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Hope SS: Cosmic Conflict Over God’s Character — 2 Comments

  1. For our adversary it started with an "I" syndrome and ended with a confrontational fight with the Maker of the universe. It is true that pride goeth before the fall. Fellow Christians, we need to be aware of the devil. Fortunately, the Lord won it for us on the cross and we can safely trust in His victory.

  2. The devil makes us feel he agorazoed (bought) us and want to stand in the gap that we might not see grace when we seek strength from God when we fall. He paints in our hearts that our sins cannot be washed by the precious blood of Christ. But according to Zechariah 3:15 God makes him understand He knows it all but we have confessed them to Him, and He has forgiven and accepted us again. Job overcame because the Seed of righteousness he has allowed to germinate in him andso the word of God was his strong tower. With that the devil could not speak on his behalf. And that's why God could identify Job as His son.


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