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  1. Christ entered in the holy place in the KJV Heb 9:12 KJV. Nathan read in the NKJV the most holy place which didn't take place till 1844..we have to be careful with all these different versions leading us in the wrong path.

    • Hi Jocelyn,

      Thank you for your observation 🙂

      As I understand it, the emphasis in Hebrews is not on different apartments of the sanctuary, but on the contrast between the earthly and the heavenly sanctuary. Compare with Hebrews 9:24. Note that the latter mentions Christ appearing "in the presence of God." Now in the earthly temple, the Most Holy place was the dwelling place of the God, as demonstrated by the Shekinah glory. Perhaps that is why some translators translated the Greek word "hagion" as "Most Holy." (Strong's Lexicon gives that meanings.) By the various ways the word was translated, it is evident that it can mean "Holy," "Holy Places," "Holy Place" or "Most Holy Place." The context makes the difference.

      The NKJV is generally more accurate than the original KJV because some of the original inaccuracies as well as obsolete words have been corrected in the NJKV. And it is much easier for most people to read. (Accuracy was not the highest priority in the original KJV version. The highest priority was beauty of language, and the translators succeeded very well indeed in that respect.)

      I appreciate the fact that a number of different translations are used in the Hope Sabbath School class. It demonstrates that different versions often help us to see different facets of truth. There is no "perfect" translation, but each of us as a "perfect" Translator and Guide at our disposal - the Holy Spirit Himself, who inspired the original words of Scripture. (See John 14:17 and John 16:13)

      • By looking the earthly sanctuary and the heavenly one as being exactly the same I believe gives a distorted picture of our Saviors ministry since His death and resurrection. Hebrews points out that the earthly sanctuary was a shadow of what is in heaven. Shadows our not exact. To confine our Lord to doing exactly what the earthly priests did is to offer Him repeatedly. His one sacrifice fulfilled all sacrifices, what we await now is the destruction of Satan to fulfill the part where sin is done away with forever.


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