism, p. 186

          Perhaps before our church decides on an evangelist to come and preach a series, we should ask these questions:

          "When is the last time you read the book, Evangelism?
          Are you following the counsel outlined there?"

          God was gracious enough to give us a counsel to keep us from going astray, and I believe we would do much better by following these counsels.

          • Growing up I did observe that Christ usually only ever made an appearance at the end of a prophecy sermon- and usually in the form of the idea that all this (previously mentioned) "gloom and doom" meant that Jesus was coming back soon.
            Not much about the cross was mentioned.

  16. "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." How easily the devil can sidetrack conversations unless we are perceptive and vigilant.

  17. We share the same mistakes in our search for truth, ms.Liberty, but thank God we were able to correct them through the scripture & the Holy Spirit's telling us we are not immune to committing mistakes, and only Jesus can satisfy our soul, and only Him can forgive. Sad to say that some things we believe right is a trap, it's crucial, we use social media, and other devices to reach out to others still they refuse, we Invite them to evangelistic meetings, give them tracks, tell them and show to them the love of Jesus (apply patience) and that's the best we can do, still they turn away. In this weeks lesson, we need to be patient, bear fruit, a good fruit, & pray that God will establish our hearts & be prepared for His soon return. Indeed it's a learning for all of us.

  18. I needed to read this! As a daughter of a conspiracy lover sda-man, I fave fallen into the interesting world of conspiracy theories. I needed to be taken back on the right track. Thank you!

  19. CONSPIRACY ADVENTISM, by Anthony MacPherson

    That's the title of an excellent article in the Australian Record, June 14 2013.

    It starts out with the damaging publicity re the Adventist Church when Angus T. Jones, an actor and new convert to Adventism fell under the spell of an "Adventist" conspiracist.

    Some thought-provoking quotations:

    Satan would love nothing better than to shift the focus from Christ to baseless conspiracies. Unfortunately, he appears to have many sincere but unwitting accomplices.

    Adventists are to help people embrace the glorious victory of Jesus in the great controversy, not join in paranoid conjectures about an imaginary grand conspiracy. There is a vast world of difference between being a great controversy Adventist and a grand conspiracy Adventist. The way each narrates history, handles Scripture, shapes discipleship, impacts church community, and forms the mind and heart are often very different. One is our inspired calling from God, the other is a twisted product of man. In the introduction to her book The Great Controversy, Ellen White explains her methodology and aim. She says: “The great events which have marked the progress of reform in past ages are matters of history, well known and universally acknowledged by the Protestant world; they are facts which none can gainsay.” What a contrast to conspiratorial Adventism! This should be our approach. Tragically, conspiracy Adventism turns all of this on its head. Crazy, dubious claims are made the essence of the message.

    I want to repeat: "There is a vast world of difference between being a great controversy Adventist and a grand conspiracy Adventist."

    I highly recommend that you read the whole article.

    Okay, I can't resist another quote because it says very well how I see it:

    There is of course the more obvious fact, one known to all people by constant, unyielding and often painful experience: human beings are simply too flawed, fallible, stupid, disorganised, selfish, competitive and gossip prone to secretly control the world. And yet conspiracy theorists credit conspirators with god-like powers. Somehow conspirators can see the future, manage countries and superpowers, keep irreconcilable political enemies submissively on side, and effortlessly orchestrate wars, elections and financial crashes. Are these gods or humans?

    There's much more, but I can't quote the whole article here .. Go and read it for yourself.

    • Excellent article! But, I wonder if it doesn't go far enough in warning others about the perils of conspiracy thinking. I honestly believe we should do more than call conspiracy thinking an "embarrassment", we should call it what it really is, sin.
      Let's face it. Conspiracy theories are nothing more than high class gossip and a justification to bear false witness against our neighbors. When conspiracy minded people hear about a viral epidemic, or some violent tragedy, they automatically say its the government doing it. They have no problem attributing blame for the darkest deeds to people whom they don't know or will ever meet.
      This behavior is expressly forbidden in scripture. "But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities. Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might, bring not railing accusation against them before the Lord. But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption". 2 Peter 2:10-12.
      I truly believe we need to call conspiracy thinking what it is. Sin, and an excuse to treat others as less human and less deserving of our sympathy. Not even angels treat us this way even when we have done wrong. So where do we get off thinking we can talk about government officials in this way?

  20. Marcos, thank you so very much for you indepth article on conspiracy thinking. I became an Adventist in April 2012. I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life in January 1979. Since 1979 I have been exposed to the John Birch Society and dozens of other experts on so called hidden government groups. I assumed for the most part I was studying prophetic predictions and learning how they communicate with each other. All the while the Holy Spirit was encouraging me for every hour I spent reading about the different means satan is using to try to destroy us, to spend nine hours in the Word.I really thought I was learing to discern what Ephesians 6:12 was warning Christians about just before we are instructed to Put On the Full Armour of God. Who are these evil people and what are they really doing since each one blames the other for why their so called promises weren't kept. Marcos I really needed to hear what you shared with us,the dangers of going to far in learning about these satanic movements so to speak. I am now reprioritizing my studies to spend more time preparing for the Lords comming and spreading the Gospel to win souls for the Lord. My speach and attitude will be much improved by getting rid of the doom and gloom mentality that this conspiracy junk cultivates, Thanks for being the one to help me realize it. God Bless You

  21. I believe strongly that from when sin entered the perfect nature of man Jesus knew confusions would continue. Therefore, the Holy and how to manual inspired by the Spirit of the only Divine Author instructs us not to lean on our own thinking or understanding. Our own hearts is deceitful beyond and our own understanding is faulty we are constantly blinded by our own sinful flesh. We must seek answers that guide our spiritual, physical, mental, and discernment from the Holy Bible seeking understanding, knowledge, and wisdom through prayer. The ultimate answer for and against the strikes of satan is looking up to Jesus and opening our hearts for His instructions.

  22. I too have fallen short of listening, reading and researching answers to some conspiracy theories, only to find no solid answers at all. I think it's just a curiosity of seeing what's happening in the world and knowing that the time of this world is truly near it's end. But really all we should do is leave the conspiracies in God's hands and move on with a smile knowing its just a sign of the times, and to go forward by leading others to know Christ and His good news.

  23. One of the things about conspiracy theories that I had to unlearn is its subtle insistence that evil is an external problem not an internal one. It teaches that the sins we commit are the direct result of having been brainwashed by some external medium used by Satan to control us. So the thinking goes that if you get rid of the external medium you diminish the means that Satan has to control you. Prudent observers will notice that this thinking is the very foundation by which all false religion is founded. That evil is an outside problem easily disposed of by ridding oneself of the offending thing. Whether it be a cursed amulet, a wrong action, or a song laced with backward messages.

    Once a person has discarded all their wares with all the easily identifiable signs, symbols, and code words they can rest assured that evil will not control them anymore. Except they can't rest because those same signs and symbols are seen virtually everywhere. Keeping them locked in a ceaseless round of ritualistic cleansing to keep the defilement at bay. It also causes those who view evil in this way to look more harshly on their brother. A brother who is awash in all the external markings of evil. Poor fool, if only he would rid himself of these things he would not be on his way to hell.

    Of course scripture paints an altogether different picture of the problem of evil and where it comes from "There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man...For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man." Mark 7:15,21-23.

    What Jay-Z song did Able listen to before he slew his brother? What movie did Saul watch before visiting the witch of Endor? Jesus makes it clear that sinners don't need external help to be sinners. They come prepackaged with sin from birth. Which also means that one can rid himself of all the external evidences of evil and still remain a defiled reprobate who would crucify the Son of God.

    Contrary to the teachings of conspiracy ministers, human beings have agency. We are not self-aware marionettes simply waiting for one or the other supernatural entity to puppeteer us. Our lives are not a matter of detaching one set of strings from one puppeteer and reattaching them to another. In this view humanity cannot be held responsible for its actions. How could they be seeing that the devil made them do it? Humanity's evil then becomes the sole responsibility of its puppeteer. And the solution to its evil lies not in an internal cleansing but in cutting the external strings of its master. This is the heart of the self righteousness inherent in conspiracy theory ministries.

  24. I Love the many comments posted by various persons. I wish church had more forums like this where the brethren could share ideas and address real issues.

    Given that, my perspective on the matter is that we often take a microscopic perspective before we fully understand the big picture.

    We are told that God has an enemy, namely Lucifer, who led a deceptive rebellion against the government of God and was able to convince a third of the angelic host to follow him down a dark path. Bear in mind, he didn't force them, but used his power of persuasion to convince them that God was keeping things from them that they deserved and that his Laws were unbearable.

    Fast forward in time, we see the same thing happening in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve bought into the lie/deception and therefore led the whole world into this delusion.

    God had 2 choices to fix this problem: 1, he could have just killed Lucifer from the start so his deception didn't spread too far, or 2, he could have countered the deception with another idea. The reason I say idea, is because that’s the main thing the devil introduced an idea. It’s just that this idea carries with it a logical conclusion that our fore parents and the angelic host could not understand. In the Book of James (v 14-15) we get a clearer idea as to how it works – Lust and entice naturally leads to Sin which has its finale in Death. Death here being the absence of “Life” which is God himself (John 14:6).

    If God chose option 1, he would have confirmed the devil's deception (idea), and while he may have gotten rid of Lucifer, everyone would only serve out of fear rather than love. The only way to kill an idea is to replace it with a better one, not get rid of the originator.

    So God chose option 2 whereby he sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the ultimate price for the Sin of the universe (John 3:16) and to show the true character of God (Love unbounding). This was prophesied in Gen. 3:15 and fulfilled through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 19:30; Rev. 1:18). This resulted in the devil’s idea being “cast down” as shown in Revelation 12. We are counseled by Paul to do the same in 2 Cor. 10:3-5 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”.

    This is only made possible by the alternative viewpoint put forward by Christ, for through him we can get a clear picture of the Father. Now we can now go boldly and proclaim that the Accuser of the brethren is a liar and a Father of it. We can show the results of his handiwork through time and the loving compassion shown to mankind through the gift of God – Jesus Christ. As Christ said of himself, “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). So if we show Jesus High and lifted up on the Cross as well as reigning victoriously in Heaven at the right hand of the Father, then we will play a crucial part in the fulfillment of this proclamation. In our daily lives, as Christians, we either further support the Devil’s viewpoint or God’s by our lifestyle and our conduct with mankind.
    While it is nice to show the working of the devil, he is too cunning for us to determine all his methods. But if we are to lift of the alternative viewpoint to the debate, then we people can now make a conscious choice to serve or not to serve. Mark 16:15-16 tells us what we are to do, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the GOSPEL (not conspiracy theories) to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”. Revelation 21:7-8, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. But the fearful, and UNBELIEVING, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

  25. While I appreciate the idea of this post, it seems to be the right wing of two extremes. On the one side there is the presentation of conspiracy "theories" to the total neglect of presenting the "Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. But on the other side there is the presentation of the love of Christ that does not warn the person who would receive this message that there is a spiritual war, and a co-working of evil angels and evil men with a motive to deceive all who will remain ignorant to their devices.

    Though I am one who sees Christ in every particle of the Scriptures, and by His grace has learned to make Him the center of every message I give, I do not set myself up as the standard by which all should present the truth for this time. God is able to judge His messengers, and all should be carful not to turn the ears of the people from warnings, which in their proper context would shield them from deception and ruin.

    God has called many different people from many different walks of life to serve as watchmen upon the walls. If on three points of the compass the view from the wall only reveal the works of nature which point the beholder to the God who created them, should the persons on the fourth point of the compass who's view from the wall reveal the enemy marshaling their forces, and making a stealthy approach, keep silent because their report would disturb the peace of everyone else?

    There was a scenario painted above about a situation in which a person's life is falling apart, bills are over due, and their family is in disarray, and the question is asked, how would a message about conspiracy, or the satanic music they're listening to, or the satanic symbols that mark their clothing help this person. (Though clearly they need a message of Christ, I also believe they may need to be made aware that the music and satanic paraphernalia is an avenue by which dark forces are entering into their life to help cause the other problems listed)

    But what if a person's life is going great, there is a surplus in the bank, the family is happy, they go to church every Sunday, and he is also a member of a secret organization and has no idea it is satanic? Would you like someone to inform you? (And for the record this second scenario is the reality of several members of my own family)

    While I would agree that presenting "theories" as truth is wrong, equally, for anyone who has studied the controversy between Christ and satan from the beginning would be dishonest to say that "conspiracy" has nothing to do with the truth. There seems to be in this post a defining of the word "conspiracy" by the word "theory". The word "conspiracy" means "

    1. to agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal:

    2. to act or work together toward the same result or goal.

    Who can say according to this definition of the term, a conspiracy is not a part of the truth?

    I have never done a message on the conspiracy of secret societies, but I appreciate those of my brethren who have painstakingly researched this topic, and made me informed of things I wouldn't have known if they had not. And though I have never done a message directly dealing with the secret conspiracy, because this article makes claims that Ellen White and Christ didn't bother to make this subject a topic of importance, I will put together a series which reveals that claim is a "theory" not founded upon facts.

    God's blessings to all.

    • Thanks Harold Sykes for I can not seem to put it any better that your comments, certainly you made it clear and shown how we are to be our Brothers keeper and uplift each other in christ.thanks again.

    • Several things.
      1. You're making a false dichotomy between preaching Jesus and His love on one hand, and being anti conspiracy theories not because they are flat out lies, but because they're scary. No one here has made that argument. The argument has consistently been that conspiracy theories are a rabble of half truths, innuendos, and straight up lies that do more focusing on Satan than on anything else. They teach that Satan is using a secret group of men to control all government and world events leading up to a particular conclusion of his design. This is grossly unbiblical because the bible only speaks of God being in control of world governments and the flow of history (see Daniel 4:17, Revelation 17:17). The only verse that says that Satan controls these things is found in Luke 4:5-6 and it's from the mouth of Satan himself! It's almost word for word the same claim that is made in Daniel chapter four. So who do you think is telling the truth here? Satan or God? However, I would love to see you find the verse where Jesus says "Hey guys you know all that stuff the bible says about My Father being in control of earth's history, turns out none of it is true! It's actually the devil!"

      2. Again no one is claiming that we shouldn't call sin by its right name simply because it disturbs us. What we're saying is that Saddam being killed at an earlier date than his "public" execution, Uncle Sam giving us a bad case of whooping cough via chem trails in the air, or Dora the Explorer having phallic symbols in her eyeballs, are claims that help nobody find salvation in Jesus.

      • There are those who may make outlandish claims who ought to be rebuked and avoided, as well there are those who want the Bible to say plainly what it shows in principle (such as the smoker wants to see the verse that say "thou shalt not smoke tobacco")

        No one has said God is not ultimately the One who has control and final say in all things, but to say that control extends to all the actions of men is false. Men have free will, and some use that free will to work together against the plan and designs of God, and God allows them a measure of success to a point.

        Though God is in control, God did not inspire those who built the Tower of Babel in their work which deceived so many at that time, nor is God the one bringing about all the wars conflict and bloodshed.

        God is at work without doubt, but there is much that happening be design that is not according to God wishes. Speaking of such matters the scripture says, "an enemy has done this." But you would have us believe that all the "tares" and evil events happen by chance, and the fact that Jesus called satan the prince of this world, and Paul calls him the god of this world, and that their are "rulers" of the darkness of this world, not to mention how Job reveals that satan receives permission to carry out His plans successfully which deceives some but only sanctifies the faithful, is of no consequence.

        So what I'm saying is conspiracy is not theory, though the things you listed maybe classified as such, the fact that satan is working through secret societies to deceive and bring about the final events is a real as him working through the serpent to do the same in the garden of Eden.

        But according to your logic since there are no scriptures that say satan can also work through men in secret societies, as long as we don't see or listen to talking serpents we should have nothing to worry about.

    • Welcome to our blog, Brother Sykes,

      I appreciate your thoughtful perspective, especially considering that this subject means something to you because of persons dear to you. I believe that Marcos covered that scenario reasonably well when he referred to Ellen White's actions and counsels on the subject. Her counsel was, clearly, to stay away from secret societies. And, may I suggest, that that would include avoiding the detailed investigation of secret societies - just as we are warned to stay away from spiritualism, including avoiding the detailed investigation of spiritualism. Our history is instructive on this point in the story of Moses Hull who did not heed this message. (There may be exceptions in cases where you may have a burden to rescue certain persons from such societies. In such cases, we need to take it to the Lord and seek His guidance.)

      The supreme irony in this subject is that those involved in the investigation of "secret knowledge," aka conspiracy theories, are themselves entering a secret society/subculture. I knew that the internet was rife with publications on the subject (thus making the label "secret society" a bit of an oxymoron), but I didn't realize how many books were available on the subject until I did a little Amazon check for corroboration of a certain statement. Yes, there is a significant subculture of conspiracy adherents in this world. In America, this has spawned the "prepper" culture of persons preparing for coming disaster by stockpiling food, weapons and other survival paraphernalia.

      The question is whether or not God's last-day people should submerse themselves s conspiracy subculture. I think not, and not only Marcos's post but various comments have strengthened my conviction. (I'm not knocking living in the country and growing your own food, by the way. That's how we have lived for a long time.)

      Yes, we are to make the world aware of the spiritual battle for their and our minds and souls, but crediting mere men with grand conspiracy powers is not the way to go. Rather, it reduces our credibility with informed listeners. And to credulous listeners it unfortunately often leads to a self-focused quest for places of refuge or an unhealthy obsession with conspiracies. A focus on the works of darkness inexorably leads to darkness, not light.

      There is enough material in Daniel and Revelation that can be corroborated in history and present-day politics through recognized sources to sound the warning "that there is a spiritual war, and a co-working of evil angels and evil men with a motive to deceive all who will remain ignorant to their devices" while uplifting the person of Jesus Christ as the Answer to man's need, both spiritual and physical. Whenever we focus on the great battle, I believe we should make sure that listeners are left with a clear picture of the One with whom the answer lies.

      I also appreciate your point that God has called many different people. And I would add that, in His mercy, He even works through very faulty people - otherwise none of us could be used. However, just as you suggest that watchmen on the walls who see danger should warn of it, so we believe that when we see danger, we should warn of this danger. And that is the point of this post and the ensuing discussion. Some of us have seen the damage done in churches and individual lives as a result of human conspiracy-focused messages. And thus we feel we must sound the warning. The warning is against a type of message and focus, not against any individual. Those involved in focusing on conspiracies in conjunction with preaching the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation have the option to choose to focus more on God's solution, rather than satanic conspiracies. That is what we would like to see.

    • You mention that you "appreciate those of my brethren who have painstakingly researched" the topic of secret societies. You may know such persons who have given their lives to such research. However, I have watched presentations by a popular evangelist regarded as an expert on such topics, and I seriously question the "painstaking research." When the evidence rests on highly questionable authorities and speculative interpretations, the "research" can hardly be regarded as "painstaking." With just a few hours of "research" on the internet, you or I could put together quite a convincing and dramatic presentation, and to many it would appear like "painstaking research."

      While there is a great deal of truth in the presentations I saw, it is mixed with so much error and just plain silly speculation, that the prophetic truths with which these messages are associated are discredited. For instance, there is much emphasis on "secret symbols" found nearly everywhere. The evangelist convincingly (to some) points to them on the screen and says, "See, here is the symbol for ..." But I found these no more rational than seeing ominous symbols in the clouds of the sky. Likewise with secret signs given by hand or body signals. We could probably see 1/3 of the world's population engaged in such "secret signs," if we followed them around long enough and took photos at just the right time. The problem with "researching" or "proving" information regarding certain conspiracies is that there is no demonstrable proof of anything. If there were, it would no longer be "secret" knowledge, and the subject wouldn't be nearly as exciting. The only "proof" to be found is in the writings of other conspiracists. So, if you accept such "proof" you are accepting conspiracy theories not facts. That's just the nature of things. (Also see Bensheh Morgan's comment on how to spot a conspiracy theory. )

      In short, the presentations I have seen are a bewildering mish-mash of truth and error. What concerns me most is that God warned us against mixing holy things with the profane, and these presentations do just that. (See Lev 10:10, Eze 22:26, Eze 24:23) In these presentations Bible prophecy is mixed willy-nilly with the prognostications of presumed members of secret societies and imaginative interpretation of behavior supposedly demonstrating occult signals.

      Quite aside from whether the conspiracies referenced in such prophetic seminars are factual or not, we should ask ourselves these questions: How does the study of such things contribute to our salvation or the salvation of our neighbors? Are we saved by knowledge, or are we saved by a Person? If we are, indeed, saved by the person of Jesus Christ, then He should be the focus of all our presentations, with earthly verifiable events enlisted to demonstrate His all-sufficiency. (Also see Bensheh Morgan's comment regarding whether the problem of evil is an external or internal one. )

  26. For those who insist that our world is under control of secret societies 1000 words will not convince them, and I will not write 10,000 more words to engage them in a futile attempt to win them over.

    However, I want to give just one more principle that I hope will help sincere seekers of truth avoid conspiracy theories and show them why they must be avoided.

    When confronted with any information purporting to be of the utmost spiritual importance there are several questions one should ask themselves.

    1. Is this information necessary to be saved? In other words can I go my whole life without knowing this information and still make it into the kingdom?

    2. If I'm at risk of being deceived can reading the bible alone help me see through the deception? In other words does the bible come up short in unmasking the works of the devil to the point where I need to study those works outside of the revelation of the bible to be safe?

    Question one cuts to the heart of the matter and seeks to ascertain the value of the information. For instance, can I go my whole life without ever so much as hearing about an Illuminati and still be saved? If the answer is no then it must be demonstrated how exactly not knowing about the Illuminati will cause one to lose salvation in Jesus. If the answer is yes then the next question is how will this knowledge benefit me or help me reflect the character of Jesus more fully? Let's be honest, there is plenty of knowledge that has no saving value. Like how to be a plumber or how to make a papercraft bouquet. But, even so as a Christian I can use my plumbing skills to help fix an elderly woman's sink who probably couldn't afford a plumber, or I could make a papercraft bouquet to take to a sick and shut in member. I could go my whole life without knowing these things and still make it to Gods kingdom. But, I can also use the knowledge of these things to reflect Christ character a little more in the world. Which brings me back to the Illuminati. If not knowing about them doesn't bar me from the kingdom then can knowing about them help me bless others? Many who champion conspiracy theories will emphatically say "Yes!" Reasoning that they are opening people's eyes to deception and thus helping them steer clear of sinning against God. But, is this so?

    Question 2 seeks to get to the bottom of this claim. While it's true that the bible calls us to reprove the works of darkness (Ephesians 5:11) it also teaches us to expose only that which is necessary to save others (Jude 23) because as it says in Ephesians 5:12 it is a shame to even speak of the things done in secret. Not only this but the bible teaches us that it contains everything we need to help us see through Satan's deceptions (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Corinthians 2:11). Furthermore it teaches us that God Himself will raise a red flag to us personally if we find ourselves going astray (Philippians 3:15, 1 John 2:27). Even more so the bible teaches us that God winks at ignorance (Acts 17:30). Taking all this into account we can see that there are some serious problems with the conspiracy theory way of thinking. Conspiracy theorist purport that there is danger if one doesn't know about the illuminati, or the Freemasons, or any other secret organization. It subtlety teaches that this supposed danger is beyond the scope of the bible or Spirit of Prophecy to address, creating a creeping faithlessness in Gods word and a dependence on extra biblical information. But, there is no danger in being ignorant of the alleged plans of secret societies. And even if there was, the bible and Spirit of Prophecy are more than enough to alert people to whatever threatens their hold on Jesus. No need to study the inner workings of Satan worshipping bankers or their sexual practices. Such dark, demonic information benefits no one.

    So you find yourself being told that the music video you're watching is actually a metaphor of a sexual ritual performed by a satanic cult. A sexual ritual that the conspiracy theorist has studied deeply into, you know to help people and stuff. Never mind that the video is obviously about things that do not glorify God, nevertheless the alleged sexual ritual aspect is presented as the primary reason you should stop watching. So let's apply what we've learned above:

    1. If I never heard about this satanic sexual ritual my entire life can I still make it to heaven?
    Answer: Yes!

    2. Does the bible give me enough information to help me know that this video is not pleasing to God?
    Answer: Yes!

    Case closed. God bless you all.

  27. Bensheh Morgan , Bravo , God gave you the latitude to be deep into the Conspiracy Realm for a portion of Your Life and you could have been lost for all Eternity But Jesus saves those who Love Him and will go far and wide to save us , as is both our testimony and You know God may give others the same latitude til they get sick to their souls and come out of that realm .I knew the risks when I went searching back in 2008 to see how Satan rules the world and how these people think.an eperience I needed to learn for God knows what he is doing so I will enter into life that is to eat of the tree of life and walk and talk to the lord.I think just maybe in that 1000 ys I may look and see some of the mysteries we discuss in these matters. Blessings back to You.

  28. Thank you so much for your blog. I'm tired of all kind of theories from our pastors, but when they preach Jesus and Jesus alone, things change, hearts change, people are uplifted as Jesus said, if I'm lifted, I will attract people to me. Thanks.

  29. And they shall be my people and I will be their God: and I will give then one heart, and one way...Jer 32 38-41

    Good reading. Looking back six years ago I was in a different place in my christian life. Now six years after and looking back at all the reading, do people still think the same? Have people changed their views in life because so many things happened that have changed the world for the worse for some of us/better for some? Are we still trusting in Jesus the Healer and Provider and Sustainer of our body and soul?

    Christ is coming for a glorious church- no spot, no wrinkle, no blemish. Christ is not coming for a religion. He is coming for all those who loves him and have washed their robes in the blood of broken body.

  30. Thank you for this Marcos.

    I agree with what everyone is saying. Many of us get obsessed at uncovering the truth and the future of what is to come that we miss the entire message as we get all consumed by this ultimately empty knowledge.

    However I also believe a safe place for these ‘conspiracy’ types of conversations need to be made available as it can and has planted many seeds for others to turn to Christ. Baring in mind and introduction of what was shared above —- Jesus is the message—- not the fear or theories and secret handshakes. Connecting the dots of the secular world and it’s use of satanic imagery can really help give your mind a paradigm shift.

    It did for me. 9/11 really opened up my eyes to how blind I could be to other perspectives and truths, like Jesus. And after countless dot connections of imagery through media, music, entertainment, politics and religion —- it was clear to me that these people worship something. And that something I’m not interested in—- so there just be something a good God out there if this Evil one exists.

    I feel now more than ever we can reach people given the pandemic in this misinformation era—- everyone is loosing their minds in this overload of Information Age—- the jig is up. We are nearing the end of Lucifers reign. People want answers and there’s none out there—- not one! Simple, Jesus is the only answer—- but that answer is too cliche and our educational institutions and the MSM makes it seem foolish to entertain the idea of such an idea. The message needs to be delivered in a genuine and clever manner that is attractive and note worthy of sharing. The seventh day church has the people, knowledge and the resources —- yet the production value as is will never reach an audience of significance. It’s going to take a team with a big vision—- what does that look like and how do we start it? I see a rebranding —- no more dragon heads and lions on banners at prophecy seminars and a calm composed speaker that isn’t wearing an oversized suit.

    I wish we had a GodTalk like they have TedTalk—- that’s what I would love to see and be a part of.

    Anyone with me?


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