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Hit the Mark – Prayer Power: Interceding for Others — 5 Comments

  1. Prayer Power: Interceding for Others

    Sometimes people use the words in church 'prayer warriors' to a select group in the church, but what does that term mean? Doesn't God call all to pray? cant all be a 'prayer warrior'? Yes/no, why or why not?
    I, unlike other people, doesn't have a human best friend, so I find it very easy to speak to Jesus about everything. We are called to 'pray without ceasing'. For me, I take my joys, sorrows, anxieties, distresses, fears, worries, etc to Jesus every moment. We have a talking relationship.
    If I am hurting I go to Jesus in prayer as well as literally talking to him and let him know if my feet, or head or any part of the body hurts, then I will ask him the reason for it and what must I do. Afterward if possible I will go to the doctor. I at times talk out loud knowing Jesus is listen to me.
    -The problems with humans, when we go to Jesus in prayer we tell Jesus what we want and describe the color, style, make, etc, so if he gives us the opposite we say he doesn't answer prayers.

    Should I do all in my power to answer my prayers? Somewhat true.
    e.g I will pray and ask the Lord to wake me up a specific time in the morning to go to work. To let this happen, I have to retire early to bed. Whenever Jesus wakes me up I have to literally get up from the bed or else I will fall back to sleep. I have to do what I have to do at a certain time to go out at a certain time, if not I will be late. We play a part in our prayers- whether good or bad. I can remember getting through late in the mornings to go to work, as a result, I drove very fast. I put the situation to Jesus, he said to me at a certain specific time I must get into the shower. If I don't, I will be late.

    If we pray about seeing/not seeing certain shows on the TV, the Lord will direct us in what to do but he will not remove the remote whenever we try using it, or he will not turn off the electricity so we can't see the TV. To me prayer and answered prayers work in partnership with God. Our faith in Jesus helps us to trust him but if we are looking for a job we cant be praying and staying in bed looking at the phone, we have to do our part.
    Does God answer prayers when the answer is already in the bible? e.g. the bible says we must honor God. Should we be praying to Jesus asking him to show us or teach us if we should honor him?
    Curtis this question might be a matter of interpretation. How do we interpret the question.


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