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  1. I loved reading all the crazy predictions Lillianne! You make a wonderful point, and yet how many people put their faith in the human skeptics instead of the Bible? Sad. I am reminded of how Mervyn Maxwell wrote in his book "God Cares Volume 1," about how during WWII, Mervyn's father Arthur, was writing articles about how there was no way Hitler could take over the world since Daniel 2 says they wont cleave to each other. As Hitler raged on, Arthur's workmates started warning him that maybe he better back off his bold prediction that Hitler would fail, since after all he was raging through Europe and "we really don't know what will happen yet." Arthur never backed down on his prediction, because after all, it wasn't his prediction anyway, it was God's! Thank you Lillianne for reminding us to trust the Bible and not man!


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