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  1. Thank you for this thought provoking article. It is so true that no other religion depicts a god that is so loving and kind. Our God is social, loving and the Saviour. No wonder the devil has tried so hard to erase God's claims as Creator.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. It is illogical to believe an all righteous creator God would love me and sacrifice himself for me. Its not by works but by faith. Thanks be to God for his never failing Love.

  3. I randomly thought about these things and talked to my wife about it last week while waiting for a bus.
    Firstly, i was amazed how our body is so good at repairing itself from disease and trauma and then wondered why it cannot "repair" the fact we get old and die. It is programmed into our DNA, like a virus. It is that separation from God.
    Secondly, iv thought about the Christian faith and what the bible teaches. And wondered if it could be made up by people that lived hundreds of years separate to each other- if it was a lie what was the intention? how can they collaborate something so strange to them. However it comes together like a puzzle. and my own conclusion is the same- it defies human logic. And indeed, truth is stranger than fiction. We see this with events happening in our world today.
    God is good to us everyday, thank you for your writing

    • I will comment about the body repairing itself. Where did you get this idea? Only God can heal. Our breath and life are from God and when he chooses, He heals our bodies. The idea that the body heals itself is humanistic, natural hygiene and other's thinking.

      • Hi Jane,
        I believe it's rather common to understand that God built the body with the ability to repair itself just like He built seeds with the ability to grow. While He sustains all things by His power, it doesn't take direct, personal intervention for the body to heal itself. The direct, personal intervention, we call a miracle, which, by definition, is rare.

        Perhaps an illustration will help: God created water with life-giving properties for plants, such as grape vines. When the plant is watered and grows in fertile soil under a warm sun, it produces grapes. These grapes may be picked and the juice expressed without direct divine intervention. We say that the grape vines have the natural ability to produce grapes.

        However, we call it a miracle when Jesus turns water directly into grape juice without going through the process of the water being taken up by the grape vine and turning into grapes with juice over time. 🙂

        • This is what I was thinking from Ministry of Healing, pages 243, 244
          The physician should educate the people to look from the human to the divine. Instead of teaching the sick to depend upon human beings for the cure of soul and body, he should direct them to the One who can save to the uttermost all who come unto Him. He who made man's mind knows what the mind needs. God alone is the One who can heal. Those whose minds and bodies are diseased are to behold in Christ the restorer. "Because I live, He says, "ye shall live also." John 14:19. This is the life we are to present to the sick, telling them that if they have faith in Christ as the restorer, if they co-operate with Him, obeying the laws of health, and striving to perfect holiness in His fear, He will impart to them His life. When we present Christ to them in this way, we are imparting a power, a strength, that is of value; for it comes from above.

        • Thank you Inge i really liked your illustration, we share the same belief and i think most adventists do.
          Jane, those writings from Ministry of Healing is very important during these days, where people die of illness from unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy state of mind. We need to co-operate with God's message. I am grateful that god has designed our body to repair itself (to a certain degree based on damage inflicted). Yes, healing is done through the sustainer of life. However, special prayer or devotion is not needed for a little cut to the hand (also,no problem in praying for that).
          If we tell unbelievers that only through God it healed it can come across as ignorant.

        • Andrew Mohanu, I work with the public, teaching nutrition and cooking classes for all kinds of people:healthy people,people with cancer, diabetes and all kinds of health problems and I don't talk about God healing. This is something I think about personally.

        • Thanks for clarifying and the beautiful analogies used. Our bodies are wonderfully and fearfully made by the Creator of the universe, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He has already set in motion how our bodies should operate and function. If we abide by His instructions we will reap the benefits He has already made available.

  4. Hi and thank you for the interesting article. I just wanted to clarify some misinformation. As a former student of genetics, cell and molecular biology, I learned a number of reasons why we die. Probably the most direct genetic factor that leads to death is telomere degeneration. Telomeres are special groups of nucleotides put at the ends of chromosomes. Every time that cell is replicated, telomeres are excised by certain replicatory proteins. Depending on how long the telomere Poly-A tail is, that will determine the maximum number of replications before genetic material begins to get excised from the ends of chromosomes. At that point you will have a sequential destruction of genetic information, which WILL eventually lead to death.

    • Can you imagine how heart-breaking it must have been for God to put those telomeres on the end of Adam and Eve's chromosomes? Sort of like a biological 'hourglass'...counting down the time...

      • As an internal medicine doctor I still can't comprehend every detail of our cells and our understanding of the mechanisms of health, diseases, aging... is changing all the time. As a SDA Christian my comprehension of scriptures, life, death, salvation...will never stop. There's always room for more study and growing. I thank God for the opportunities for learning provided through you, dear ssnet brothers and sisters.
        My humble view is that God didn't put those telomeres to function in that way, limiting the life and happiness of his children. I can't prove my statements, but I would suggest that it was sin itself who started that self degradation process inside our genome.
        According to Genesis, the Lord said to Adam and Eve that death would be a consequence of sin. He didn't advice them, -if you sin I will put a self destruction program in your cells, or I will kill you. He loves us so much, and he hates sin because sin hurts us and kills us.

        I look forward that day when The Author of life will create new heavens, new earth, and brand new cells for us, without any trace of sin and its consequences. His only presence gives life to every atom and cell within us.


        • @ Brothers Isaac and L.Smith. Im unsure what to think about telomeres except that IF God DID place them there, then I would imagine it is something that would have eventually happened, but He hastened the process to limit the human suffering that would be necessary to show how sin play out naturally I the long run. I believe He hastened the process out of mercy.

        • The Bible makes it clear that perpetual life depended upon access to the Tree of Life. By removing man's access to it, death came. This access was denied because of sin, and God did not wish for man, with his new knowledge of evil, to live eternally.

          Looking back, we can see the mercy of God in making us able to expire while bound to this world in it's present state. Perhaps His foreknowledge determined how we were put together. Also, it might have been until man had proven perfect loyalty. Also, as finite creatures, we might require the Tree of Life for all eternity. Like the Sabbath before sin, God seems to feel we need reminders of our dependence on His power for our lives. Seems like an infinitely wise plan in a creation where creatures can choose.

          Yes, speculative questions, and only God has the answer, who has promised us eternal life through Jesus, with access to the Tree of Life forever.

  5. Thanks brother Earnhardt
    Your article is very good and uplifting. God continue to bless you in your ministry.
    Pr Fernando Rodriguez
    Dom Rep.

  6. Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    We are useing the introduction of the account of creation as an indefinite period from verse 2 .

    The third day was the Sea, Earth, Grass, Herbs, and trees with fruits. any thing more than a six day creation makes our faith as Seventh Day Adventist false.

    • Samuel, are you a part of a church family now? I would encourage you to find a nice group of people to study with and enourage one another in your personal studies and time with God. Meanwhile, please continue to be a part of our online Sabbath School that has been a blessing to many.

      • You came to the a good place for being the Internet. Joyous discussions and you'll be involved in no time. God bless brother. All things work together for good to them that love The Lord. Rom 8:28

  7. Bang - huge ball of fire, bang - big bang explosion. Bang-arrival of order out of debri, bang - human life or at least progenitors of homosepians and all creatures big and small, bang-feelings of sexuality and reproduction to populate the earth. Bang, bang, bang, bang and coincidences everything right? There are innumerable lot of questions that the theory can't address. Readers need to know that Big Bang theory, evolution etc is infact not a science, it is a religion. you either worship God the Creator or someone else. All the else are a contending force against God and only Atheists worship them.


    • Interesting Joseph. I would suggest that there are two choices for worship in this universe.
      1. The Creator
      2. Self

      When we choose any other "truth" outside of the truth the Holy Spirit convicts us of, we are choosing Self (our own wisdom and judgment) instead of God, who doesn't lie. We just find a suitable set of doctrines (theories) and do our best to stifle the voice of the Comforter until we are comfortable with our own ideas. What makes us do this? Scripture tells us that it is because we "believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness". How simple is that? This alone will allow us to believe lies.

      Self is the other "god" in this universe. Just ask Lucifer.

      • @Joseph. Well put except for one thing, the theory of cosmological evolution holds nothing contrary to scripture. It's the theory of organic evolution that is a religion.

  8. Perhaps death can be "proof" of God's existence, depending on one's understanding of death. But to mortals on this world, nothing escapes death, which seems only natural to us, especially under the evolutionary model.

    To me, the evidence of God lies beyond what we can observe. Seeing Adam, just a couple hours after his creation would not lead you to believe in his creation without God having claimed it. We would have guessed Adam to be of certain years, and the trees laden with fruit of certain decades or centuries. God's creation was "good" and when subjected to the deepest of study, would have seemed mature from age. Yet those aged trees were not even 4 days old from being previously nonexistent. Unlike we today, who must plant a tree from the local nursery, God spoke them into existence, complete with ripe fruit for the eating, with roots penetrating deep into the hours-old soil rich with nutrients and clothed in rich vegetation that bloomed. We see these things as created only because God claims it in the very first words of Inspired Scripture. This First chapter in Genesis is God introducing Himself to a race who quickly forgets, none of whom were there to see it happen.

    We need God's revealing to know of His involvement in creation, which means we need to trust Him. Where does this trust come from? For me, the short answer is His Perfect Law (Ps 19:7-11). All of it, especially the moral law. It is perfect and no one can argue that. If we ever find ourselves on the wrong end of being mistreated, we quickly understand how perfect that law is and realize that if we would be perfect towards others, we should pattern our lives after this perfect law.

    But also the laws of nature revealed in all creation are perfect, as well as the laws concerning our health. These give us confidence to believe in this Being who's law is so perfect, His government righteous and His purposes best for all concerned. These all reveal His character which is summed up in Christ, who's life and death encourages perfect trust, as William points out.

    Who would choose to distrust this evidence?
    Yes...many have.


  9. GODS existence is the reason life makes sense for me because at least i knew i wasn't just a coincidence and i was created for a purpose i want to continue living. the universe is too complex to just be a coincidence

  10. I understand not believing in God. I grew up Catholic and went to Catholic schools for six years. I knew God existed but didn't know much about Him. Then for about ten years of my life, I didn't think about Him. During that time, a boyfriend died and I went to the parents house, but I wouldn't even go to church. I went to the cemetary.
    Later on, I ran a health food store and sold the book, "Ten Talents". The cookbook had Bible verses in it and I told people they didn't need to pay attention or read the Bible verses.
    A couple of years later, I couldn't go on without God and asked Him into my heart and life.
    So we need to be praying for others who don't believe. Someone may have been praying for me and perhaps that was a help.

  11. Yes, at first it doesnt look logical about God dying and taking the rap for us . I think that's because people dont understand that God is that merciful. Once they do though, then the whole thing does look logical---in fact the only logical way out. As sinners, we are just too broke to pay the debt that we owe God and we know it! So God offers to step in and pay because he is rich and more importantly he desires to help.

    We see something like this all the time even in our own human relations. A wayward son incurs a huge bill at a restaurant he can't pay and he's thrown into jail. Dad comes along and pays the bill and the son is released. The restaurant can't refuse the money because its illogical for Dad to pay instead of the son. Most likely they would be more than glad to accept the money without caring who's paying. All they want is the bill to be settled. If this makes sense to most people then God paying the bill for us because we cant afford it should make sense too.

  12. It is amazing how much faith humans who doubt the existence and power of God have in trivial things. Those with Direct Deposit have faith that their money is in the bank on pay-day without doubting. When they or their loved ones are administered anesthesia, they believe they will wake up again as Michael Jackson did and never woke up. They park their cars in the street all night and have faith that those cars will still be there in the morning. What is so hard to believe in God who
    allows us to continue to breathe even when we are asleep and allows us to wake up? Why is it so hard to believe in God who provides for us daily? The problem is many want to make God like an ATM machine. They will believe if He were to continue spewing "cash" to them all the time. However because situations do not always work in their favor, they deny God 's existence. The awesomeness of God is that He still cares and cherishes all His creation, even the renegade ones and leaves the door open everyday for them to accept His love, grace, mercy and sacrifice.


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